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Power to raise

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Power to divide stock and prop

SEC. 6. Any such corporation may, by their articles of erty into shares. associations or by-laws, divide their stock and property into shares, and determine the terms upon which such shares of stock shall be held by the members, and the manner in which the same shall be sold and transferred.

corporation, so that the same be not inconsistent with the organic act and laws of this territory, or the articles of association of such corporation.

SEC. 5. Any such corporation shall have power to raise money for the purposes of the corporation, in such manner as may be agreed upon by the articles of association or their by-laws.

SEC. 7. Where stock and common property of any such corporation shall be so divided into shares, any such corporation, or the trustees thereof, as the by-laws may provide, may at any meeting called for the purpose, raise money for the purposes of the corporation by assessment upon the shares of such stock; and the payment of such assessment may be enforced by sale or forfeiture of the shares of such stock as the by-laws may provide, but no other estate or property of any stockholder shall be liable to be seized or sold on execution or otherwise, for the non-payment of any assessment.

SEC. 8. No dividend shall be declared or paid upon the stock of any such corporation, until the final dissolution thereof.

Officers to re

SEC. 9. No officer of any corporation formed under the eive no salary. provisions of the first, second, third, fifth, seventh, eighth or ninth, subdivisions of section one of this article, shall receive any salary or remuneration from such corporation for his services as such officer, nor shall any such officer enter into any contract with the corporation during the time of his remaining in office.

Powers of trus


SEC. 10. The board of trustees of any religious society tees of religious formed under the provisions of the first subdivision of section one of this article, shall have and exercise such powers as are or may be conferred upon them by the by-laws of such

corporation, according to the usage and discipline of such society in their temporal affairs.

SEC. 11. The board of trustees of any corporation formed for the purposes mentioned in the fifth subdivision of section &c. one of this article, shall have power to prescribe reasonable by-laws for the government of the youth attending at the institution of learning maintained by such corporation, and to confer such degrees and diplomas as are usually conferred by like institutions.

Powers of trustees of colleges,

Power to im

SEC. 12. Corporations formed under the provisions of the eleventh subdivision of the said first section, shall have power to impose by their by-laws, pecuniary fines not exceeding one hundred dollars in any case, for the breach of any by-laws or military regulation of such corporation, and all such fines may be reversed by action before any justice of the peace of the county wherein the headquarters of such military company or regiment are. Every military company and regiment organized under the provisions of said section, shall at all times be subject to the command of the governor of the territory.

Article may be

SEC. 13. This article may be at any time be repealed, altered or amended by the legislature, and corporations repealed. formed under the provisions hereof shall be subject to such regulations and alterations as the legislature may hereafter make.

pose flues.


Masonic and Odd Fellow's Societies.

may form masʊn

SEC. 1. That any number of persons, not less than Number whe seven, may voluntarily associate themselves together for ic societies. either of the following purposes: To organize masonic lodges, royal arch chapters, commanderies of knights templar, councils of royal and select masters, lodges of perfection, councils of princes of Jerusalem, chapters of rose croix, consistories of princes of the royal secret, subject to the regulations of their respective grand bodies, according to the constitutions and usages of said masonic fraternity.

Certificate to

be filed.


May hold and dpose of real


May make bylaws.

Personal prop


Dissolution, how eflect d.

SEC. 2. Any such masonic body that may wish to become incorporated under and by virtue of this act, shall file in the office of the secretary of the territory and the office of the register of deeds of the county in which said. masonic body shall be located, a certificate in writing, setting forth the name of such masonic body, together with its number (according to masonic usage), and the place where the same shall be held, which certificate shall be signed by the presiding officer and secretary, and attested by the seal of such masonic body, and such masonic body or association having filed the certificate required by this act, shall be deemed and held a body corporate and politic, under the name and styles, stated in such certificate, and may sue and be sued in all courts of record in this territory, and shall have power to contract and be contracted with, and use a common seal.

SEC. 3. That any masonic body incorporated under this act, may take by purchase, grant, devise, gift or otherwise, any town lot or tract of land; may sell and dispose of the same, and execute deeds of conveyance, signed by the presiding officer, secretary and treasurer, when authorized by a majority vote of all the members of said body, or by any person the said masonic body may by a majority vote of its members designate, attested by seal of such body.

SEC. 4. Any such masonic body organized under the provisions of this act may make all needful by-laws and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this act, and not inconsistent with the laws and regulations of such bodies or their respective grand bodies under which the same may be holden, and not inconsistent with the constitution of the United States and the organic act and laws of this territory.

SEC. 5. Any such masonic body may hold and possess personal property, and sell and dispose of the same.

SEC. 6. If, at any time the members of the said masonic bodies so incorporated under this act, wish to dissolve such corporations, they may do so by a majority vote of its members, and the presiding officer, secretary and treasurer

convey real


of such body, shall file a certificate of such dissolution with the secretary of the territory and with the register of deeds of the county where such body is located; and the filing of such certificate shall be held and deemed to dissolve such corporation, but shall not effect any suit which may be pending against such corporation, nor deprive any person or persons of the right of action against such masonic body in any cause of action existing at the time of such dissolution.

Sec. 7. Any of the foregoing masonic bodies, duly May huid and chartered by the respective grand bodies according to the without being inlaws, constitutions and usages of the masonic fraternity, and not wishing to become a corporate body under the provisions of this act, may take and hold real estate for their use and benefit, by purchase, grant, devise, gift or otherwise, in and by the name and number of said body, according to the respective registers of the grand body under which the same may be holden ; and the presiding officer of such body, together with the secretary thereof, may make conveyances of real estate belonging to such body when authorized by a majority of all the members of said body under such regulations as the said masonic body or its grand body may see fit to make; but all such conveyances shall be attested by the seal of said subordinate body.

Sec. 8. Should it become necessary at any time to Presiding off protect tlie rights of such masonic body in and to the real defend estate and personal property-said body not being incorporated under this act-the presiding officer thereof may bring suit in his own name, for the benefit of the masonic body over which he presides, in any of the courts of record of this territory having original jurisdiction, and may prosecute or defend the same in the supreme court of the territory.

Sec. 9. This act shall be deemed to apply to the independent order of odd-fellows as well as to the masonic plies to 1.0.0.F. fraternity, and any subordinate or grand lodge of odd-fellows in this territory, may organize and become a body corporate under the provisions of this act, in the same masonic bodies, and may also take, hold and convey property

cer may sue and

This act ap



Foreign corporation, how pro⚫eed.

Consequences of failure.

and do all other acts, and have all the privileges conferred by this act on masonic bodies.


Foreign Corporations.

SEC. 1. Every incorporated company, incorporated under the laws of any foreign state or kingdom, or of any state or territory of the United States, beyond the limits of this territory, and now or hereafter doing business within this territory, shall, within thirty days after commencing so to do business, file in office of the register of deeds of the county within which its business is conducted, a copy of its charter of incorporation; or in case such company is incorporated by certificate under any general incorporation law, a copy of such certificate and of such general incoporation law, duly certified and authenticated by the proper authority of such foreign state, kingdom or territory.

SEC. 2. A failure to comply with the provisions of this article shall render each and every officer, agent and stockholder of any such corporation so failing herein, jointly and severally, personally liable on any and all contracts of such company, made or to be performed within this territory.

SEC. 3. The several certificates, statutes and charters

Certificates, &c.. to be filed with

register of deeds. mentioned in section first of this article, shall be by the

register of deeds filed and preserved in his office, as a part of the records thereof; and he shall be entitled to receive a fee of one dollar for receiving and filing every such certificate and statute. Copies of such charters, statutes and certificates, duly certified by such register of deeds, under his seal of Copies of such office, shall be received in all courts of this territory as

ev donce

sufficient evidence of the existence and corporate character of such incorporations, and of all their powers, duties and liabilities, and the originals thereof, may in like manner be used in evidence of these matters with like effect.


Of the Dissolution of Corporations.

SEC. 1. Upon dissolution by expiration of its charter or

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