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For all who wished, perpetual righteousness?

And have not you, my faithful servants, all
Been frequent forth, obedient to my will,

With messages of mercy and of love,
Administering my gifts to sinful man?
And have not all my mercy, all my love,

Been sealed and stamped with signature of


By proof of wonders, miracles, and signs

Attested, and attested more by truth

Divine, inherent in the tidings sent?

This day declares the consequence of all.

Some have believed, are sanctified, and saved, Prepared for dwelling in this holy place,

In these their mansions, built before my face: And now beneath a crown of golden light, Beyond our wall, at place of judgment, they, Expecting, wait the promised due reward.

The others stand with Satan bound in chains;

The others, who refused to be redeemed,—

They stand, unsanctified, unpardoned, sad,

Waiting the sentence that shall fix their wo.

The others who refused to be redeemed;

For all had grace sufficient to believe,

All who my gospel heard; and none who heard
It not, shall by its law this day be tried.
Necessity of sinning, my decrees

Imposed on none; but rather all inclined
To holiness; and grace was bountiful,
Abundant, overflowing with my word;
My word of life and peace, which to all men
Who shall or stand or fall, by law revealed,

Was offered freely, as 'twas freely sent,

Without all money,

and without all price.

Thus, they have all by willing act, despised
Me, and my Son, and sanctifying Spirit.

But now no longer shall they mock or scorn:
The day of Grace and Mercy is complete,

And Godhead from their misery absolved.

So saying, He, the Father infinite,

Turning, addressed Messiah, where he sat
Exalted gloriously, at his right hand.

This day belongs to justice, and to Thee,
Eternal Son! thy right for service done
Abundantly fulfilling all my will;

By promise thine, from all eternity,

Made in the ancient Covenant of Grace;

And thine, as most befitting, since in thee
Divine and human meet, impartial judge,
Consulting thus the interest of both.
Go then, my Son, divine similitude!
Image express of Deity unseen!

The book of my remembrance take; and take
The golden crowns of life, due to the saints;
And take the seven last thunders ruinous;
Thy armour take; gird on thy sword, thy sword
Of justice ultimate, reserved, till now
Unsheathed, in the eternal armory ;

And mount the living chariot of God,

Thou goest not now, as once to Calvary,

To be insulted, buffeted, and slain:

Thou goest not now with battle, and the voice Of war, as once against the rebel hosts:

Thou goest a Judge, and find'st the guilty bound:

Thou goest to prove, condemn, acquit, reward;
Not unaccompanied; all these, my saints,

Go with thee, glorious retinue! to sing
Thy triumph, and participate thy joy ;
And I, the Omnipresent, with thee go;

And with thee, all the glory of my throne.

Thus said the Father; and the Son beloved,

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Fellow God,

Arose resplendent with Divinity;

And He the book of God's remembrance took;

And took the seven last thunders ruinous;

And took the crowns of life, due to the saints

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His armour took; girt on his sword, his sword

Of justice ultimate, reserved, till now
Unsheathed, in the eternal armory ;

And up the living chariot of God
Ascended, signifying all complete.

And now the Trump of wondrous melody,
By man or angel never heard before,

Sounded with thunder, and the march began.
Not swift, as cavalcade, on battle bent,

But, as became procession of a judge,
Solemn, magnificent, majestic, slow;

Moving sublime with glory infinite,

And numbers infinite, and awful song.

They passed the gate of heaven, which many a


Opened either way, to let the glory forth

Of this great march. And now, the sons of men Beheld their coming, which, before, they heard ; Beheld the glorious countenance of God!

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