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O, for a shout of sacred joy
O God! my Sun, thy blissful rays Rippon's Col.
O God of grace, before thy throne

O God! when we, to praise thy name

D. Pepoon O God! on Thee we all depend

Browne O God, to Thee we raise our eyes

Exeter Col. O, how delightful is the road

J. Taylor Oh, my distrustful heart

L. H. C. O Lord, our king how excellent Montgomery Our Lord is risen from the dead

Wesley's Col. Our shepherd alone, the Lord, let us bless Wesley's C. Our Jesus is divinely kind

Proud Our confidence and hope, O Lord

Our heavenly Father calls

O love, thou boundless sea of bliss
Our God how firm his promise stands
Oh, hear us, Lord, to thee we call

Old hoary winter now has ceas'd his raging P. Hall
Once more do we enjoy the sign

Proud On Zion his most holy mount

Rippon's Col. One thing, with all my soul's desire Montgomery O thou, who art above all height

Pierpont Oppress'd with sin, by frailty pain'd Original O thou in whom the Gentiles trust Wesley's Col. praise the Lord, ye nations praise

Proud Op'ner of the blinded eyes

Richards 0, Source of uncreated light

Dryden thou, to whom all creatures bow

Tate O thou, whose power

Dr. Johnson Out of the depths of sad distress

Denham 0 Zion, tune thy voice

Doddridge O God, accept the sacred hour 0, let your mingling voices raise

Miss Roscoe O praise ye the Lord, prepareyour glad voice T.&Brady O thou, before whose gracious throne

Rippon's Coi. Opraise ye the Lord, prepare a new song Doddridge 0, sing to the Lord a new song

J. Taylor PERPETUAL Source of light and grace Doddridge Plung'd in a gulf of dark despair

Poor, weak, and worthless though I am

Praise the Lord, who reigns above
Praise the Lord, ye heavens, adore him Dublin Col,
Praise to God, the great Creator

J. Taylor
Praise to Thee, thou great Creator

Praise ye the Lord, let praise employ

Mrs. Steele
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise God, the sovereign King
Praise, O praise the God of love
RAISE your triumphant songs

Rejoice, believer, in the Lord
Rejoice evermore, with angels above

124 195 384 397 398 399 392 190 437 119 133 308 287 227 358 364 400 368 282 134 482 498 101

54 317

19 394 395 396 402 385 403 471 361 404 432 318 413 409

29 231 504 411 243 410 507 508 509 360 ·414 369

Rejoice, the Lord is King

Madan's Col.
Rise, every heart and every tongue
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
SAGES of ancient letter'd times

Howard's Col.
Salvation is for ever nigh

Salvation, 0, the joyful sound

Salvation, 0, the thought
Saviour of men and Lord of love

Searcher of hearts, to Thee are known

See, Israel's gentle shepherd stand Doddridge
See what a living stone

“See how he lov'd,” exclaimed the Jews Exeter Col.
See, the bright monarch of the day
Shout to God in strains immortal D. Pickering
Shine forth, eternal Source of light Doddridge
Shine on our souls, eternal God,

do. Shout, for the blessed Jesus reigns

Beddome Sing, ye redeemed of the Lord

Doddridge Sing to the Lord ye distant lands

Watts Sing the triumphs of your conquering

James Relly Sweet is the memory of thy grace

Waits Soon will appear a brighter sky

Proud Servants of God in joyful lays

Montgomery So fair a face bedew'd with tears

Beddome Sovereign Lord of light and glory

Exeter Col. Soon will our fleeting hours be past Kippes Col. Sweet is the friendly voice

Jervis Sweet is the work, o God, our King

Watts Stretch'd on the cross, the Saviour dies Mrs. Steele Supreme in wisdom, love, and grace D. Pickering Sure thy name is wonderful

Whitfield's Col. TEACH us, O teach us, Lord, thy way

Merrick 'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand

Waits 'Tis finish'd, cried the Lamb of God John Relly 'Tis finish'd, so the Saviour cried

S. Stennett 'Tis good to praise Jehovah's name

The blessed Jesus is my Lord
The common Parent, Lord of all

The earth is thine, Jehovah ! thine Montgomery
The gracious Saviour bow'd his head
The King of saints, how fair his face

The joyful, happy day, appears

Proud The Lord is gracious to forgive

Montgomery The Lord is our Shepherd, our Guardian Byron The Lord is my Shepherd, no want Montgomery The lofty pillars of the sky

Addison The Lord my pasture shall prepare

do. The Lord my Shepherd is

Proud The Lord on high proclaims

Watts The Lord descended from above

Sternhold Thee will I praise, O Lord in light Montgomery

156 264 240 163 333 184 274

84 383 216 338 417 423 424 418 419

32 420 242

13 340 328 390

86 503 415 422 416



61 430 329 189 187 310 275 431

58 297

22 298 346 367 371 309 169 312

48 426 339

The heavens declare thy glory, Lord

Watts The morning dawns; celestial light

Proud 'The short-liv'd day declines in haste

Exeter Coll.

The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought
The Sun of righteousness appears

Whitfield's Cou.
The Saviour calls, let every ear
The winter is over and gone
The voice of free grace cries, escape
They that mour in dungeon gloom Montgomery
There is a land of pure delight

There is a fountain fill'd with blood

Cowper These glorious minds how bright they shine

Watts There is forgiveness, Lord, with thee Exeter Coll. The trifling joys this world can give S. Thompson The rising morn, the closing day

Mrs. Steele “ This do in memory of your friend" Dublin Coll. This God is the God we adore

Hart This life's a dream, an empty show

Thine influence, mighty God, is felt Salisbury Coll.
This is the day the Lord of life

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb
Thou great, all-knowing, present God

Thou art, O God, the life and light

T. Moore
Through all the changing scenes of life

Though various names, O Lord, divide Richards
Thy gracious aid, O God, impart Exeter Coll.
Thy kingdom, Lord, for ever stands Mrs, Steele
Thus saith the first and great command Watts
Thus to believers, while below
Thrice happy men, who, born from heaven Doddridge
Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess Berridge
Thy name, almighty Lord

Thy presence, ever-living God

Doddridge Thus the eternal Father spake

Watts Thus we commemorate the day

S. Stennet Thy name we extol, Jehovah, our King Proud Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design Rippon's Coll. Thy law is perfect, Lord of light

Montgomery Thy glory, Lord, the heavens declare

do. Though mortal shepherds dwell in dust Doddridge To thee, my God, my days are known

do. To our almighty Maker, God

Watts To our Redeemer's glorious name

Mrs. Steele To calm the sorrows of the mind

Jervis To thee, our hearts, eternal King

Exeter Coll. To thee, O God, we homage pay

Doddridge To God we'll raise an evening song

D. Pickering To God, the only wise

Walls To God, the great redeeming cause D. Pickering 'Twas on that dark, that mournful night

Watts UNVEIL thy bosom faithful tomb

Watts Upward we lift our eyes,


241 253 433

46 109 372 279 239 178 354

30 341 435 440 475 449 408 359 427 483 347 283 485 319

many 429 428 438 446 436 451 450 444 128 222 306

1 291 401 175 490

9 55 439 441 442 425 447 448 443 453 454

412 356 459 465 165 220 463 464 467 469 472 313 171 138

65 89

VITAL spark of heavenly flame

Pope WELCOME sweet day of rest

Watts We love the volumes of thy word

We sing thy mercy, God of love

With joy we meditate the grace
With solemn shout, we sing thy praise James Relly
With God our friend, the radiant sun Toplady's Col.

With songs and honours sounding loud
With warm affection let us view

Exeter Col.
With sacred joy we lift our eyes

With ecstacy of joy

With joyful hearts and tuneful songs
With one consent let all the earth

What blessings in the Lamb abound James Relly
What condescending grace and love


What equal honours shall we bring
What though no flowers the fig-tree clothe Scotch par.

What saving power, what grace divine
What wonders hath Jehovah wrought

What works of wisdom, power, and love Butcher
What heavenly wisdom has bestow'd
While many cry in nature's night Montgomery
Whilst thee I seek,

Miss H. M. Williams
When marshall'd on the nightly plain H. K. White
When Asia's mighty conqueror died


When I survey this world
When darkness long has veil'd the mind

When gloomy thoughts, and boding fears Mrs. Steele
When rest of all, and hopeless care

When the last trumpets awful voice
While in this wilderness

When in obedience to their Lord

Exeter Col.
While with ceaseless course the sun Olney hymns

While shepherds watch their flocks by night
Whilst we are marching through

James Relly
Why sinks my weak desponding mind Mrs. Steele

Why do we mourn departing friends
Worthy is Christ, our Paschal Lamb Whitefield's Col.
YE angels that surround the throne
Ye children of the living God

Your harps, ye trembling saints Rippon's Coll.

Ye humble saints, proclaim abroad
Ye humble souls, approach your God
Ye followers of the Prince of peace

Ye humble souls, who seek the Lord Doddridge
Ye nations round the earth, rejoice

Watts Ye scarlet-colour'd sinners, come

WYe sons of men, with joy record

Doddridge Ye tribes of Adam, join

Watts Yes, the Redeemer rose

Doddridge Ye works of God, on him alone

Merrick Yonder, amazing sight! I see

S. Stennet

Scotch par.

209 144 284 455 468

49 462 470 497 273 456 457 458 461 315 466 460 69 45 197 473

96 280 324 204

12 478 477 476 266

80 213 245 106 491 105

[blocks in formation]

Divine Providence. Mat. v. 45. Acts xiv. 17. Ps. cxlv. 18.

1 THY ways, O Lord, with wise design,

Are fram'd upon thy throne above,
And ev'ry dark or bending line

Meets in the centre of thy love.
2 With feeble light, and half obscure,

Poor mortals thine arrangements view,
Not knowing that the least are sure,

And the mysterious just and true.
3 Thy flock, thine own peculiar care,
Though now they seem to roam uney'd,
Are led or driven only.where
They best and safest may abide. .
4 They neither know, nor trace the way ;

But, trusting to thy piercing eye,
None of their feet to ruin stray,
Nor shall the weakest fail or die.
5 My favor'd soul shall meekly learn
To lay her reason at thy throne ;
Too weak thy secrets to discern,
I'll trust thee for my guide alone.


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