The Oxford Companion to Irish History

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Sean J. Connolly, S. ... J. Connolly, Professor of Irish History S J Connolly
Oxford University Press, 1998 - Всего страниц: 618
The Oxford Companion to Irish History offers a radically new and eminently readable introduction to all aspects of the history of this fascinating and complex land. Written by a team of 87 specialists, its 1,800 entries explore Irish history from earliest times to the recent past. Key figures and events are re-evaluated in the light of recent research, while emerging areas of scholarship, such as women's history and public health, are discussed in depth. Many entries focus on enduring themes of Irish history, including nationalism, unionism, and Catholicism, breaking away from a purely chronological approach to examine the contexts and traditions that underpin Irish identity.
In a field bedeviled by controversy, The Oxford Companion to Irish History offers a reference that is both authoritative and innovative.

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Об авторе (1998)

S. J. Connolly is Professor of Irish History at The Queens University of Belfast and the author of Religion, Law, and Power: The Making of Protestant Ireland 1660-1760. He lives in Belfast.

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