Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization

Crown, 19 . 2012 . - : 592
Could the story of mankind be far older than we have previously believed? Using tools as varied as archaeo-astronomy, geology, and computer analysis of ancient myths, Graham Hancock presents a compelling case to suggest that it is.

A fancy piece of historical sleuthing . . . intriguing and entertaining and sturdy enough to give a long pause for thought.Kirkus Reviews

InFingerprints of the Gods,Hancock embarks on a worldwide quest to put together all the pieces of the vast and fascinating jigsaw of mankinds hidden past. In ancient monuments as far apart as Egypts Great Sphinx, the strange Andean ruins of Tihuanaco, and Mexicos awe-inspiring Temples of the Sun and Moon, he reveals not only the clear fingerprints of an as-yet-unidentified civilization of remote antiquity, but also startling evidence of its vast sophistication, technological advancement, and evolved scientific knowledge.

A record-breaking number one bestseller in Britain,Fingerprints of the Godscontains the makings of an intellectual revolution, a dramatic and irreversible change in the way that we understand our pastand so our future.

AndFingerprints of Godtells us something more. As we recover the truth about prehistory, and discover the real meaning of ancient myths and monuments, it becomes apparent that a warning has been handed down to us, a warning of terrible cataclysm that afflicts the Earth in great cycles at irregular intervals of timea cataclysm that may be about to recur.

Readers will hugely enjoy their quest in these pages of inspired storytelling.The Times(UK)


Interesting from begining to end must read.......

  - danielsfence -

This book hits all over the globe gives the reader something to ponder & make an educated guess for himherself. in my opinion we certainly could NOT have done this alone assistance came from somewhere in the universe.

FINGERPRINTS OF THE GODS: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization

  - Kirkus

Poking about through an assortment of grand earthly mysteries, Hancock (The Sign and the Seal, 1992) cobbles together a fascinating theory that proposes a lost civilization lying behind the conundrums ...

Rivers in the Southern Continent
Fingerprints of a Lost Science
Flight of the Condor
The City at the Gate of the
Intimations of Antiquity
The End of the Viracochas
Blood and Time at the End of the World
People of the Serpent
Egypt 1
Cardinal Points
Mansion of Eternity
Tombs and Tombs Only?
Made by Some
Interactive ThreeDimensional Game
Place of the Beginning

Mexican Babel
Serpent Sanctuary
The Olmec Enigma
Conspicuous Strangers
Adventures in the Underworld Journeys to the Stars
Children of the First
A Computer for Calculating the End of the World
City of the Gods
The Sun and the Moon and the Way of the Dead
1 A Species with Amnesia
Echoes of Our Dreams
The Many Masks of the Apocalypse
A Species Born in the Earths Long Winter
The Face of the Earth was Darkened and a Black Rain Began to Fall
2 The Precessional Code
The Machinery of Heaven
The First Crack in an Ancient Code
The Cosmic Tree and the Mill of the Gods
The Osiris Numbers
Speaking to the Unborn
Egypt 2
Are There Any Secrets Left in Egypt?
City of the Sun Chamber of the Jackal
Anachronisms and Enigmas
Looking for the First Time
Gods of the First Time
The Works of Men and Gods
The Eleventh Millennium
Earth Measurers
The Power of the Thing
Wheres the Body?
Not a Needle in a Haystack
The Hammer and the Pendulum
Like a Thief in the Night



Graham Hancockwas formerly East Africa correspondent forThe Economistand a correspondent for the LondonSunday Times.HisThe Sign and the Seal, an international bestseller, documented his real-life quest for the Ark of the Covenant. He has appeared on television with Michael Palin in hisPole to Poleseries, and on the BBC and CNN, as well as the National GeographicsExplorerseries.