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Page. ABOVE these heavens' created rounds

Watts. 95 According to thy word

Wrangham. 114 Again, indulgent Lord, return......

..Dobell's Coll. 435 Again our earthly cares we leave.....,

Pratt's Coll. 454 Again the day returns of holy rest ..

448 Again the Lord of life and light

Barbauld. 449 Ah, how shall fallen man....

.Epis. Coll. 276 Ah, wretched, vile, ungrateful heart...

Steele. 381 Alas! and did my Saviour bleed..

Watts, 321 Alas! what hourly dangers rise

...Steele, 420 All-glorious God, what hymns of praise.

.Epis. Coll. 278 All hail, incarnate God

.. Scott. 477 All hail the great Immanuel's name.

.Duncan. 315 All power and grace to God belong.

. Pratt's Coll. 199 All power is to our Saviour given..

473 All-powerful, self-existent God..

Methodist Coll. 259 All ye nations, praise the Lord...

Wrangham. 198 All ye, who feel distressed for sin

..Pratt's Coll. 359 All ye that love the Lord, rejoice..

.......Watts. 245 All ye, who serve the Lord with feat..

..Wrangham. 72 All yesterday is gone ...

.Pratt's Coll. 305 Almighty Father, God of grace..

.Pratt's Coll, 370 Almighty Father, gracious Lord.

. Steele. 533 Almighty Father of mankind

.Logan. 512 Almighty God, eternal Lord.

Pratt's Coll. 456 Almighty Lord, before thy throne .......

..Epis. Coll. 531 Almighty Maker, God...

Watts. 563 Almighty Maker of my frame...............

........... Steele. 98 Almighty Ruler of the skies...

.. Watts. 47 Almighty Spirit, now behold ..

.Pratt's Coll. 468 Along the banks where Babel's current flows.... ..Barlow. 229 Am I an Israelite indeed

.Beddome. 403 Am I a soldier of the cross..

Watts, 419 Amid displays of wrath and love.....

Pratt's Coll. 369 Amid the splendors of thy state

Pratt's Coll. 266 Amid thy wrath remember love

Watis. 97 Among th' assemblies of the great.

..Watts. 145 Among the princes, earthly gods...

Watts. 152 And am I born to die? ......

.Lutheran Coll. 519 And are we now brought near to God. ...........Pratt's Coll. 442 And are we wretches yet alive

......... Watts. 372 And art thou, gracious Master, gone?.

...Kelly. 421 And art thou with us, gracious Lord.

..Doddridgc. 391 And can mine eyes without a tear ?.

.Heginbotham. 322 And can my heart aspire so high?...

.,Steele, 390 And did the holy and the just ?

..Steele. 301 And dost thou say, ' Ask what thou wilt'?...

Newton, 405 And must this body die?....

........ Watts, 518 And now another week begins

.Kelly. 446 And now, my soul, another year.

......Montgomery's Coil. 550 And shall I sit alone?.

Beddome. 401 And shall not Jesus hear?

Newton. 488

And will the God of grace?....

Walls. 145
And will the great, eternal God?

Doddridge, 542
And will the Judge descend !.

..Doddridge. 523
And will the Lord thus condescend..

Steele. 334
And why do our admiring eyes..

Doudridge. 332
Angels from the realms of glory..

..Pratt's Coll. 289
Angels, roll ihe rock away.....

Gibbons. 310
Another day is past...

Curtis' Coll. 560
Another six days' work is done..

.Stennett. 417
Are sinners now so hardened grown...

Watts. 57
Arise, arise, with joy survey...

..Pratt's Coll. 474
Arise, great Goul, and let thy grace....

... Pratt's Coll. 472
Arise in all thy splendor, Lord..

.....Slinn, 470
Arise, my gracious God....

.. Watts. 62
Arise, mj' soul, on wings sublime..

. Bratt. St. Coll. 424
Arise, my tender thoughts, arise...

.Dvddrid ye. 280
Arise, O God, with just disdain

Pratt's Coll. 47
Arise, O King of grace, arise

Watts, 222
Arise, O Lord, lilt up thine hand..

Wrangham. 53
Arise, yo people, and adore..

.Spirit of the Psulms. 109
Arm of the Lord, awake, awake.

.II. F. Burder's Coll. 471
Ascend thy throne, Almighty King...

Beddome, 470
As pants the hart for cooling streams

Tate and Brady. 101
Assembled at thy great command.

Pratt's Coll. 481
Attend, I earth, when God declares.

Tate and Brady. 39
At thy command, O gracious Lord

... Watts. 444
Author of good, to thee we turn..

..Merrick. 500
Awake and sing the song.,

.. Hammond. 3.3
Awake, awake each slurgish soul..

Prutt's Coll. 511
Awake, awake the sacred song..

Pratt's Coll. 324
Awake, my soul, and with the sun ...

..Kein, 555
Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve..

..Doddrid ye. 418
Awake, my soul, to sound his praise.

..Barlow. 192
Awake, my tougue, thy tribute bring...

.Necdham, 261
Awake, our drowsy souls.....

... Scott. 449
Awake, our souls, -away, our tears..

Watts. 417
Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes..

.Doddrid yc. 551
Awake, ye saints, to praise your King

Watts, 225
Awaked from sin's delusive sleep...

..More. 373
BE joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth.. Epis. Coll. 569
Be thou exalted, O my God..

Watts. 120
Be thou, O God, exalted high..

Tate and Brady. 119
Before Jehovah's awful throne.

Watts. 176
Before the heavens were spread abroad..

Watts. 291
Begin, my soul, th’ exalted lay..

Ogilvie. 243
Behold his wondrous grace..

..Pratt's Coll. 221
Behold how the Lord....

.Pratt's Coll. 476
Behold, iny soul, the narrow bound...

Doddridge. 548
Behold, the blest Redeemer comes.


Behold the blind their sight receive.

Watts. 298
Behold the gitt of God..

..Haskins. 307
Behold the glories of the Lainb

Watts. 313
Behold the grace appears...

......Watts. 287
Behold the heathen waits to know,

.. Voke. 481
Behold the King of Zion rise ....

...Pratt's Coll. 70
Behold the lofty sky.

... Watts. 68
Behold the morning sun....

Watts. 69
Behold the Saviour of mankind...

.....Pratt's Coll. 302
Behold the sure foundation stone..

Walts. 201
Behold the throne of grace..

.Neroton, 407
Behold thy waiting servant, Lord..

Watts. 207

Behold us, Lord, with humble fear..

.Pratt's Coll. 45
Behold what condescending love....

.....Doddridge, 433
Behold what pity touched the heart..

........Watts. 317
Behold what wondrous grace.....

Walts. 308
Behold where in a mortal form..

...Pratt's Coll. 298
Beneath our feet and o'er our head.

...Pratt's Coll. 547
Bestow, O Lord, upon our youth...

.. Couper, 504
Bless, O my soul, the living God.

...Watts. 181
Bless our God, bis grace confessing

.Pratt's Coll. 134
Bless'd Jesus, while in mortal flesh.

...Doddridge. 411
Blest are the humble souls that see..

Watts. 408
Blest are the sons of peace

..Bratt. St. Coll. 223
Blest are the souls, who hear and know...

Watts. 157
Blest are the undefiled in heart....

Watts. 203
Blest be the dear uniting love..

..........Cennick. 414
Blest be the everlasting God....

......Watts. 421
Blest be the Lord,-the God of love....

Wrangham. 133
Blest be the Lord, who heard my prayer..

..Diright. 85
Blest be the tie that binds..

....... Faucett. 412
Blest be thou, O God of Israel..

Epis. Coll. 496
Blest Comforter divine.....

...Pratt's Coll. 348
Blest day when our ascended Lord

.Pratt's Coll. 341
Blest is the man, forever blest....

...... Watts. 90
Blest is the man, who shuns the place..

Watts. 37
Blest is the man, whom thou, O Lord.. Tate and Brady. 166
Blest is the man, whose softening heart

..Barbauld. 538
Blest is the man, whose tender care ..

Walts. 100
Blest Jesus,—when my soaring thoughts.. Heginbotham. 3:29
Blest morning, whose first dawning rays.

Watts. 310
Blest, who with generous pity glows ..

...Pratt's Coll. 100
Blest work—the youthful mind to win.

Pratt's Coll. 504
Bread of heaven, on thee we feed......

Pratt's Coll. 442
Breathe, Holy Spirit, from above..

Pratt's Coll. 348
Bright and joyful is the morn

..Montgomery. 290
Bright King of glory, dreadful God..

Watts. 293
Bright Source of everlasting love...

Boden. 537
Brightness of the Father's glory....

Pratt's Coll. 324
Broad is the road that leads to death..

Watts. 351
Buried in shadows of the night.

Watts. 279

CAN sinners hope for heaven.

Pratt's Coll. 352
Cease, ye mourners, cease to languish..
Children of the heavenly King...

Collyer. 545

.......Cennick. 423
Children, to your Creator, God...

..........Watts. 502
Christ and his cross are all our theme...

Watts. 335
Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day. Our triumphant..Pratt's Coll. 311
Christ, the Lord, is risen to-day. Sons of men .....Pratt's Coll. 312
Christ, whose glory fills the skies.... .......C. Wesley. 307
Cleanse me, O Lord-and cheer my soul....

Watts. 113
Come, all ye servants of the Lord..... ..Spirit of the Psalms, 118
Come, all ye saints of God...

Pratt's Coll. 326
Come, blessed Spirit, source of light..

...Beddome. 340
Come, dearest Lord, and bless this day.

Dobell. 448
Come, divine and peaceful guest.... .H. F. Burder's Coll. 316
Come, gracious Lord, descend and dwell..

Watts. 406
Come, gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove.

......Broron, 313
Come, happy souls, approach your God.....

Watts 281
Come hither, all ye weary souls

.Watts. 357
Come, Holy Ghost, come from on high

..Reed's Coll. 439
Come, Holy Ghost, inspire our songs....

. Pratt's Coil. 324
Come, Holy Spirit, calm each mind.... .H. F. Burder's Coll. 344
Come, Holy Spirit, come.

With energy..

.Rippon's Call. 341

Come, Holy Spirit, come, Let thy...

..Hart. 342
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove.

... Watts. 343
Come, humble souls, ye mourners, come... ..Heginbotham. 430
Come in, thou blessed of the Lord...

Pratt's Coll. 417
Come, let our voices join......

Pratt's Coll. 539
Come, let our voices join to raise .

Watts. 167
Como, let us join our cheerful songs..

Watts. 326
Come let us join our friends above..

...Leed's Coll. 430
Come, let us join our souls to God... Montgomery's Coll. 415
Come, let us join with sweet accord..........De Courcy's Coll. 447
Come, let us lift our joyful eyes..

.Watts. 297
Come, O my soul, in sacred lays....

...Blacklock. 270
Come, O thou King of all thy saints.

..Steele. 452
Come, O ye saints, your voices raise

..Steele. 88
Come, Sacred Spirit, from above....

...Doddridge. 343
Come, said Jesus' sacred voice..

.Pratt's Coll. 359
Come-sound his praise abroad..

Watts. 168
Come, thou Almighty King...,

... Dobell's Coll. 268
Come, thou soul-transforming Spirit..

..Pratt's Coll. 457
Come, weary souls, with sins oppressed...

Steele. 359
Come we, that love the Lord...

Watts. 422
Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched.

.....Hart. 361
Come, ye that know and fear the Lord...

.Burder. 266
Come, ye that love the Saviour's name.....

..Steele. 458
Consider all my sorrows, Lord...

Watts. 209
Create, O God, my powers anew..

..Steele, 435
Crown his head with endless blessings...... ...Pratt's Coll. 202
DAUGHTER of Zion, awake from thy sadness. Fitzgerald's Coll. 576
Daughter of Zion, from the dust...

. Montgomery. 474
Day of judgment, day of wonders ..........

Newton. 521
Dearest of all the names above...

Watts. 296
Dear Father, to thy mercy-seat.

.. Steele. 498
Dear Jesus, when, when shall it be

.Doddridge. 371
Dear Lord, accept a sinful heart

Cowper. 433
Dear Lord, and will thy pardoning love..... Dobell's Coll. 334
Dear Refuge of my weary soul

.Steele. 497
Dear Saviour, we are thine ....

.Doddridge. 409
Dear Saviour, when my thoughts recall.

.Steele. 375
Deep are the wounds which sin hath made. ............ Steele. 306
Deep in our hearts let us record....

Watts. 135
Defend me, Lord, from shame...

Tate and Brady. 89
Depth of mercy, can there be....

...Lutheran Coll. 375
Did Christ o'er sinners weep...

.Beddome. 374
Didst thou, dear Saviour, suffer shame..

...Kirham, 402
Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord..
Do not I love thee, O my Lord ..

.Doddrid ye. 329
Down from his lofty throne on high.

Pratt's Coll. 177
Dread Jehovah God of nations

Epis. Coll. 530
Dread Sovereign, let my evening song

Watts. 557
EARLY, my God, without delay..

Watts. 124
E’er I sleep, for every favor...

.Jowett's Coll. 561
Eternal Father, God of love.....

....C. Wesley. 415
Eternal God- Almighty Cause

....... Brown. 151
Eternal God-celestial King...

...Wrangham. 120
Eternal God, I bless thy name..

..Doddridge. 549
Eternal Goul, our wondering souls

..Doddridge. 424
Eternal power, Almighty God...

Steele. 265
Eternal Source of every joy..

Doddridge. 531
Eternal Source of joys divine

Steele. 387
Eternal Spirit, God of truth....

.Pratt's Coll. 349

..., 460

Eternal Spirit, we confess..
Eternal Sun of righteousness..
Eternal Wisdom, thee we praise..
Eternity is just at hand...
Exalted Prince of life, we own........
Exalt the Lord our God....

Watts. 339
Pratt's Coll. 493

Watts. 258
.. Steele. 525
.Doddridge. 315

..Watts. 175

FAITH adds new charms to earthly bliss.

..Turner. 383
Faith is the brightest evidence

.... Watts, 382
Faith, 'tis a precious grace.

........Beddome. 302
Faithful, o Lord, thy mercies are ..........Montgomery's Coll. 263
Far as thy name is known

Watts. 110
Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone..

.. Watts. 451
Far from these narrow scenes of night...

...Steele. 526
Far from the world, O Lord, I fee..

..Cowper. 490
Father, how wide thy glory'sliines

.. Watts. 285
Father, I sing thy wondrous grace.....

... Watts. 135
Father of all, in whom alone...

..Wesley's Coll. 315
Father of Glory! to thy name...,

..Pratt's Coll. 269
Father of heaven, whose love profound... .......Pralt's Coll. 209
Father of mercies, God of love

.......... Collyer. 377
Father of mercies, in thy house..

.......Doddridge. 464
Father of mercies, in thy word ..

..Steele. 254
Father of mercies, send thy grace...

Doddridge. 538
Father of peace and God of love....

.Doddridge. 408
Father, to thee our souls we lift

.Epis. Coll. 314
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss...

.Ştcele. 400
Firm and unmoved are they.

Watts. 216
Firm as the earth thy gospel stands...

Watts. 321
Firmly I stand on Zion's hill...

Swaint. 429
Fixed on the sacred hills..

.Pratt's Coll, 153
Fools in their hearts believe and say

Watts. 56
Forever blessed be the Lord....

...rts. 237
Forever shall my song record..

..Watts, 156
For thee, O God, our constant praise.. Tate and Brady. 126
Fountain of mercy, God of love.

Epis. Coll. 532
Frequent the day of God returns..

Brown. 461
From all that dwell below the skies...

.....Watts. 197
From deep distress and troubled thoughts..

.. Watts 219
From earliest dawn of life..

...Pratt's Coll. 503
From Greenland's icy mountains.

.. Hcber. 465
From lowest depths of wo.

Tate and Brudy. 220
From the cross uplified high

.Hawes. 358
GIRD on thy sword, victorious Prince

Watts. 105
Gird thy sword on, mighty Saviour...

. Roed's Coll. 475
Give me the wings of faith to rise ...

Watts, 501
Give thanks to God-he reigns above..

Watts. 189
Give thanks to od-invoke his name.

Watts. 188
Give thanks to God most high...

Watts. 228
Give thanks to God, the Sovereign Lord..

Watts. 2.26
Give to our God immortal praise...

Watts. 226
Give to the Lord, ye sons of fame

Watts. 85
Give us room that we may dwell...

Pratt's Coll. 480
Glorious things of thee are spoken

.Drummond. 154
Glory to God on high..

.Reed's Coll. 325 -
Glory, to thee, my God, this night.

...Kenn. 558
God in his earthly temple lays.

Watts. 153
God in the gospel of his Son.

Beddome. 284
God is a spirit,-just and wise

Watts, 261
God is goodness, wisdom, power..

Pratt's Coll. 564

Watts. 106
God is the refuge of his saints..

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