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such jail, who shall knowingly suffer or permit any spirituous liquor to be sold or used in a jail, contrary to the foregoing provisions, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one month nor more than one year, or by a fine of not less than fifty dollars nor more than five hundred dollars.

Sec. 10. Every sheriff or keeper of a jail to which any prisoner may be committed by any marshal or other officer of pricopero. the United States, shall be answerable for the safe keeping of such prisoner according to the terms of such commitment; and the money paid by the United States for the use of such jails shall be credited and appropriated to the general fund of the county wherein such jail is situated.

Sec. 11. Whenever by reason of any jail being on fire, Remoral of prio, or any building contigous or near to a jail being on fire, there shall be reason to apprehend that the prisoners confined in such jail may be injured or endangered by such fire, the sheriff or keeper of such jail, may at his discretion, remove suele prisoners to some safe and convenient place, and there confine thera so long as may be necessary to avoid such danger; or if the jail be destroyed, until some other place may be provided by the county commissioners for their safe keeping.

Sec. 12. Any sheriff or other officer who shall have arrested any prisoner or prisoners, may pass over, across to arrest. and through any county or counties that may be in the ordinary route of travel from the place where such prisoner shall have been arrested, to the place where he is to be conveyed and delivered ; and such prisoner or prisoners so conveyed, and the officers having them in custody, shall not be liable to arrest on any civil process while passing through such county or counties.

Sac. 13. If any person confined in any jail, shall be refractory or disorilerly, or shall wilfully or wantonly persone. destroy, or injure any article of bedding or other furniture, or any part of the prison, the sheriff may, after due inquiry, cause such person to be kept in solitary confinement not more than five days for any one offense; and during such confinement, such prisoner shall be fed with bread and water



Juvenile pris


Jail register.

only, unless other food be absolutely necessary for the preservation of his health.

SEC. 14. Juvenile prisoners shall, whenever practicable, be kept in apartments separate from elder prisoners; and the visits of parents and friends who desire to exert a moral influence over them, shall, at all reasonable times, be permitted.

SEC. 15. The sheriff or other or other officer performing the duties of sheriff, of each county in this territory, shall procure at the expense of the county, a suitable book, to be called a jail register, in which the sheriff, by himself or his jailor, shall enter,

First, The name of each prisoner, with the date and cause of his or her commitment.

Second, The date and manner of his or her discharge. Third, What sickness, if any, has prevailed in the jail during the year.

Fourth, The practice observed during the year, of whitewashing and cleansing the cells or apartments, and the times and seasons for doing so.

Fifth, The habits of the prisoners as to cleanliness, diet and order, and such other matters as may be directed by the grand jury, or as may in the discretion of the sheriff be deemed proper. The register so directed to be kept, shall be delivered by the sheriff to his successor in office.

Method of proceedure when a

SEC. 16. Whenever the board of county commissioners

jail is to be built. of any organized county in this territory, shall deem it for the interest of such county to have a jail constructed therein, they shall cause plans and specifications therefor to be prepared by some competent architect, for a jail, to cost not more in any case than five thousand dollars; and after such plans and specifications are prepared, and adopted by the board of commissoners, they shall deposit the same in the office of the register of deeds for the county, where such plans and specifications shall be open and free to the inspection of any and all persons; and such board of county commissioners shall give notice that they will receive sealed proposals for the building of such jail, according to such plans and

specifications, by publication in a newspaper once each week for four consecutive weeks in any newspaper published within the county, if there be one, if not, then they shall cause at least five such notices to be posted in as many of the most public places of the county; such notices shall be to the effect that the commissioners will, until a day specified therein, not less than thirty days from publication of said notice, receive sealed proposals for the building of such jail, in whole or in parts, as to them shall seem to be for the best interests of the county; Provided, That the time occupied in building and completing such jail, shall in no case exceed six months from date of commencement of work on the same, which date shall be specified in the bids offered for such contract. Proposals shall be handed to the register of deeds for the county in and for which such work is to be performed.

Bids opened public to lowest

SEC. 17. On the day appointed for the opening of such and awarded in bids, the county commissioners shall meet and open and bidder. declare the same in public, and shall award the contract or contracts to the lowest bidder, who shall furnish security in double the amount of his contract, to the satisfaction of the board of commissioners, for the execution and completion of such contract.

SEC. 18. The bids above provided for, shall be accompanied by the guarantee of two or more responsible persons, that if the contract be awarded to the bidder, he will enter into the requisite bonds for the faithful performance of such



SEC. 19. One-half of the cost and expense of building such jail shall be paid in U. S. currency, six months from the date of the contract for such work, the remaining half of the cost and expense of building such jail, shall be paid within one year from the completion of said jail.

SEC. 20. For the purpose of constructing and paying Spesial tax. for jails as provided in this act, the board of county commissioners of the organize counties of this territory, are hereby authorized and empowered to levy a special tax or taxes for that purpose, in addition to the tax authorized by

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the “act to provide a territorial and county revenue; Provided, That no special tax as provided in this act, shall be levied until after the return of the assessment roll to the county commissioners for the regular assessment for the

year 1870.

Sec. 21. This act shall tako effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved, 9th December, 1869.




Duties of wheris.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wyoming, as follows :

Sec. 1. It shall be the duty of the sheriff of each county of this territory to furnish all licenses, and collect all moneys for the same, as hereinafter providel, and if the sheriff of any county of this territory shall knowingly permit any person subject to such license to conduct or carry on any branch of business, occupation or pursuit, without first obtaining such license, such sheriff shall be guilty of is misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as provided by law in the case of similar offenses.

Sec. 2. Lic nses shall be prepared by the county clerk, whum propisired

which shall be delivered to the sheriff of the county wherein they shall be issued ; and each license shall contain the name of the person and the character and place of business to be conducteil under such license, and it shall be the duty of the county clerk to affix his official signature and the seal of the county to such license, which license shall be countersigned by the county treasurer or his deputy before being issued by the sheriff, and all moneys collected under and for such license shall be paid by the sheriff into the




and what tain.

Duties of clerk

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county treasury within fifteen days from the date of said license.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the county clerk to keep on file in his office, and submit for the inspection of the county commissioners at each of their regular sessions, a faithful and correct abstract, containing full information of all license; so issued to the sheriff; and neglect to comply with the provisions of this section shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and shall be punished as provided by law.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the county treasurer of Duties of trousa each county to furnish to the county commissioners, at each of their regular sessions, a full and complete statement of all moneys received for licenses issued, as provided in the foregoing section of this act; failure or neglect on the part of the treasurer to comply with the provisions of this section, shall be deemed a misdemeanor, and shall be punished as provided by law.

Sec. 5. All moneys collected for licenses as provided County fund. for by this act, shall constitute a portion of and be credited to the general county fund.

Sec. 6. No auctioneer, peddler, or other person or persons, company or corporation, shall be permitted to sell, vend, barter or retail either at private sale or public auction, any goods, wares or merchandise, without first having obtained a license therefor as herein before provided.

Sec. 7. Any person found selling at auction or peddling without a license, as provided for in section six of this act, forfeiture. shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; and the person so actually vending or peddling is liable, whether he be the owner of the goods or not, and upon conviction thereof, shall forfeit and pay any sum not exceeding one hundroid nor less than twenty dollars, into the county treasury where such conviction shall be had, to be recovered by civil action in the name of the county prosecuting the same, which saiil sum may bo collected as provided by law in criminal cases. Sec. 8. person persons, company

Corporations corporation, shall directly or indirectly, keep a store, or sell, vend or retail any goods, wares or merchandise without

Who must have license.


Liability and


If any



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