Pamela: or, Virtue rewarded [by S. Richardson]. [Another], Том 2

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Стр. 136 - There is that fcattereth and yet increafeth ; and there is that withholdeth "more than is meet; but it tendeth to Poverty. The liberal Soul
Стр. 67 - he, that I love you with a purer Flame than ever I knew in my whole Life : A Flame to which I was a Stranger ; and which commenced for you in the Garden ; tho' you, unkindly, by your unfeafonable Doubts, nipp'd the opening Bud, while it was too tender to bear the cold
Стр. 371 - her; and faid,' Join with me, my pretty Love, to beg your dear Uncle to let you come and live with your new Aunt: Indeed, my little Precious, I'll love you dearly. Will you, Sir, faid the little Charmer, will you let me go and live with my Aunt ? You are very good, my Pamela,
Стр. 60 - me a little too often, that he did ; and I was afraid of Robin's looking back, thro' the Fore-Glafs, and People feeing us, as they paffed; but he was exceedingly kind to me, in his Words, as well. At laft, he faid, You have, I doubt not, read, over and over, my
Стр. 208 - He clafped me in his Arms, and faid, You cannot, my dear Life, be fo happy in me, as I am in you. O how heartily I defpife all my former Purfuits, and headftrong Appetites ! What Joys, what true Joys, flow from virtuous Love ; Joys which the narrow Soul of the Libertine cannot
Стр. 365 - but I now fee who has the beft of it. Said Mr. Brooks^ Come, come, let's make no Compliments; for the plain Truth of the Matter is, our good Neighbour's Generofity and Judgment have met with fo equal a Match in his Lady's Beauty and Merit, that I know not which has the beft
Стр. 4 - turn'd away for me !—Mr. Longman is rich indeed, and fo need the lefs matter it; but I know it will grieve him : And for poor Mr. Jonathan, I am fure it will cut that good old Servant to the Heart. Alas for me ! What Mifchiefs am I the Occafion of!—Or, rather, my
Стр. 344 - now do. Dear Mrs. Jervis, faid I, you know not what I have gone thro' ! You know not what God has done for me ! You know not what a happy Creature I am now ! I have a thoufand thoufand things to tell you; and a whole Week will be too little, every Moment
Стр. 211 - me to tell you, that I am every Moment more and more pleafed with the Right you have to my Name : And, my dear Life, added he, I have only to wifh I may be half as worthy as you are of the happy Knot fo lately knit. He then took a Pen
Стр. 332 - or Evil for Good ; and ought not to abridge her of any Privilege of her Sex. Well, my dear Parents, I think this laft Rule crowns the reft, and makes them all very tolerable; and a generous Man, and a Man of Senfe, cannot be too much obliged. And, as I have this Happinefs, I

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