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of attendance of said schools respectively, as certified by the teachers of the several schools of such district.

SEC. 9. On the first day of October of each year, he shall make out and file in the office of the county superintendent a report of the affairs of the district, containing:

First, The number of persons between the ages of five and twenty-one years.

Second, The number of schools, and the branches taught in each.

Third, The number of pupils in each school.

Fourth, The number of teachers employed in each school and the average compensation of each per month.

Fifth, The number of days the school has been taught, and by whom.

Sixth, The average cost of tuition for a pupil per month in each school,

Seventh, Books used in each school.

Eighth, The number of volumes in the library of each school.

Ninth, The aggregate amount paid teachers during the year, the source from which the same was received, (and the amount of the teachers' fund in the hands of the treasurer.)

Tenth, The number of district school houses, and the cost of each.

Eleventh, The amount raised in the district by tax for the erection of school houses, and for other purposes authorized in this act, and such other information as he may deem useful.

Sec. 10. Should the clerk fail to file his reports as above directed, he shall forfeit the sum of twenty-five dollars, and shall be liable to make good all loss resulting to the district from such failure; suit to be brought in both cases by the director in the naine of the district on his official bond.

Sec. 11. The treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys belonging to the district, and shall pay out the same upon the order of the [director,] countersigned by the secretary, and shall keep an account of the receipts and


Dutie- of treag. Uler.

expenditures thereof in a book provided for that purpose.

SEC. 12. The moneys for the payment of teachers shall be called the "teachers' fund," and the treasurer shall keep distinct and separate accounts with them, and no warrant for money shall be paid by the treasurer which does not specify the fund on which it is drawn, and the specific use to which it is to be applied.

SEC. 13. The school house fund shall consist only of taxes collected in the district; and all other school moneys belonging to the district shall go to the teachers' fund, and shall be applied to no other use except to pay the wages of school teachers in the district.

Teachers' fund,

School house


ceive money.

SEC. 14. The treasurer shall apply for and receive all Treasurer to remoney apportioned to the district by the county superintendent when notified of said apportionment.

SEC. 15. He shall render a statement of the finances of the district, as shown by the records of his office, at any time when required by the district board.

Statement of finances.


Collection of Taxes.

SEC. 1. Whenever a tax has been voted by the district, the clerk shall, under the supervision of the director, make voted. out and certify over his official signature, the amount of tax voted in his district, and on or before the first Monday of August in each year, [and] cause the same to be filed in the office of the clerk of the board of county commissioners.

SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the board of county commissioners to see that the amount of tax so voted be extended by the clerk in making out the annual tax list, and that said tax be levied upon the property of such district returned by the county assessor; Provided, That the Proviso. county commissioners shall have power to increase or diminish the aggregate amount of tax of any school district es to the members of said board shali seem necessary and proper.

Clerk certify

amount of tax

Tax to be levied on property of district.

SEC. 3. In case the board of county commissioners Pailure of counshall, for any reason, fail in any manner in passing upon the to act.

ty commissioners

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justice of increasing or diminishing the amount of school tax, as provided in the next preceding section, or to perform any other duty prescribed by such section, it shall still be the duty of the clerk of the board of county commissioners to extend the amount of school tax reported to him as having been levied by the several school districts, against the assessed valuation of property in such school districts.

SEC. 4. The taxes and assessments of all school districts, for all purposes, except as otherwise specially provided by law, shall be collected like county taxes, and all delinquent taxes shall be returned by the collector in the same manner as other delinquent taxes are required by law to be returned.

Fines, penaltics, &c.

SEC. 5. The amount of tax collected by the county collector shall be paid over to the county treasurer, like other taxes, and shall be held by said county treasurer subject to the order of the director of the proper district, and shall be paid over accordingly.


Miscellaneous Provisions.

SEC. 1. In all cases where the alteration of school districts, as provided in this title, gives rise to controversy respecting the adjustment of the rights and liabilities of the districts affected. upon which they cannot agree amicably, the matter shall be settled by arbitrators appointed by the county superintendent.

Suits, counsel

SEC. 2. In all cases where suits may be instituted by to be employed or against any of the school officers contemplated or created

by this title, to enforce any of the provisions herein contained, counsel may be employed, if necessary, by the officer instituting the suit, and the expense of the suit shall be borne by the district, county or territory in whose name, or against whom, the same may be instituted.

SEC. 3. All fines, penalties and forfeitures provided by this title may be recovered by action of debt, in the name of the people of the territory of Wyoming, for the use of the

same may

proper school district or county, and when they accrue, belong to the respective districts or counties in which the have accrued; and the district treasurer for their districts and the county commissioners of their counties are hereby authorized to receive and apply the proceeds of such forfeitures as the interest of the permanent fund is now or may hereafter be applied.

Refusal to pay fines, & how punished.

SEC. 4. Any officer or person collecting or receiving over fas any fines, forfeitures or other moneys, and refusing aud failing to pay over the same as required by law, shall forfeit double the amount so withheld, and interest thereon; at the rate of five per cent. per month, during the time of so withholding the same.

Funds to be

SEC. 5. All funds arising from a breach of the penal kept patate. laws shall be kept and apportioned separate and apart from

all other school funds.

SEC. 6. Each and every officer created by the provisions Pine. of this title who shall receive, by virtue of his office, any books or papers, and shall refuse to deliver the same to his successor in office, or shall wilfully mutilate or destroy the same, or any part thereof, shall be liable to a fine of not less than fifty nor more than three hundred dollars, to be recovered, with damages, on their respective official bonds.

SEC. 7. Every superintendent of common schools in this territory shall be allowed such compensation as shall be fixed by the county commissioners, to be paid out of the county treasury of his county, for the performance of his duties, in addition to other expenses incurred in purchasing books, stationery, &c., necessary to said office; an account of which expense shall be made out by him quarterly and signed and sworn to, and laid before the county commissioners at their quarterly meetings, who, after examining the same, if found correct, shall issue on the county treasury, warrants for the amount due.



SEC. 8. Every teacher of common schools, employed Teacher to kee under the provisions of this title, shall keep a schedule of the names of all the scholars attending such school, the

number of days each scholar attends, and the aggregate number of days of attendance at such school, with a certificate attached thereto, that said schedule is in all its specifications true and correct; which schedule and certificate he shall deposit with the district clerk, at the expiration of the term of said school.

Sec. 9. In the employment of teachers, no discrimination shall be made in the question of pay on account of pay [sex] when the persons are equally qualified,

Sec. 10. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Aproved 10th December, 1869.

Both sexes to merive the same Pay.




Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of

the Territory of Wyoming, as follows :



Whomay forin corporation

Sec. 1. At any time hereafter, any three or

. persons who may desire to form a company for the purpose of carrying on any kind of manufacturing, mining, chemical, merchandizing or mechanical business ; construct wagon roads, railroads, telegraph lines, dig ditches, build flumes, run tunnels, or carry on any branch of business designed to aid in the industrial or productive interests of the country, may make, sign, and acknowledge before some officer

competent to take the acknowledgment of deeds, duplicate Cortificate, certificates in writing, in which shall be stated the corporate

name of said company, and the object for which the company shall be formed, the annount of capital stock of the said company, the term of its existence, not to exceed fifty years,

what it must state,

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