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clerk to the county treasurer, who shall personally countersign the same, and shall also enter in a book to be kept by him for that purpose, the date, amount and number of each of said orders, and the name or names of the person or persons in whose favor such orders are drawn respectively.

SEC. 19. No conaty treasurer shall countersign any county order before the same is filled up, nor until he shall be satisfied that the order prevented to him so to be countersigned, was duly ordered to be drawn by said board of county commissio..err.


SEC. 12. Every county treasurer shall pay over to the territorial treasurer, all territorial taxes and other moneys received by hina from the county collector on account of the territory, in the same kind of funds in which the same shall be received, and together with all such moneys, every county treasurer shall deliver to the treasurer of the territory a statement in writing that he has paid over the same funds in kind as received by him, and that he has not exchanged or bartered any of the moneys, coin, bank bills, treasury notes or other currency received by him on account of the territory for any auditor's warrants, territorial scrip or other certificates or evidences of indebtedness of the territory, nor caused nor


to be registerad.

SEc. 11. Every emanly troure shall have and keep County orders in his office a book to be called the register of county orders, wherein shall be entered and sit down at the date of the presentation thereof, and without any interval or blank line between any such eatry and the one preceding it: every county order or other certificate or evid.. of county indebtedness at any time prevcatel to such county treasurers for payment, whether the same is paid at the time of presentation or not, the date and number of such order, the amount for which the same is payable, the dath of the presentation thereof, the name of the person to whom such order is by the terms thereof payable, and the name of the person presenting the same. Every such register of county orders shall, at all reasonable hours, be opened to the inspection and examination of any person desiring to inspect or examine the


Territorial tex


Negleet of treas


Payment of receipts within thirty days,

permitted the same to be done, and that all such territorial auditor's warrants or other certificates or evidences of indebtedness of the territory, so by him delivered to the treasurer, were received by him from the county collector in payment of territorial taxes or other moneys due the territory. Every such statement shall be sworn to before any person authorized to administer oaths, and by him filed and preserved in his office, and false swearing in such statement shall be deemed perjury.

SEC. 13. Every county treasurer who shall fail, neglect or refuse to keep in his office such register of county orders as required by section eleven, or shall fail, neglect or refuse to enter therein at the time of the presentation thereof, every county order which may be presented to him for payment, or shall make any false entry thereof, or shall fail, neglect or refuse to pay any order presented to him for payment, there being then money in the treasury appropriated for that purpose, or from which by law the same ought to be paid; every such county treasurer so offending, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in a sum not less than fifty dollars and not more than five hundred dollars, and the court may adjudge that such treasurer be removed from his office. This section shall extend to the deputy of every such county


SEC. 14. Every county clerk, clerk of the district court, district attorney, sheriff, constable, justice of the peace, or other territorial or county officer by law appointed, required or permitted to receive and pay over to the county treasurer any taxes, fines, fees or other moneys whatsoever, shall within thirty days after the receipt of such moneys, pay the same over to the county treasurer in the same kind of gold or siver coin, or in the same kind of United States treasury notes, bank hills, county warrants, county orders, county scrip, certificates of indebtedness or other evidences of indebtedness whatsoever, in which the same were by such officer receited, and together therewith, such officer so paying over the same, shall deliver to such treasurer a

statement in writing of the amount of such moneys so collected by him and paid over as aforesaid, the kind of moneys or evidences of debt, whether gold coin, silver coin, United States bonds or treasury notes, bank bills, county orders, county scrip, auditor's warrants, territorial warrants, or other certificates or evidences of indebtedness of the territory or any county or any person or corporation in which the same and every part thereof were by him received, which statement shall be signed by the person paying the same, and sworn to before such treasurer, and by him filed and preserved in his office. Every person falsely swearing in any statement. such statement shall be deemed guilty of perjury. The county treasurer shall not demand or receive any fee for administering the oath required by this section.

Sec. 15. The county treasurer may appoint a deputy Deputy trees for whose official acts he shall be responsible, and who shall uror. take the oath heretofore prescribed, with such changes as may be necessary, and who shall give bond to such treasurer for the faithful performance of all duties required of him, in such sum and manner as said treasurer may require, and such deputy shall hold his office during the pleasure of such treasurer.


County Clerk.

County elerk


Sec. 1. There shall be a county clerk for each county of this territory, who shall be elected or appointed for two and register of years, and who shall be ex officio register of deeds. He shall, before he enters on the duties of his office, execute and file with the judge of probate, a bond with two or more sufficient sureties, in the penal sum of not less than four thousand dollars, to be approved by the board of county commissioners, conditioned that he will faithfully perform all the duties of his office as county clerk and ex officio register of deeds, and pay all moneys that may come into his hands hy virtue of his office as required by law, and deliver to his successor in office all the books, records, papers and other things belonging to his said office. He

Deputy clerks

shall also take an oath to support the constitution of the United States, and the act organizing the territory of Wyoming, and that he will faithfully discharge the duties of county clerk and ex officio register of deeds as required by law, which said cath shall be indorsed upon the back of his certificate of election or appointment, and shall be filed with his bond.

Duties of county clerks.

SEC. 2. Every such clerk may appoint a deputy in writing, under his hand, and said deputy shall act as such during the pleasure of said clerk, and he shall file such appointment with the ncces. ary oath indorsed on the back of the same, with the judge of probate, and in case of the absence or disability of such clerk, said deputy shall perform the duties of such office, and may at all times sign the name of such clerk officially by himself as such deputy, when:equired so to do by any provision of law. Said clerk may require such deputy to enter into bonds to him to faithfully perform the several duties of his office, and such clerk and his securities on his official bond shall be responsible for all official acts performed by such deputy.

SEC. 3. The county clerk shall keep his office at the county seat; he shall attend the sessions of the board of county commissioners, either in person or by deputy, keep the seals, records and papers of the said board of county commissioners, and keep a record of the proceedings of said board in a book as required by law. He shall also keep a book in which shall be entered all licenses except marriage licenses, giving the names of the persons to whom such licenses are issued, with the date, amount and for what the same was issued, he shall also keep a book of blank county orders or warrants, with a margin in proper blank, which blank margin shall be properly filled before any warrant shall be delivered, and no warrant shall be delivered by such clerk or his deputy until properly signed by the chairman of the board of county commissioners, attested by such clerk under the county seal, and be presented to the county treasurer to be countersigned.

SEC. 4. It shall be the general duty of the clerk of the

board of county commissioners:

First, To record in a book to be provided for that purpose, all proceedings of the board.

Second, To make regular entries or all their resolutions, orders and decisions on all questions coming before them.

Third, To sign all orders issued by the board for the payment of money; and he shall preserve and file all accounts acted upon by the board with their action thereon, and he shall perform such special and other duties as may be required of him by law.

rants, &c.

SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of such clerk to designate Accounts, warupon every account which shall be audited and allowed by the board, the amount so allowed, and he shall file such accounts as well as those not allowed, keeping the two separate; and such clerk shall not sign or issue any county order unless ordered by the board of commissioners authorizing the same, and every such order or warrant shall be numbered.

SEC. 6. Such clerk shall receive a reasonable compensation for such services as he may perforia as clerk of the board, where no specific fees are allowed therefor, the same to be allowed by the board and paid by the county.

SEC. 7. The county clerk as ex officio register of deeds, shall have custody of, and safely keep and preserve, all the books, records, decds, maps and papers deposited or kept in his office; he shall also record, or cause to be recorded, in a plain and distinct hand writing, in suitable books to be provided and kept in his office, all deeds, mortgages, maps, instruments and writings authorized by law to be recorded in his office, and left with him for that purpose, and shall perform all other duties required of him by law in relation thereto.

Duty of clerk of board.

[blocks in formation]

SEC. 8. Every register of deeds shall keep a general Index. index, direct and inverted, in his office; he shall make correct entries in such general index, of every instrument recorded concerning or effecting real estate, under appropriate headings, entering the names of the grantors and

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