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As inly troubled, now she seems to shake ;

The flames, dividing, now a moment, fall;
And now in one conglomerated mass,

Rising, they glow on high, prodigious blaze!
Then fall and sink again, as if within,

The fuel, burnt to ashes, was consumed.

So burned the Earth upon that dreadful day,
Yet not to full annihilation burned:

The essential particles of dust remained,
Purged by the final, sanctifying fires,

From all corruption; from all stain of sin,
Done there by man or devil, purified.

The essential particles remained, of which
God built the world again, renewed, improved,
With fertile vale, and wood of fertile bough;
And streams of milk and honey, flowing song;
And mountains cinctured with perpetual green ;
In clime and season fruitful, as at first,

When Adam woke, unfallen, in Paradise.

And God, from out the fount of native light,
A handful took of beams, and clad the sun

Again in glory; and sent forth the moon
To borrow thence her wonted rays, and lead
Her stars, the virgin daughters of the sky.

And God revived the winds, revived the tides;
And touching her from his Almighty hand,

With force centrifugal, she onward ran,
Coursing her wonted path, to stop no more.
Delightful scene of new inhabitants!

As thou, this morn, in passing hither, saw.

Thus done, the glorious Judge, turning to right, With countenance of love unspeakable,

Beheld the righteous, and approved them thus.

"Ye blessed of my Father, come, ye just,

Enter the joy eternal of



Receive your crowns, ascend, and sit with Me,

At God's right hand, in glory evermore."

Thus said the Omnipotent, Incarnate God : And waited not the homage of the crowns,

Already thrown before him; nor the loud
Amen of universal holy praise;

But turned the living chariot of fire

And swifter now-as joyful to declare

This day's proceedings in his Father's court,
And to present the number of his sons
Before the throne-ascended up to heaven.
And all his saints, and all his angel bands,
As glorious they on high ascended, sung
Glory to God, and to the Lamb! they sung
Messiah, fairer than the sons of men,

And altogether lovely. Grace is poured

Into thy lips, above all measure poured ;

And therefore God hath blessed thee evermore.

Gird, gird thy sword upon thy thigh, O thou Most Mighty! with thy glory ride; with all

Thy majesty, ride prosperously, because

Of meekness, truth, and righteousness. Thy


O God, for ever and for ever stands ;

The sceptre of thy kingdom still is right; Therefore hath God, thy God, anointed Thee, With oil of gladness and perfumes of myrrh, Out of the ivory palaces, above

Thy fellows, crowned the Prince of endless peace.

Thus sung they God, their Saviour; and them


Prepared complete to enter now with Christ,

Their living head, into the Holy Place.

Behold the daughter of the King, the bride,
All glorious within, the bride adorned,
Comely in broidery of gold! behold,
She comes, appareled royally, in robes
Of perfect righteousness; fair as the sun;
With all her virgins, her companions fair;

Into the Palace of the King she comes!

She comes to dwell for evermore! Awake,
Eternal harps! awake, awake, and sing!
The Lord, the Lord, our God Almighty, reigns!

Thus the Messiah, with the hosts of bliss,

Entered the gates of heaven-unquestioned


Which closed behind them, to go out no more,

And stood accepted in his Father's sight;
Before the glorious everlasting throne,
Presenting all his saints; not one was lost,
Of all that he in Covenant received:

And having given the kingdom up, He sat,
Where now he sits, and reigns, on the right hand
Of glory; and our God is all in all.

Thus have I sung beyond thy first request, Rolling my numbers o'er the track of man,

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