The American State Reports: Containing the Cases of General Value and Authority Subsequent to Those Contained in the "American Decisions" [1760-1869] and the "American Reports" [1869-1887] Decided in the Courts of Last Resort of the Several States [1886-1911], Том 50

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Abraham Clark Freeman
Bancroft-Whitney Company, 1896

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Стр. 523 - The use of all water now appropriated, or that may hereafter be appropriated, for sale, rental, or distribution, is hereby declared to be a public use, and subject to the regulation and control of the State, in the manner to be prescribed by law...
Стр. 940 - The plaintiff, at the time of issuing the summons, or at any time afterward, may have the property of the defendant attached...
Стр. 523 - Private roads may be opened in. the manner to be prescribed by law ; but in every case the necessity of the road and the amount of all damage to be sustained by the opening thereof shall be first determined by a jury of freeholders, and such amount, together with the expenses of the proceeding, shall be paid by the person to be benefited.
Стр. 51 - ... to make any gift, or authorize the making of any gift, of any public money or thing of value to any individual, municipal or other corporation whatever...
Стр. 536 - All rights of way for any and all the purposes mentioned in section twelve hundred and thirty-eight, and any and all structures and improvements thereon, and the lands held or used in connection therewith, shall be subject to be connected •with, crossed or intersected by any other right of way or improvements or structures thereon.
Стр. 223 - God, and deeply deplores : and having made an assignment of all his property for the benefit of all his creditors...
Стр. 900 - Provided further, that any city or town, with such assent may be allowed to become indebted to a larger amount, but not exceeding five per centum additional, for supplying such city or town with water, artificial light and sewers, when the works for supplying such water, light and sewers shall be owned and controlled by the municipality.
Стр. 210 - ... for money had and received by the defendant for the use of the plaintiff...
Стр. 835 - ... if any change takes place in the title or possession of the property, whether by sale, transfer, conveyance, legal process or judicial decree...
Стр. 437 - If an act of parliament or a private instrument contain in it, first, a general clause, and afterwards a separate and distinct clause, which has the effect of taking out of the general clause something which would otherwise be included in it, a party relying upon the general clause in pleading may set out that clause only, without noticing the separate and distinct clause which operates as an exception.

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