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Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives

of the Territory of Wyoming:

ty commission

SEC. 1. In any county in this territory, when it becomes Duty of counnecessary to transport, or transport and provide for any ers. idiot, lunatic, insane, blind, deaf, deaf mute or criminal to any eastern asylum, school or prison, it shall be the duty of the county commissioners of such county, upon proper and satisfactory representation to them, to apply to the governor for pecuniary or other aid in such case.


SEC. 2. Then, if the governor approve the application, Auditors warhe is hereby authorized to call upon the auditor for a warrant upon the treasurer in favor of the board of county commissioners, sufficient for the purpose, and it shall be placed in the hands of the county commissioners, who shall be officially and personally responsible for the proper application of such fund, as far as they may be able.

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved 7th December, 1869.




Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives

of the Territory of Wyoming, as follows:


who entitled to

SEC. 1. Every householder in the territory of Wyoming, one,

being the head of a family, shall be entitled to a homestead, not exceeding in value the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, liable for debt. exempt from execution and attachment arising from any debt,

Homestead not

Exempt, when.

Of what homestoad may con. sist.

May be mortgaged.

More than fifteen hundred dol


contract or civil obligation entered into or incurred after the first day of January, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and seventy.

SEC. 2. Such homestead shall only be exempt as provided in the first section of this act, while occupied as such by the owner thereof, or his or her family.

SEC. 3. When any person dies seized of a homestead, leaving a widow, or husband, or minor children, such widow, or husband, or minor children, shall be entitled to the homestead, but in case there is neither widow, husband nor minor children, the homestead shall be liable for the debts of the deceased.

SEC, 4. The homestead mentioned in this act may consist of a house and lot or lots, in any town or city, or if a farm consisting of any number of acres not exceding one hundred and sixty acres, so that the value does not exceed fifteen hundred dollars.

SEC. 5. Nothing in this shall be construed to prevent the owner and occupier of any homestead from voluntarily mortgaging the same; Provided, No such mortgage shall be binding against the wife of any married man, who may be occupying the premises with him, unless she shall freely and voluntarily sign and acknowledge the same, and the officer taking such acknowledgment, shall fully apprize her of her right and the effects of signing such mortgage.

SEC. 6. When any creditor shall be of the opinion that any homestead provided for in this act is of greater value than fifteen hundred dollars, on filing an affidavit of that fact, with the clerk of the district court, such creditor may proceed against said homestead as in ordinary cases, and if the said household shall sell for more than fifteen hundred dollars and costs, the excess shall be applied to the payment of the demand of such creditor, but in all such cases, the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, free of charge or expense, shall be paid to the owner of the homestead, and in



case the said homestead shall not sell for more than fifteen hundred dollars and costs, the person instituting the

, proceedings shall pay all the costs of such proceedings, and the said proceeding cease and not effect or impair the rights of the owner of the homestead.

Sec. 7. That in case of the sale of said homestead on dred dollara era execution or otherwise, the proceeds of such sale, not to exceed fifteen hundred dollars, shall be exempt from attachment or levy, on execution, and any subsequent homestead acquired by the proceeds thereof, shall also be exempt from execution or attachments jndgment or other claim against the owner of such homestead, be a lien against the same, in the hands of a bona fide purchaser for a valuable consideration.

Approved 7th December, 1869.


shall any





Ledge snbjeet

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives
of the Territory of Wyoming, as follows :
Sec. 1. That any ledge, lode or vein of quartz or other

to pre-emption. rock within this territory, bearing gold, silver, cinnabar or copper, shall be subject to location or pre-emption in claims not exceeding two hundred feet extending along the line of such ledge or lode, together with all its angles and variations for each person locating such claim; Provided, The person Proviso. or persons discovering the ledge or lode may locate one extra claim of two hundred feet, which may be held by one or divided among the several discoverers; Provided further, That such claimants are bona fide residents of this territory.

Notice filed.

Amount ox pended.

Sec. 2. Any person or persons discovering and claiming any quartz ledge or lode as provided in this act, shall place a notice of such claim upon a substantial stake on such claim upon such ledge or lode, giving thereon date of discovery, name of lode, direction and boundaries of claims and the name or names of the person or persons claiming such ledge or lode; and a copy of said notice shall be filed for record in the office of the recorder of the district, or in the office of the register of deeds for the county, within which such claim may be situated, within fifteen days after the date of such claim having been first located.

Sec. 3. Any person or persons who may hereafter locate and record a notice of claim on any quartz ledge or lode within this territory, shall be required to expend in actual labor, and actual and permanent improvements thereon, an amount of not less than fifty dollars per annum for each two hundred feet thereof, and in like proportion and manner for every fraction thereof, until title to the same has been obtained from the United States in accordance with the laws of Congress, approved July 26, 1866.

Sec. 4. Any association of persons claiming one or more claims of two hundred feet eacb, on any quartz ledge or lode, shall be considered as tenants in common, in proportion to the number of feet in such lode or ledge, that may be given them in the notice of location, unless otherwise specifically stated; and labor may be performed on any portion of their claim in proportion to the whole number of

feet, as provided in section three of this act. Segregated li Sec. 5. Whenever a lode or ledge is claimed and

located by a number of persons, and each individual claim is located as a “segregated" claim, such persons shall be required to perform the necessary amount of labor, or expend other actual improvement on such “segregated" claim, and develop the lode therein ; and such “segregated" claims shall be considered as extensions from the original discovery

claim on such ledge or lode. Extonsions.

Sec. 6. The person or persons first discovering an “extension" of any ledge or lode shall be entitled to hold

Tonante in com, Don.





the same in compliance with this act, although notices
claiming such extension shall have been previously posted
and recorded.
Sec. 7.

Claim owners shall be allowed one hundred Rights of claim feet of the surface on each side of their ledge or lode for working purposes, but this shall not interfere with the rights of others to prospect and work distinct veins or spurs.

Sec. 8. Any person or persons engaged in working and Right of way. developing a mine or claim, shall have the right of way across any and all claims for the purpose of hauling quartz or other materials to and from his or their claim or claims.

Sec. 9. When it shall appear that any ledge or lode Intersections. crosses, intersects or unites with any other ledge or lode, the priority of record shall determine the right of claimants ; Provided, That in no case where it shall appear that two ledges or lodes have crossed or united, shall the priority of record give any person or persons the privilege of diverging from the ledge or lode he or they may have been following to enter upon that of another claimant at such intersection. But all persons shall in all cases as provided in this act follow the vein, lode or crevice extending most nearly in the general direction of the lode upon which such person or persons originally located his or their claims.

Sec. 10. Where two ledges or lodes are discovered at I'nity of lodrs, any distance apart, and they be known by different names, and it shall subsequently be proven that the two are one and the same ledge or lode, the person or persons having first located and recorded claims upon such ledge or lode shall be the legal owners and entitled to possession thereof; Provided, That the parties evicted shall not be held liable for damages for any ores that may have been reduced or otherwise disposed of previous to the proven unity of such lenge or lode.

Sec. 11. Any person or persons, desiring to prospect Prospecting liy for “blind” or non-cropping ledges by tunneling, may locate tunneling claims for that purpose; Provided, That the right of way of such tunnel shall not exceed five hundred feet, at right angles to the tunnel. All persons owning in said tunnel


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