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district as the meeting shall deem sufficient, for any of the following purposes: To supply any deficiency in the fand for the payment of teachers; to purchase or lease a suitable site for a school house, or school houses; to build, rent, or purchase a school house, or school houses, and to keep in repair and furnish the same with the necessary fuel and appendages; for procuring libraries for the schools, books and stationery for the use of the board, and district meetings; and to defray all other contingent expenses of the district.

Sixth, To direct the sale or other disposition to be made of any school house, or the site thereof, and of such other property, real or personal, as may belong to the district; and to direct the manner in which the proceeds arising therefrom shall be applied.

Seventh, To determine what branches of learning shall be taught in the schools of their districts.

Eighth, To delegate any or all of the powers contained in the foregoing specifications to the district board.

Ninth, To transact generally such business as may tend to promote the cause of education, in accordance with the provisions of this act.

SEC. 8. In levying a tax, the district meetings shall designate the respective objects for which the same is raised, and the amount to be raised for each object, and the aggregate amount shall be assessed and collected, as provided in this act.

Tax, how levied.

SEC. 9. They may adopt rules of order, not incom- Rules. patible with the provisions of this act and the instructions of the superintendent of public instruction, for the government of district meetings, and may alter and change the same from time to time as occasion may require, and may prescribe the manner of taking the sense of the meeting upon any question; Provided, that the last specification shall not apply to the selection of officers.


SEC. 10. In all cases where there are moneys belonging Transfer of to the school house fund, remaining in the hands of the district treasurer of any school district, and the board of


Election of officers,

directors thereof are satisfied that such moneys are not
required to build a schcol house, or school houses, in said
district, or repair or furnish the same, such moneys may be
transferred and accredited to the teachers fund, and
applied to the payment of teachers.
Sec. 11. There shall be elected in each organized school

district, at the regular district meeting, vn the first Monday
in May of each year, one director, one clerk, and one
treasurer of the district, who, together, shall constitute 3
board of directors for the district, and shall hold their offices
for one year,

and until their successors are elected and qualified. If for any cause the annual election should not be held at the regular meeting, a special meeting for that

purpose may be held Directors, bow Sec. 12. Said directors shall qualify in the manner lo quality.

prescribed in the preceding title for directors clected upon the formation of a new school district; and in case they neglect or refuse so to do, they shall be subject to the same penalty.

SEC. 13. The board of directors may hold such regular, special, or adjourned meetings as they may, from time to time determine.

Sec. 14. The district board shall make all contracts, purchases, payments and sales, necessary to carry out every vote of the district, for procuring any site for a school house, renting, repairing or furnishing the same, and disposing thereof, or for keeping a school therein, and performing such other duties as may be delegated to them by the

district meeting. Pupils from Sec. 15. They may, with the concurrence of the board

of directors of an adjoining district or districts, admit pupils from either of said districts to a school within their own district; but said pupils shall be enumerated in their respective districts, and the portion of the school money to which they may be entitled by said enumeration shall be applied to the support of said school. The parents or guardians of said pupils shall pay such portion of the


Powers of district board.

other districts.

to give bonds.

Judges vieler


contingent expenses, and the amount to be contributed by voluntary subscription for the support of said school, as the board may deem equitable.

Sec. 16. The district board shall require the clerk and Clerk treasurer treasurer each to give bond to the district in such penalties, and with such securities as, in their opinion, will secure the district against any loss, conditioned for the faithful application of all moneys which may come into their hands by virtue of their respective offices; said penalty may be increased from time to time, as the interest of the district may require. The bond shall be filed with the director of the board, and in case of a breach of the condition thereof, he shall bring suit thereon in the name of the district.

Sec. 17. In each organized district, they shall act as tions. judges of all district elections.

Sec. 18. They shall from time to time examine the books and accounts of the treasurer, and make settlement settlements. with him, and shall, at each regular meeting of the district, present to the same a full statement of the receipts and expenditures of the district, and such other matters as may be deemed important.

Sec. 19. They shall appoint a committee from their own body to visit the respective schools of the district examive schools. monthly, and to aid the teachers in establishing and enforcing rules for the government of schools, and see that the teachers keep a correct list of the pupils, the time which they attend school, the branches of learning which each is studying, and such other matters as may, in the opinion of the board, tend to promote the welfare of the school.

SEC. 20. They shall audit and allow all just claims against Board to audit the district, and the directors shall draw an order for all demands thus audited, on the district treasurer.

Sec. 21. They shall, upon the written request of five legal voters of the district, or whenever they deem it

ings. expedient, call special meetings thereof; but in all such cases, the notice of such meeting shall clearly state the

Committee to

Special mect.

Filling vacan C's.

Higher schools.

Colored schools.

Employing and paying teachers.

precise object for which it is called, and the time and place at which it is to be held.

SEC. 22. Should a vacancy occur in the board, they may fill the same by appointment, unless it is deemed expedient to call a special meeting of the district for the purpose.

SEC. 23. The county superintendent and district board of directors may determine whether a school of a higher grade shall be established in the district, the number of teachers to be employed, and the course of instruction to be pursued therein, and the board may erect for the purpose one or more permanent school houses, and shall cause such classification of the pupils as they may deem necessary, but in selecting the site for such school house, or school houses, the permanent interest and future welfare of the people of the entire distriet shall be consulted.

SEC. 24. Where there are fifteen or more colored children within any school district, the board of directors thereof, with the approval of county superintendent of schools, may provide a separate school for the instruction of such colored children.

SEC. 25. The district board shall employ all teachers necessary for the schools of the district, and pay them by draft on the treasurer, but they must not overdraw the amount due from teachers' fund; and when there are not sufficient funds in the hands of the treasurer for the payment of such teachers, the balance shall be paid by the persons sending pupils, in such manner as may be agreed upon by the teachers and the district board.


District Officers-Their Duties.

Ie tor.

Duties of di- SEC. 1. The director, when present, shall preside at all meetings of the board and of the district, sign all orders on the treasury for the payment of money, and shall draw all drafts upon the county superintendent for money apportioned to his district.

SEC. 2. All drafts and orders drawn on the district treasurer, as required in the foregoing section, shall specify the fund on which they are drawn, and the use for which the money is designed, and shall be countersigned by the district clerk.

SEC. 4. The clerk shall record all proceedings of the board, and of the district meetings, in separate books, to be kept for that purpose; he shall preserve copies of all reports made to the county superintendent; shall file all papers, transmitted to him by other school officers, pertaining to the business of the district; and shall countersign all drafts, warrants, and orders drawn by the director.

SEC. 3. The director shall appear in behalf of his district, suits. in all suits brought by or against the same; but when he is individually a party, this duty shall be performed by the clerk.

Drafts and or

SEC. 6. He shall keep an accurate account of all the expenses incurred by the district, and shall present the same to the district board, to be audited and paid, as herein provided, out of the school fund.

de s.

SEC. 5. He shall, between the first and fifteenth days List ofscholars. of September, of each year, take and keep and record a list of the names of all persons in the district between the ages of five and twenty-one years, and shall deliver a copy of the same to the principal teacher of each school in the district.

SEC. 8. The district clerk shall on the first Monday of October, in each year, submit a report to the county superintendent, for the year past then ending, of the number of schools taught in such district, the number of days each scholar attended the same, and the aggregate number of days

Dutics of clerk.


Ten days no

SEC. 7. He shall give ten days previous notice of all regular and special meetings of the district, as herein tice of meetings. authorized, by posting up a written notice in three different places therein; and shall furnish a copy of the same to the teachers of each school in the district, to be read once in the presence of the pupils thereof.


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