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being first duly authorized by license as herein before provided, the person or persons, company or corporation so offending, shall forfeit and pay any sum as provided in section seven of this act; Provided, this section shall not be construed to extend to the sale of goods, wares or merchandise by merchants who pay an annual tax upon inerchandise assessed according to the revenue laws of this territory, nor to persons who sell gods manufactureil, or commodities produced by cultivation of the soil within this territory. Provided further, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the products of the farm and dairy

of any other state or territory. spirituous

Sec. 9. No person or persons in any county of this territory shall be permitted to vend, sell, barter or dispose of for pecuniary benefit or advantage, either directly or indirectly, in person or by agent or employe, any spiritnous malt or fermented liquors or wines, in less quantities than one quart, without first obtaining a license or perunit therefor as provided for in this act; aid any person or persons found dealing in liquors as aforesaid, without having first obtained a license therefor, shall forfeit and pay the sum double the amount of such license for three months, for each and every offense, together with costs of suit. One-half of said fine shall be paid by the court receiving such fine, to the person giving the information, the remaining half to be paid into the county treasury: Provided further, That all persons engaged in selling liquors by the barrel, case or in the original package, and not in quantities of less than one quart, shall pay an annual county license therefor of forty dollars.

SEC. 10. License granted for retailing liquors, as provided in this act, shall not authorize the persons obtaining the license to veuil, sell, barter or dispose of such liquors, in inore than one place or house, and such place and house shall be fully describeu in such license; Provided, That the licensee shall be entitled to retail liquors in two or more places by paying a license for each place where such business is conducted.



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Sec. 11. Whenever any person or persons having a retail liquor license shall suffer or permit any disorder, disturbance of the public peace, drunkenness or unlawful games or practices, or violations of any law whatsoever, in his, her or their house or place for which such license shall be granted, such person or persons shall forfeit said license, and such license shall not be renewed for three months thereafter.

SE". 12. No person or persons, company or corporation Theatro. eireus shall be permitted to open any theatre, circus, menagerie or caravan, or to give any exhibition or entertainment of serenaders, ininstrels, or opera or concert singers, or lecture, readings or recitations or show of figures, or wire or rope exhibitious performances, or sleight of hand performances, or other exhibitions or performances not herein enumerated, for hire, or where an entrance fee is charged or collected, without first obtaining a license therefor, as provided in this Providel, No license shall be required for any concert, fair, festival or other entertainment opened, held or given exclusively for the benefit of any church built or to be built within this territory.

Sec. 13. No person or persons, company or corporation batterico. shall be permitted to open or establish any “wheel of fortune," gift enterprise or scheme of any character, whereby prizes, premiums or any thing or representative of value are offered, advertised or represented to be drawn, paid, given or dist:ibuted by chance, without first paying to the sheriff of the county one hundred dollars for a quarterly license Provimo, therefor; Provided, That no license as provided in this act shall be issued for less than three montbs. Sec. 14. Any person or persons owning or keeping a

bowling alleys, billiard table, or table not exclusively for private use of the de. owner or of his family, shall be required to pay a license of five dollars per quarter year on each such table so owned or kept; for each nine or ten pin or bowling alley, the owner, lessee

, or manager thereof, shall be required to pay a license of ten dollars

per quarter year; each pawn broker shall be required to pay a license of one hundred dollars per quarter year,

Billiariables, Pincs

Oticon refu. ving to comply.


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and cach keeper of an intelligence office shall be required to pay a license of fifteen dollars per quarter year ; the license money provided for in this section to be collected as provided for other licenses in this act.

Sec. 15. Every magistrate or other officer to whom any fines imposed by this act shall be paid for the use of the courty, shall at each regular meeting of the board of county commissioners make a report of the total amount so collected, and all fines so collected shall be paid into the county treasury within thirty days after collection thereof. Sec. 16. Any magistrate or other officer neglecting,

. omitting or refusing to comply with the provisions of section fifteen of this act, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished as provided by law.

Sec. 17. Persons prosecuting or giving information may bo wiwoss.

under the provisions of this act, may be competent witnesses on the trial thereof, notwithstanding their interest in the penalty to be recovered.

Suc. 18. Penalties incurred by a violation of the provisions of this act, may be recovered by action of debt or by indictment in the name of the people of the territory of

Sec. 19. If any sheriff

' fail, from causes not within his control, to collect the amount payable on any license issueri as provided in section one of this act, after such license has been issued, such license shall be returned to the county treasurer within twenty days after the issuance thereof, and it shall be the duty of said county treasurer to note the fact of such failure to collect, and to return the license to the office of the county clerk, at the next regular session of the board of county commissioners, said license shall be cancelled or destroyed by said board of commissioners.

Sec. 20. Peddlers, auctioneers and other persons as provided in sections six and seven of this act, shall pay a county license of five dollars per month.

SEC. 21. Any person or persons selling liquors, as provided in section nine of this act, shall pay an annual license of one hundred dollars for such privilege; Provided,



Peddlers PAT iro dollars per month.

Porcons selling liquors.

That all persons engaged in retailing liquors as aforesaid, in connection with hotel or eating accommodations. entertainment for travelers, at any point distant ten miles or more from the limits or boundaries of any city, town, village or railway station, within this territory, shall not be required to pay a quarterly license of more than fifty dollars.

SEC. 22. Any person or persons, company or corporation, opening any exhibition as provided in section twelve of this act, shall be required to pay a license of not more than fifty, nor less than ten dollars for each day of such exhibition.

SEC. 23. This act shall take effect and be in force on

and after its passage.

Approved, December 9th, 1869.




Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wyoming:


Married Wo


SEC. 1. That all the property both real and personal, belonging to any married woman as her sole and separate men may holá property, or which any woman hereafter married owns at the time of her marriage, or which any married woman during coverture acquires in good faith from any person other than her husband, by descent or otherwise, together with all the rents issues, increase and profits thereof, shall, notwithstanding her marriage, be and remain during coverture, her sole and separate property, under her sole control, and be held, owned, possessed and enjoyed by her the same as though she were sole and unmarried, and shall not be subject to the disposal, control or interference of her husband, and shall be exempt

Unmarried wo.

may Jain, &c.

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Mar carry on basinand

from execution or attachment for the debts of her husband.


SEC. 2. Any married woman may bargain, sell and convey her personal property, and enter into any contract in

reference to the same, as if she were sole. Wayans

SK. 3. Any woman may, while married, sue and be

Sec sued in all matiers having relation to her property, person or reputation, in the same manner as if she were sole.

Sec. 4. Any woman may, while married, make a will the same as though she were sole.

Str. 5. Any married woman may carry on any trade or business, and perform any labor or services on her sole and separate account, and the earnings of any married woman from her traile, business, labor or services, shall be her whole and separate property, and may be used and intrusted by her in her own name; and she may sue and be sued as if sole in regard to her trade, business, labor, services and earnings, and her property acquired by trade, business and services, and the proceeds thereof may be taken on any cxecution against her, except where the same shall be exempt under the exemption laws of the territory.

Sec. 6. Under no marriage hereafter contracteci, shall contracted before the husband be liable for the debts and the liabilities of the

wife contracted before marriage without an assumption in
writing of such debts and liabilities.
Sec. 7. When any woman against whom liabilities exist,

. Judgmenta

shall marry, and has or acquires lands, judgments on such liability may be rendered against her and her husband jointly, to be levied on such lands only.

SEC. 8. When any judgment is rendered against a husband and wife for he tort of the wife, execution on such judgment shall first be levied on the lands of such wife, if she

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liave any.

Separato dood.

Sec. 9. The separate deed of the husband shall convey no interest in the wife's lands.

Sec. 10. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved Dec. 4, 1669.

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