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5 We cannot want while God provides ;

What he allots is best; And heaven, whate'er we want besides,

Will give eternal rest.

399. L. M.

Trust and Resignation implored.
1 O GOD! to Thee we raise our eyes;

Calm resignation to implore;
O let no murmuring thought arise,
But humbly let us still

adore !
2 With meek submission may we bear

Each needful cross thou shalt ordain; Nor think our trials too severe,

Nor dare thy justice to arraign.
3 For though mysterious now thy ways

To erring mortals may appear,
Hereafter we thy name shall praise,

For all our keenest sufferings here. 4 Thy needful help, O God! afford,

Nor let us sink in deep despair;
Aid us to trust thy sacred word,

And find our sweetest comforts there. $ There faith unveils a brighter scene,

Where all life's painful conflicts cease, Where no dark clouds shall intervene,

Nor sorrows e'er disturb our peace.

400. L. M.

Supplication to the Searcher of Hearts. 1 0 HEAR us, Lord! to thee we call,

And prostrate at thy footstool fall :
O Lord, our prayer propitious hear,
And bow to our requests thine ear.!

2 Searcher of hearts, our thoughts review!

With kind severity pursue,
Through each disguise, thy servants’ mind,

Nor leave one stain of guilt behind.
3 To Thee our inmost heart is known :

Regard us from thy lofty throne;
Nor e'er to our desiring eye
Thy heavenly presence, Lord, deny.

401. L. M. Six Line.

Creation, Providence and Grace. Psa. xix. 1 THY glory, Lord, the heavens declare,

The firmament displays thy skill ;
The changing clouds, the viewless air,

Tempest and calm thy word fulfil:
Day unto day doth utter speech,

And night to night thy knowledge teach. 2 Though voice nor sound inform the ear,

Well-known the language of their song,
When one by one the stars appear,

Led by the silent moon along;
Till round the earth, from all the sky,

Thy beauty beams on every eye.
3 Wak'd from thy touch, the morning sun

Comes like a bridegroom from his bower, And, like a giant, glad to run

His bright career with speed and power; Thy flaming messenger, to dart

Life through the depths of Nature's heart. 4 While these transporting visions shine

Along the path of Providence,
Glory eternal, joy divine,

Thy word reveals, transcending sense ;
My soul thy goodness longs to see,
Thy love to man, thy love to me.

402. L. M. Six Line.

Imploring divine mercy. Psa. CXXX. 1 OUT of the depth of sad distress,

The gloomy mazes of despair,
To heaven we raise our warm address;

Deign, O our God! to hear our prayer: O let thine ear indulge our grief,

For thine indulgence is relief.
9 Shouldst thou, O God! minutely scan

Our faults and as severely chide;
No mortal seed of sinful man

Could such a scrutiny abide :
But mercy shines in all thy ways,

Bright theme of universal praise !
3 With longing eyes we seek the Lord,

Before his throne our souls attend:
Firmly on his eternal word

Our faith is fix’d, our hopes depend:
On wings of love our souls shall rise

In contemplation to the skies. 4 Ye pious minds! on God rely :

With full assurance in him trust;
He sends redemption from on high,

And raises sinners from the dust :
He will forgive the contrite heart,
And life, eternal life impart.

403. C. M.

A Communion Hymn.
1 O GOD! accept the sacred hour

Which we to thee have given ;
And let this hallow'd scene have power'

To raise our souls to heaven,

2 Still let us hold till life departs,

The precepts of thy Son,
Nor let our thoughtless, thankless hearts

Forget what he has done.
3 His true disciples may we live,

From all corruption free,
And humbly learn like him to give

Our powers, our wills to Thee.
4 And oft along life's dangerous way,

To smooth our passage through,
Wilt thou, on this thy holy day,

For us this scene renew.

404. L. M.

On the dangerous Sickness of a Minister. 1 0 THOU, before whose gracious throne

We bow our suppliant spirits down!
Thou know'st the anxious cares we feel,
And all our trembling lips would tell.
Thou only canst assuage our grief,
And give our sorrowing hearts relief;
In mercy then thy servant spare,

Nor turn aside thy people's prayer. 2 Avert thy desolating stroke,

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock;
Restore him, sinking to the grave,
Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save!
Bound to each soul by tender ties,
In every heart his image lies;
Thy pitying aid, O God! impart,

Nor rend him from each bleeding heart. 3 But if our supplications fail,

And prayers and tears cannot prevail,
Be thou his strength, be thou his stay:
Support him through the gloomy way.

Around him may thine angels stand,
Waiting the signal of thy hand,
To bid his happy spirit rise,
And bear him to their native skies.

405. C. M. All Nature joining in the praise of God. 1 BEGIN the high, celestial strain,

My ravishd soul, and sing
A solemn hymn of grateful praise

To heaven's almighty King;
2 Ye curling fouñtains, as you roll

Your silver waves along, Whisper to all your verdant shores

The subject of my song.
3 Retain it long, ye echoing rocks !

The sacred sound retain;
And from your hollow-winding caves

Return it oft again.
4 Bear it, ye winds, on all your wings

To distant climes away; And round the wide-extended world

My lofty theme convey. 5 Long let it warble round the spheres,

And echo through the sky,
Till angels, with immortal skill,

Improve the harmony.
6 While I, with sacred rapture fir'd,

The bless'd Creator sing,
And warble consecrated lays

To heaven's almighty King.

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