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4 Be thou, O God! exalted high;

And as thy glory fills the sky,
So let it be on earth display'd,
Till thou art here, as there, obey'd.


L. M.

Acceptable Worship. 1 O HOW delightful is the road

That leads us to thy temple, Lord !
With joy we visit thine abode,

And seek the treasures of thy word. 2 O heavenly treasures ! glorious light!

From ancient sages long conceal'd;
Till Christ restor'd the feeble sight,

And God's unchanging word reveald. 3 For Thee, O Lord ! our thoughts prepare

The sacrifice thy love demands;
A soul repentant and sincere,
A grateful heart and liberal hands.

393. H. M.

Blessings of the Sanctuary. Psa. Ixxxiv. 1 HOW amiable, how fair,

O Lord of Hosts, to me, Thy tabernacles are !

My flesh cries out for Thee; My heart and soul, with heaven-ward fire,

To Thee, the living God, aspire. 2 The sparrow here finds place

To build her little nest;
The swallow's wandering race

Hither return and rest;
Beneath thy roof their young ones cry,
And round thine altar learn to fly.

3 Thrice-blessed they who dwell

Within thine house, my God,
Where daily praises swell,

And still the floor is trod
By those, who in thy presence bow,

By those, whose King and God art Thou. 4 Lord God of Hosts, give ear,

A gracious answer yield;
O God of Jacob, hear;

Behold, O God, our shield;
Look on thine own Anointed One,

And save through thy beloved Son. 5 Lord, I would rather stand

A keeper at thy gate,
Than on the king's right hand

In tents of worldly state;
One day within thy courts, one day,
Is worth a thousand cast away.
6 God is a sun of light,

Glory and grace to shed;
God is a shield of might,

To guard the faithful head;
O Lord of Hosts, how.happy he,
The man who puts his trust in Thee.

[blocks in formation]

Divine Light and Guidance implored. 1 0 SOURCE of uncreated light !

By whom the worlds were rais'd from night:
Come, visit every sinner's mind;
Come, pour thy joys on human kind.

2 Plenteous in grace, descend from high,

Rich in thy matchless energy :
From sin and sorrow set us free,

And make us temples worthy Thee.
3 Chase from our path each noxious foe,

And peace, the fruit of love, bestow :
And lest our feet should step astray,
Protect and guide us in the way.

[blocks in formation]

1 0 THOU to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame;
Through all the world how great art Thou

How glorious is thy name. 2 When heaven, thy glorious work on high,

Employs our wondering sight;
The moon that nightly rules the sky,

With stars of feebler light;
3 Lord, what is man, that he is bless'd

With thy peculiar care !
Why on his offspring is conferrd,

Of love so large a share !
4 Him next in power thou didst create

To thy celestial train;
Ordain'd with dignity and might

O’er all thy works to reign. 5 All, his imperial will obey :

The beast that treads the plain;
The bird that wings its airy way:

The fish that skims the main,

6 O Thou to whom all creatures bow

Within this earthly frame !
Through all the world how great art Thou !

How glorious is thy name !

396. P. M. 10 s.
Divine Light implored.

O THOU,whose power o'er moving worlds presides!
Whose voice created and whose wisdom guides !
On darkling man in pure effulgence shine,
And cheer the clouded mind with light divine!


'Tis thine alone to calm the pious breast
With silent confidence, and holy rest;
From thee, great God! we spring; to thee we tend;
Path, motive, guide, original, and end.

[blocks in formation]

1 O GOD! when we, to praise thy name;

With trembling souls aspire;
Imbue us with a heavenly flame,

And sanctify the lyre.
By day, thy bounteous sun reveals

The face of nature fair
Then every eye with gladness sees

Thy power and goodness there.
2 The vault of heaven thou deck’st at night

With stars of beauty rare:
We gaze, and fill’d with vast delight,

Behold thy glory there.

When awful thunders rend the sky,

And tempests move the air;
What sinful wretch would dare deny

He hears thy footsteps—there !
3 We look into our souls, where dwelt

The blackness of despair-
And own with rev’rence, we have felt

Thy wondrous mercy-there.
O grant us (when our days are gone)

Our heart's ambitious prayer;
To kneel with rev’rence at thy throne,

And worship ever-there.

398. C. M.

Confidence in our Heavenly Father. 10 GOD! on thee we all depend,

On thy paternal care ;
Thou wilt the Father and the Friend

every scene appear.
2 With open hand and liberal heart

Thou wilt our wants supply:
Thy heavenly blessings still impart,

And no good thing deny. 3 Thou know'st, O God! what's good and fit,

And wisdom guides thy love;
To thine appointments we submit,

And every choice approve. 4 In thy paternal love and care,

With cheerful hearts we trust;
Thy tender mercies boundless are,
And all thy thoughts are just.

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