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Successive, what, in speech of creatures, seems

Long narrative, tho' long, yet losing much,
In feeble symbols, of the thought Divine.

My servants long approved, my faithful sons! Angels of glory, Thrones, Dominions, Powers ! Well pleased, this morning, I have seen the speed

Of your obedience, gathering round my throne, In order due, and well-becoming garb;

Illustrious, as I see, beyond your wont,

As was my wish, to glorify this day.

And now what your assembling means, attend.

This day concludes the destiny of man: The hour, appointed from eternity,

To judge the earth, in righteousness, is come; To end the war of Sin, that long has fought, Permitted, against the sword of Holiness;

To give to men and devils, as their works,

Recorded in my all-remembering book,

I find; good to the good, and great reward
Of everlasting honour, joy, and peace,
Before my presence here for evermore:
And to the evil, as their sins provoke,
Eternal recompence of shame and wo,
Cast out beyond the bounds of light and love.

Long have I stood, as ye, my sons, well know, Between the cherubim, and stretched my arms Of mercy out, inviting all to come

To me, and live ; my bowels long have moved With great compassion; and my justice passed Transgression by, and not imputed sin.

Long here, upon my everlasting throne,

I have beheld my love and mercy scorned;

Have seen my laws despised, my name blas


My providence accused, my gracious plans

Opposed; and long, too long, have I beheld

The wicked triumph, and my saints reproached
Maliciously, while on my altars lie,

Unanswered still, their prayers and their tears,
Which seek my coming, wearied with delay :
And long, Disorder in my moral reign
Has walked rebelliously, disturbed the peace
Of my eternal government, and wrought
Confusion, spreading far and wide, among
My works inferior, which groan to be

Released. Nor long shall groan: the hour of


The final hour of grace is fully past.

The time accepted for repentance, faith,
And pardon, is irrevocably past;

And Justice unaccompanied, as wont,

With Mercy, now goes forth, to give to all
According to their deeds. Justice alone;
For why should Mercy any more be joined?
What hath not mercy, mixed with judgment, done,
That mercy, mixed with judgment and reproof,

Could do? Did I not revelation make,

Plainly and clearly, of my will entire ?
Before them set my holy law, and gave
Them knowledge, wisdom, prowess, to obey,
And win, by self-wrought works, eternal life?
Rebelled, did I not send them terms of peace,
Which, not my justice, but my mercy asked ?—
Terms costly to my well-beloved Son;

To them gratuitous, exacting faith

Alone for pardon, works evincing faith?
Have I not early risen, and sent my seers,
Prophets, apostles, teachers, ministers,

With signs and wonders, working in my name?
Have I not still, from age to age, raised up,

As I saw needful, great, religious men,

Gifted by me with large capacity,

And by my arm omnipotent upheld,

To pour the numbers of my mercy forth,
And roll my judgments on the ear of man?
And lastly, when the promised hour was come,

What more could most abundant mercy do?

Did I not send Immanuel forth, my Son,
Only begotten, to purchase, by his blood,

As many as believed upon his name?

Did he not die to give repentance, such
As I accept, and pardon of all sins?

Has he not taught, beseeched, and shed abroad
The Spirit unconfined, and given, at times,
Example fierce of wrath and judgment, poured
Vindictively on nations guilty long?

What means of reformation that my Son
Has left behind untried? what plainer words,
What arguments more strong, as yet remain?
Did he not tell them with his lips of truth,—
The righteous should be saved, the wicked,


And has he not, awake both day and night,

Here interceded with prevailing voice,

At my right hand, pleading his precious blood

Which magnified my holy law, and bought,

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