The Day of the Saints: Equiping Believers for Their Revolutionary Role in Ministry

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Destiny Image, 2002 - Всего страниц: 432
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Many Christians are looking for "the Day of the Lord" but before that day comes the Lord is preparing His Bride for His Divine purposes in the earth. All creation longs for that day - The Day of the Saints. This day is on God's prophetic timetable and is the day when the Saints will fulfill all the Scriptures regarding Christ's glorious church. The Day of the Saints is written with a sense of urgency and a surge of passion about God's great plans for His end-time people. With prophetic clarity, author Bill Hamon, fits together the Biblical directives and the spiritual power that will prepare and propel the saints of God into the world. The saints of God are called to take the message of the Kingdom into the marketplaces of the world and Dr. Hamon shows how all of history has been moving towards this magnificent end.

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This book is way off biblically. I was caught up in the so called prophetic movement and even received visions now that i recognize came from the Evil one. Since I has my biblical view a true prophet must always be 100% right on what they prophesy. Please read Matthew 24:24 Читать весь отзыв

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Dr. Bill Hamon founded Christian International Ministries Network which has trained thousands of five-fold ministers and activated hundreds of thousands of saints in their spiritual gifts. He serves as Bishop to over 3000 ministers and churches and CIAs headquarters on five continents. Dr. Hamon also heads the CI Business Network, which equips saints as ministers in the market place. He has authored twelve major books. Bill and Evelyn, his wife of fifty-five years, have three married children who are all CI-ordained ministers, eleven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

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