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his warrant upon the fund of such district for the expense incurred.

repairs, etc.,


1546. He may, in his discretion, require the Trustees of May direct any district to repair the school buildings or property, or to when. abate any nuisance in or about the premises, if such repairs or abatement can be done for a sum not exceeding fifty dollars, and there is a sufficient amount of money in the treas'ury to the credit of the district. He may also, in all cases, require the Trustees to provide suitable outhouses, and, where practicable, to adorn the grounds with fruit and ornamental trees and shrubbery; and if the Trustees neglect to make such provision, he may cause it to be done, and pay for it on his requisition upon the County Auditor, who shall draw his warrant payable out of any money to the credit of the district.

1548. He may draw his requisition upon the County Requisitions Auditor, who shall draw his warrant on the unapportioned and inters County School Fund in his own favor for the binding of school documents, not to exceed twenty dollars a year; for postage and expressage for his office, not to exceed one dollar for each district in his county, and for such other incidental expenses as may be authorized by law: provided, that not more than one half of such allowance shall be used during the first six months of any school year, except by unanimous consent of the Board of Supervisors.

1549. Each County Superintendent may appointa deputy, May appoint but no salary, payable out of the School Fund, must be deputy. allowed such deputy.

1550. The Deputy School Superintendent of any city, or Compensacity and county, having over thirty thousand inhabitants, tion of may receive such compensation as the Board of Education cities having thereof prescribes, payable in the same manner and out of the same fund as the Superintendent of Schools thereof is paid.

1551. Each School Superintendent in this State must, on Census or before the first day of August in each year, report to the report and Superintendent of Public Instruction, and to the Board of district Supervisors of their respective counties, the number of children in their counties between the ages of five and seventeen years, as appears by the latest returns of the Census Marshals on file in their office. It shall be the duty of every County Superintendent to inquire and ascertain whether the boundaries of the school districts in his county are definitely and plainly described in the records of the Board of Supervisors, and to keep in his office a full and correct transcript of such boundaries. In case the boundaries of districts are conflicting or incorrectly described, he shall, upon the order of the Board of Supervisors, change, harmonize, and describe them, and make a report of such action to the Supervisors, and, on being ratified by the Supervisors, the boundaries and descriptions so made shall be the legal boundaries and

over 30,000 inhabitants.


descriptions of the districts of that county. The County Superintendent, if he deem it necessary for the guidance of School Census Marshals, may order the description of the district boundaries printed in pamphlet form, and pay for the same out of the County School Fund.

When to be Superintendent exclusivel salary.

1552. Each County Superintendent, except when otherwise provided by statute, shail receive such salary, and his reasonable traveling expenses, to be estimated by the Board of Supervisors, and as may be allowed by the Board of Supervisors, which shall be paid out of the County General Fund, in the same manner as other salaried county officers are paid; provided, that such compensation shall not be less than a sum equal to twenty dollars for each school district in his county, exclusive of traveling expenses, and that he shall be allowed, in addition to his salary, a sum for postage and expressage, payable out of the County School Fund, equal to one dollar for each school district; provided, that in incorporated cities, each school containing three hundred pupils shall be considered equal to one school district.

School Superintendents,


1553. No School Superintendent, who receives an annual

salary of fifteen hundred dollars or more, must follow the be teachers. profession of teaching, or any other avocation that can con

flict with his duties as Superintendent; but those receiving less than fifteen hundred dollars per annum may teach in the public schools of this State.



Section 1560. To be held annually in certain counties.

1561. When held in other counties.
1562. Length of sessions.
1563. Pay of teachers in attendance.
1564. Expenses of Institute, how paid.
1565. Teachers' certificates, fee for.

To be held annually in certain counties.

1560. Whenever the number of school districts in any county is twenty or more, the School Superintendent must hold at least one Teachers' Institute in each year; and every teacher employed in a public school in the county must attend such Institute, and participate in its proceedings.

When held in other counties.

1561. In any county in which there are less than twenty school districts, the County Superintendent may, in his discretion, hold an Institute.

Length of sessions.

1562. Each session of the Institute must continue not less than three nor more than five days.

teachers in

Pay of

1563. When the Institute is held during the time that attendance. teachers are employed in teaching, their pay must not be

diminished by reason of their attendance.

1564. The County Superintendent must keep an accurate Expenses of account of the actual expenses of said Institute, with vouch- Institute:

. ers for the same, and draw his requisition upon the County Auditor, who shall draw his warrant on the unapportioned County School Fund to pay said amount; provided, that such amount must not exceed one hundred dollars for any one year.


1565. Every applicant for a teacher's certificate, upon Teachers' presenting himself for examination, or for a certificate upon fees fora the life diploma or Normal School diploma of any State other than California, shall pay to the County Superintendent a fee of one dollar, to be by him immediately deposited with the County Treasurer to the credit of a fund to be known as the Teachers' Institute Fund. All funds so credited shall be drawn out only upon the requisition of the County Superintendent of Schools upon the County Auditor, who shall draw his warrant in payment of the services of such instructors in the County Teachers' Institute as shall not be residents of that county.



SECTION 1575. Name of districts.

1576. What forms districts.
1577. Formation of new and changing boundaries of old districts.
1578. Duties of Superintendent on receipt of petition for either.
1579. Duties of Supervisors on same.
1580. New district, when not to share in school moneys.
1581. Action creating new districts void in certain events.
1582. New districts, when to share in school moneys. Apportionment

how made.
1583. Apportionment of money in joint districts. Text-books to be used.

1575. Every school district must be designated by the Names of name and style of District (using the name of the districts. district), of County" (using the name of the county in which such district is situated); and in that name the Trustees may sue and be sued, and hold and convey property for the use and benefit of such district. A number must not be used as a part of the designation of any school district.

1576. Each county, city, or incorporated town, unless sub- What forms divided by the legislative authority thereof, forms a school districts. district; provided, the Board of Supervisors may include more territory than that now included within the boundaries of any incorporated town.

districts may be formed.

1577. No new district can be formed unless the parents when new or guardians of at least fifteen census children, between the ages of five and seventeen, resident of such proposed new district, and residing at a greater distance than two miles from any school house, present a petition to the Superintendent of Schools, setting forth the boundaries of the new district


Changes of asked for. The boundaries of any district cannot be changed,

except in forming new districts, unless at least ten heads of families residing in the districts affected by the proposed change present a petition to the Superintendent of Schools, setting forth the change of boundaries desired, and the reasons for the same; provided, that two or more districts lying contiguous may, upon the petition of a majority of the heads of families residing in each of said districts, be united to constitute but one district.

Duties of

receipt of petition for either.

1578. After giving due notice to all parties interested, by tendent on posting notices in three public places in the district, one of

which shall be at the door of the school house, for at least one week, the County Superintendent must transmit the petition to the Board of Supervisors, with his approval or disapproval. If he approves the petition, he may note such changes in the boundaries as he may think desirable.

1579. The Board of Supervisors must, at their first meetSupervisors.

ing after the receipt of the petition, act upon the same. If the Board establishes the district, they may do so in accordance with the original prayer of the petition, or with such modifications as they choose to make.

Duties of

New district, 1580. No new district, formed by the subdivision of an to share in old one, is entitled to any share of the public moneys belong

ing to the old district until a school has been actually commenced in such new district.

school moneys.

Action creating

1581. Unless within four months after the making of an new district order creating a new district, school is opened therein, the

order will cease to have effect.

void in certain events. New district, when to share in school moneys.

ment, how


Apportionment of money in joint districts.

1582. When a new district is formed by the division of an old one, the School Superintendent must, after payment

of debts, divide the money to the credit of the old district at Apportion- the time the school was first opened in the new district, and

such as may afterwards be apportioned to the old district, according to the number of children resident in each district, for which purpose he may order a census to be taken.

1583. Whenever a district lies partly in one county and partly in another, the County Superintendent must apportion to such district such proportion of the school money to which such district is entitled, as the number of school census children residing in that portion of the district situate in his

county bears to the whole number of school census children Text-books in the whole district. The text-books to be used, and the

rules governing the school in such district, shall be those adopted by the Board of Education of the county in which a majority of the census children of such district reside. The Trustees and teachers of joint districts shall make to the Superintendents of each county in which the district is located, the reports which other Trustees and teachers are

to be used.

required to make, and also the number of pupils attending the school from each county.



SECTION 1593. Election for Trustees, when and where held.

1594. Elections in new districts.
1595. Notices of election.
1596. Judges and Inspectors, how appointed.
1597. Opening and closing polls.
1598. Who may vote.
1599. Voting must be by ballot.
1600. Challenges.
1601. Poll list.
1602. Certificates of election.

when and

1593. An election for School Trustees must be held in Election for each district on the first Saturday of June of each year, at Trusteesia the district school house, if there is one, and if there is none, where held. at a place to be designated by the Board of Trustees:

First-The number of School Trustees for any school district, except when City Boards are otherwise authorized by law, shall be three. No person shall be deemed ineligible to the office of Trustee on account of sex.

SecondIn new school districts, or in a case of vacancy for any cause in an old one, the School Trustees shall be elected to hold office for one, two, and three years respectively, from the first Saturday of July next succeeding their election.

Third-Except as provided in subdivision second of this section, one Trustee shall be elected annually, to hold office for three years, or until his successor shall be elected and qualified.


1594. Within thirty days after the formation of a new Elections district an election must be held for Trustees. Any three in new electors of the district may give notice of it in the same manner as notice is required to be given of the annual election.


1595. Not less than ten days before the election required Notices of under section fifteen hundred and ninety-three, the Trustees must post notices in three public places in the district, which notices must specify the time and place of election, and the hours during which the polls will be kept open; if within five days of the election the Trustees have failed to post the notices required under this section, then any three electors of the district may give notice of such election.

1596. The Trustees must appoint the Inspector and Judges and Judges of Election; if none are so appointed, or if they are how

Inspectors, not present at the time for opening the polls, the electors appointed. present may appoint them.

1597. In districts in which the number of children

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