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to that office. He shall be paid annually out of the territorial treasury, the sum of five hundred dollars in full for the performance of his duties as such superintendent of public instruction.


Duties of superizimideni.

Sec. 2. The duties of superintendent of public instruction shall be as follows: He shall file all papers, reports and public dockets transmitted to him by the school officers of the several counties each year, separately, and hold the same in readiness to be exhibited to the governor, or to any committees of either house of the legislative assembly; and shall keep a fair record of all matters pertaining to the business of his office. He shall have a general supervision of all the district schools of the territory, and shall see that the school system is as early as practicable, put into uniform operation; and shall recommend to the several school districts an uniform series of text-books to be used in the schools therof. He shall prepare and have printed, suitable forms for all reports required by this act, and shall transmit the same, with such instructions in reference to the course of studies as he may judge advisable, in the several officers entrusted with their management and care. He shall make all further rules and regulations that may be necessary to carry the law into full effect, according to its spirit ani) intent, which shall have the same force and effect as though contained herein. He shall cause so many copies of this act, with the forms, regulations, an instructions herein contemplated thereunto annexed, to be from time to time printed and distributed among the several school districts of the territory, as he shall deem expedient. He shall make a report to the legislative assembly on the first day of each regular session thereof, exhibiting the condition of public schools, and such other matters relating to the affairs of his office as he may think proper to communicate. He shall inake an equal distribution of the school funds among the several counties, on the first Monday in December, according to the aggregate number of the days attendance of the scholars attending the common schools, in the several counties, as reported by the county superintendent of each county, who shall make report of the same on or before the first Monday in November to the superintendent of public instruction.

Sec. 3. One copy of all books, maps, charts or school Diepwition 14 apparatus, which may be received by the superintendent of public instruction from publishers, inventors or manufacturers, shall be placed by him in the public library of this territory.


book, wapte, sc.

ty superiotela


County Superintendent of Schools. Sec. 1. The duties of the county superintendent of Dutics of coun. schools shall be as follows: He shall on the first Monday of deat. November of each year, transmit to the superintendent of public instruction, a report containing an abstract of the several particulars set forth in the reports of the district clerks, together with a statement of the financial affairs of his office, and such suggestions as he may think proper to make relative to the schools of his county. He shall keep an accurate account of the receipts and expenditures of his office, and shall render accounts current thereof at any time when required by the superintendent of public instruction. He shall take receipts for all moneys paid out in a book provided for that purpose ; file all orde s and warrants drawn on him by the respective directors of the district boards, and all other papers transmitted to him pertaining to the business of his office; and shall hold the same, subject to the inspection of the superintendent of public instruction, or any of the school officers of his county. He shall keep a correct account of all moneys received from the county officers, specifying the peculiar source from which the same accrued. He shall distribute to the district officers within his county such blank forms, circulars and other communications as may be transmitted to him for that purpose by the superintendent of public instruction. On the first Monday in December annually, he shall apportion the county school tax, and all money in his hands appropriated for the support


of the schools, among the several school districts of his county, in proportion to the number of persons reported to him by the respective district clerks, and shall record a statement thereof in his office. He shall immediately notify the director of each school district of the amount to which his district may be entitled by said apportionment, and shall pay the same over to the district treasurer, upon the warrant of the president, countersigned by the clerk. He shall divide the settled parts of the county into school districts, and may alter and change the boundaries of districts thus formed from time to time as the convenience of the inhabitants of the aforesaid districts may require; and shall proceed to make such change at any time when petitioned by two-thirds of the legal voters of any district. He shall examine all persons offering himself or herself as teacher of public schools, and if, in his opinion, such person is qualified to teach a public school, shall give him or her a certificate, anthorizing him or her to teach a public school in his county for one year; whenever practicable, the examination of teachers shall be [competitive, and the certificate shall be] graded according to the qualifications of the applicant. He shall have the general superintendence of the schools in his county, and shall visit each school at least twice each term, and shall have power to dismiss all teachers he may find to be incompetent.

May administer cath.

SEC. 2. Should he fail to make his reports, as required in the foregoing section, he shall forfeit the sum of one hundred dollars, and suit shall be brought on his official bond for the collection of the same, with damages by the prosecuting attorney.

SEC. 3. In all cases when it shall be necessary to administer any oath or affirmation, under the provisions of this act, or any other law pertaining to the duties of the county superintendent, he is hereby authorized to administer the same.


School Tax.

lected by county collector.

SEC. 1. The county commissioners shall at the time of Tax to be col levying the tax for county purposes, caused to be levied a tax for the support of schools within the county, of not more than two mills on the dollar, of the assessed value of all taxable value, real and personal, within the county, which shall be collected by the county collector, at the same time and in the same manner as territorial and county taxes are collected, except that it shall be receivable in cash or warrants of the school.

Money to e

SEC. 2. The county treasurer shall at all times hold, subject to dratt subject to the draft of the proper officers, all money belonging to the teachers or school house funds.

of officers.


1. School Districts. 2. Organization Powers.

to notify.

SEC. 1. Upon the formation of a new school district, Superintendent the county superintendent shall notify some qualified voter thereof, by written notice, describing the boundaries of the district, and also the time and place of the first meeting.


SEC. 2. Such qualified voter shall notify each elector Duty of person in the district of the same, by personal service, as far as convenient, and shall post a notice at the place of meeting, and also in three other public places in the district, stating the boundaries of the district and the time and place of meeting, at least six days before the time of such meeting. All citizens over the age of twenty-one years, who have resided for thirty days within such district, and who are liable to pay a school tax therein, and none others, shall be deemed qualified electors at school meetings held within such district; Provided, That after the first year of the organi- Proviso. zation of any school district no person shall be deemed a qualified elector at any such meeting, who being liable to pay a school tax therein, in the year preceding, hath failed to pay the same.

Who deemed electors.


Directors to take oath.

Regular meetings.

SEC. 3. The qualified electors of the district when assembled in accordance with the notice required in the foregoing section, shall organize by appointing a chairman and secretary who shall act as judges of the election, and the name of each elector shall be recorded by the secretary. They shall then by ballot, elect one director, one clerk, and one treasurer, who shall constitute a board of directors for the district, and shall hold their offices until the next succeeding annual district election, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

SEC. 4. Said directors shall, within ten days after their election, appear before some justice of the peace, and take an oath for the faithful performance of their duties; and in case they fail to do so, they shall each forfeit the sum of twenty-five dollars for the use of the school district.


Bach district a

SEC. 5. Each school district formed under the provisions corporate of this act, is hereby declared to be a body corporate by the name and style of school district No. in the county of and territory of Wyoming; and in that name it may hold property, and be a party to suits and contracts.


SEC. 6. The regular mecting of each school district shall be held on the first Monday of May and October of each year. And when present, the director and clerk shall preside as chairman and secretary of such meeting.

SEC. 7. The qualified electors of the district, when assembled, shall have power:

First, To appoint a chairman and secretary, in the absence of the regular officers.

Second, To adjourn from time to time, as occasion may require.

Third, To determine the number of schools which shall be established in the district, and the length of time each shall be taught.

Fourth, To fix the site of each school house taking into consideration in doing so, the wants and necessities of the people of each portion of the district.

Fifth, To lay such tax on the taxable property of the

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