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WEDNESDAY, April 27th, 1864.

This being the day appointed for the meeting of the Convention to Frame a New Constitution and Form of Government for the State, At 12 o'clock, M.,

On motion of Mr. Hopewell Hebb, of Allegany county, Mr. Henry Stockbridge, of Baltimore city, was elected tem

porary Chairman.


On motion of Mr. Schley, of Frederick county, Mr. Joseph B. Pugh, of Cecil county, was elected temporary Secretary.

Mr. Stirling submitted the following order:

Ordered, That a committee of five be appointed by the Chair, to wait upon the Governor and inform him that the Convention to Frame a new Constitution and Form of Government for the State of Maryland, has assembled in the Hall of the House of Delegates, in accordance with the Act of Assembly, and his Proclamation of the 14th instant, and effected a temporary organization; and that said Convention desires to be informed by him who are shown, by the returns made to him, to be duly elected to seats in said Convention, and have taken and subscribed before him the oath prescribed in the Act calling said Convention;

Which was adopted.

The Chairman appointed Messrs. A. Stirling, Jr., of Balmore city, J. S. Berry, of Baltimore county, Daniel Clarke, of Prince George's county, Albert C. Greene, of Allegany county, and William T. Purnell, of Worcester county, a committee in accordance with the above order.

The committee retired, and after a brief absence returned to the Chamber.

Mr. Stirling, Chairman, reported that they had performed the duty assigned them, and the Governor would send a message to the Convention.

Mr. Chambers submitted the following order:

Ordered, That a committee of — members be appointed by the Chair, to arrange the seats appropriate to the several delegations, so as to enable the delegates from each county to occupy contiguous chairs.

Mr. Neagley submitted the following amendment:

Provided, That the delegations of the several counties who are contiguously seated, be exempted from the operation of the resolution.

On motion of Mr. Todd,
The consideration of the subject was postponed.

The following message was received from the Governor by the hands of Chapman Harwood, Esq.:


ANNAPOLIS, April 27, 1864. To the Convention :

GENTLEMEN-In compliance with the request contained in your order of this day, I have the honor herewith to transmit a list of the members of the Convention elected on the 6th inst., as appears by the returns of the Judges of Election on file in this department. The words "gworn" or "affirmed,' prefixed to some of the names on said list, indicate those who have taken and subscribed the oath required to be administered to members of said Convention by the act authorizing it.

A. W. BRADFORD. St. Mary's County-Chapman Billingsley. George W. Morgan, John F. Dent.

Kent County Ezekiel F. Chambers, David C. Blackiston, George S. Hollyday.

Anne Arundel County-Oliver Miller, Sprigg Harwood, William B. Bond, Eli J. Henkle.

Calvert County-James T. Briscoe, Dr. John Turner, Chas. S. Parran.

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