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may attend their meetings, and they may establish rules and regulations to govern the transactions of their business.

SEC. 13. They shall, at the first meeting after their election, or appointment, choose one of their number chairman, who shall preside at all meetings when present, and in case of his absence either one of the other members may act as temporary chairman.

SEC. 14. The chairman of said board shall have power to administer oaths to any person concerning any matter submitted to the board or connected with their powers and duties, and he shall sign all county orders.

SEC. 15. No account shall be allowed by the board of county commissioners unless the same shall be inade out in separate items and the nature of each item stated, and where no specified fees are allowed by law, the time actually and necessarily devoted to the performance of any service charged in such account, shall be specified, which account so made out shall be verified by affidavit setting forth that said account is just and correct, and that the whole or no part of the same has been paid by the county or by any individual: Provided, That nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent any such board from disallowing any account, in whole or in part, when so rendered and verified, nor from requiring any other or further evidence of the truth and propriety thereof as they may think proper.

SEC. 16. County orders shall be signed by the chairman and attested by the clerk under the seal of the county, and shall specify the nature of the claim or service for which they were issued.

SEC. 17. When any claim of any person against a county shall be disallowed in whole or in part by the board of commissioners, such person may appeal from the decision of such board to the district court for the same county, by causing a written notice of such appeal to be served on the clerk and chairman of such board within ten days after making such decision, and by executing a bond to such county with sufficient security to be approved by the clerk of said board, conditioned for the faithful prosecution of such appeal, and

the payment of all costs that shall be adjudged against the



Notice to coun

SEC. 18. The clerk of the board, upon such appeal being perfected as above required, shall immediately give ty attorney. notice thereof to the county attorney, if there be one, and shall make out a brief return of the proceedings in such case before the board, with their decision thercon properly certified, and shall file the same, together with the bond and all the papers in the case in his possession, with the clerk of the district court, and such appeal thall be entered, tried and determined the same as appeals from justice's courts, and costs shall be awarded in like manner.

Src. 19. The board of commissioners of their respective Blank books. counties shall, at the expense of the county, furnish annually and in due season to the assessor and collector of the county, suitable blank books and blanks necessary for their respective offices, and prepared in accordance with law, and chall also provide suitable books and stationery for the use of each of the county officers of their county, together with appropriate cases and furniture for the safe and convenient keeping of all the books, documents and papers belonging to each of said officers, and also official seals for each of said officers, when the same are required by law.

Statement of

SEC. 20. The board of commissioners of their respective counties, at their regular meetings, to be held in January reipts. and July in each year, shall cause to be proparola statement of the receipts and expenditures of such county during the six months immediately precoding, setting forth the amount of money received, and for what it has been received, setting forth also the amount expended, and the particular objects for which in each case every sun of money has been expended, Expenditures. and such statement signed by the chairman and clerk of the board, shall be published at least three times in some newspaper printed in the county, or if there be none, by posting such statement in three public places in the county.

SEC. 21. If any commissioner shall refuse or neglect to perform any of the duties which are or shall be required of him by law as a member of the board of county com

Official seals.

Neglect of duty.


missioners, without just cause therefor, he shall for each

offense forfeit a sum not less than twenty-five dollars, nor Penalty.

more than one hundred dollars.
SEC. 22. Any vacancy occurring in the board of county

commissioners of any county by reason of death, resigna-
tion, removal or otherwise, of one of such commissioners,
the same shall be filled by the remainder of the board, and
in case of a vacancy of two members of such board at the
same time, the judge of probate shall appoint two discreet
electors to fill said vacancies, and shall give such appointees
certificates of appointment, and said commissioners shall
take the oath and file bonds as required in sectiou eight of
this article.

Sec. 23. Every person appointed county commissioner shall hold his office until the general election, and until his successor shall be qualified, and enter upon the duties of his

office. Appointment

SEC. 24.

In case of a vacancy in any county office, in any county in this t rritory, by reason of death, resignation, removal or otherwise, the county commissioners of said county shall have power to fill such vacancy by appointment, except in cases otherwise provider for by law, and the person or persons so appointed shall hold his or their office until an election can be held as provided by law, and until his or their successors shall be elected and qualified according to law.

Tenure of olilce.

to fill vacancion


Judge of probate CX cfticio

Julge of Probate. Sec. 1. There shall be a judge of probate for each justice and treas- county, who shall hold his office for tio years and until his

successor is elected and qualified, and who shall be ex officio justice of the peace and county treasurer of his county, and who shall before he enters upon the duties of his office, take an oath to support the constitution of the United States and the organic act of the territory of Wyoming, and that he will perform the duties of his otsice as enjoined upon him by law, and shall also execute to said territory a bond in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars with two or more sufficient

sureties, to be approved by the board of county commissioners, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties required of him by law as such judge of probate, ex officio justice of the peace and county treasurer, and for the faithful application and payment of all moneys and effects that may come into his hands in execution of the duties required of him by law, as such judge of probate and ex officio justice of the peace and treasurer.

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SEC. 2. The judge of probate shall keep a record of Records. all probate business done by or before him, in the manner and as provided by law, which record shall be open to the inspection of all persons, and shall perform the duties of his office as prescribed by law. He shall receive such fees for probate business as shall be allowed by law.

SEC. 3. The judge of probate as ex officio justice of Jurisdiction. the peace, shall have the same civil and criminal jurisdiction as other justices of the peace, and be in all respects subject to the same requirements an l penalties prescribed by law, and shall be allowed the same fees as justices of the peace.

SEC. 4. The julge of probate as county treasurer, shall keep a just and true account of the receipts and expenditures of all moneys which shall come into his hands by virtue of his office as such treasurer, and shall perform all duties required of him by any provisions of law of this territory.

SEC. 5. The judge of probate as county treasurer, shall receive all moneys belonging to the county and territory, from whatsoever source they may be derived, and all other moneys which may be directed by law to be paid to him. All moneys received by him for the use of the county, shall be paid out by him only on the orders or warrants issued by the board of county commissioners as prescribed by law, except where special provisions for the payment thereof shall be otherwise made by law.

SEC. 6. The said treasurer shall keep a just and true account of the receipts and expenditure of all moneys shall come into his hands by virtue of his office, in a book or books to be kept by him for that purpose, which books shall


Duties as trens

ur r.

Moneys, how disposed of.




Order of payment.

Resignation or removal.

Neglect to dever books.


Presentation of


be open at all times for the inspection of the board of county commissioners or any member thereof, and to all county and territorial.officers, or any citizen desiring to inspect the same, and at the annual meeting on the first Monday in January of each year of the said board of county commissioners, or at such other time as they may direct, he shall settle with them his account as treasurer, for the preceding year, and for that purpose he shall exhibit to them all his books and accounts and all vouchers relating to the same, to be audited and allowed; he shall also make a report at each regular meeting of said commissioners of the amount of moneys received and expended by him as such treasurer during the intervening time, if so required.

SEC. 7. County orders or warrants properly attested shall be entitled to a preference as to payment, according to date of presentation and acceptance at the treasurer's office, the oldest date to have the preforenee, but every county treasurer chall receive from the county collector in payment of county taxes, county orders issued in said county, unless restricted from so doing by some provision of law.

SEC. 8. Upon the resignation or removal from office of any county treasurer, all the books and papers belonging to his office and all moneys in his hards by virtue of his office, shall be delivered to his successor in office, upon the oath of such preceding treasurer or in case of his death upon oath of his exccutors and administrators. If any such preceding treasurer, or in case of his death, if his executors or administrators shall neglect or refuse to deliver up such books, papers and moneys, on oath when lawfully demanded, every such person shall forfeit a sum of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than five hundred dollars, and be also liable upon his official bond for such refusal or neglect.

SEC. 9. In all cases where county orders are drawn by the county clerk of any county in this territory, upon the treasurer of such county, and properly signed by the chairman of the board of county commissioners, the said orders beforethey are delivered to the person or persons for whose benefit the same are drawn, shall be severally presented by the said

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