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Jesus goes throughout all Galilee, teaching in the syna.1 Luke iv.
g ogues, and working miracles, particularly in his own syna- | 42-44,
gogue at Nazareth.

Jesus calls Matthew (otherwise Levi) to be his disciple, Luke v.
and is entertained in his house.

Jesus comes up to Jerusalem at the time of the feast of John v. 1.
Passover, and heals on the Sabbath day a man that had
an infirmity 38 years, lying at the pool of Bethesda.

Christ, out of the multitude of his disciples, chooseth | Mat. x.
twelve apostles, whom he sends forth, two by two, to preach
and heal the sick throughout the land of Judea.
John the Baptist, by Herod's command, is beheaded in Mat. xiv.

prison to gratify the woman with whom he cohabited.

Jesus miraculously feeds 5000 men, besides women and Luke ix.
children, with fire loaves and two fishes.

Jesus is transhigured on the Mount, where Moses and
Elias are seen with him, and a voice from heaven was
heard the second time, saying, “ This is my beloved Son." | Mat. xvii.
Christ payeth tribute to Cesar for himself and Peter.


A certain village of the Samaritans refuseth our Saviour

Luke ix.
entertainment, in his way to Jerusalem, and the disciples

desiring to call for fire from heaven to consume them, are
severely reprehended.

The seventy disciples are sent out, by two and two, to Luke x. l.
work miracles, and to preach.

Christ teacheth his disciples to pray.
1 Christ raiseth from the grave Lazarus, who had been | Luke xi. 1.
dead four days.

John xi.

Caiaphas, the High Priest of the Jews, prophecieth con-

cerning the death of Christ.

Zaccheus, a publican, converted, and Christ carries salva- Luke
tion to his house.

Christ restoreth sight to blind Bartimeus.

Mark x.
Mary, the sister of Lazarus, anoints our Saviour's feet


John xii.
with costly spikenard, and wipes them with her hair.

Christ rideth in triumph in tu Jerusalem upon an ass. Mat. xxi.
The multitude spread their garments in the way, and cry, | 1-11.
Hosanna to the Son of David !-Coming near the city, he Luke xix.

weeps over it, and fortells its destruction.

Mat, xxi.
He curses the fruitless fig tree, and the next morning it is 17–22.
found dried up and withered. Thence he takes occasion tu
show the power of faith.

Divines differ considerably as to the duration of our Lord's
ministry. Our translators, Abp. Usher, and the majority of divines,
suppose it to have been three years and a half, including four pass-
overs. Mr. Greathead includes but three passovers, and thinks
Christ was present at but two. Dr. Priestley, and the Unitarians,
confine our Lord's ministry to one year, or little more, which apo
pears to us to offer great violence to the sacred text.

On the first day of unleavened bread, when the passover Mat, xxvi.
of the Jews was to be slain (April 2), in the evening, Jesus/ 1-35.


Mat. Ini

A.D. eateth the passover with his disciples, and institutes the Luke xxi.
w Sacrament of his body and blood, in bread and wine.-T

John ,

33 After which, Christ washeth his disciples feet, and ex-
horteth them tu humility and charity.

Mat, inti.
The same night, Christ retires into the Garden of Geth 36–15.
semane for prayer : after which he is betrayed by Judas Luke ni

denied by Peter-arraigned before Caiaphas_mocked, buf-

Jobo wa
fetted, and spit on, by the soldiers.

Next day (April 3), he is condemned by Pilate, and cru- Mat. ita
cified; the sun, during the crucifixion, is darkened ; an . 1-56.
earthquake ensues, and the veil of the temple is rent in the

Luke ni

midst. Christ praying for his enemies, gives up the ghost.

Jobo srül
Joseph of Arimathea begs the body, and lays it in his and xil.
own new sepulchre ; and Nicodemus, the ruler for leis ser.
vants), bring 100 lb, weight of spices.


Lake wis
On the third day (April 5), the next after the Jewish Sab-
bath, Christ riseth from the tomb, very early in the morn Matsuri.
ing; and soon after his resurrection is declared by angels, to
the women that came to the sepulchre.

Luke xuit.
Christ appeareth first to Mary Magdalen, and afterwards

John L.
to his disciples, and dineth with [some of] theni.

Christ bringing his apostles to mount Olivet, commandeth Mat...viii.
them to go to Jerusalem, and there to wait the sending 9,10,16&c.

Lake siit.
down the Holy Ghost. He then commissions them to teach

John Il
and baptize all nations : and having blessed them, while and tai
they behold, he is taken up, and a cloud receives him out Luke xir.
of their sight.

Upon his ascension, the disciples are warned by two angels

1 15–20.
to depart, and to set their minds upon his second coming :
they accordingly return, and giving themselves to prayer,

choose Matthias to be an apostle in the place of Judas.


On the day of Pentecost (May 24), the Holy Ghost Acts ii.
descendeth on the apostles, in the form of cloven tongues
(like as of fire), and enableth them to speak all languages.
The same day, Peter preacheth Christ and the resurrection,
and about 3000 souls were added to the church.

The same afternoon, Peter and John going into the Acts iii.
temple, at the time of evening prayer, heal a man lame
from his mother's womb; and Peter takes the opportunity of
again preaching to the people.

The rulers of the Jews, offended at Peter's sermon, and Acts ir.
the miraculous cure of the lame man, cast both Peter and
John into prison. Upon their examination, they boldly
avouch the lame man to be healed by the name of Jesus,
and that by the same Jesus we must eternally be saved.
After this, the Jews forbidding them to speak any more in
that name, let them go.

Ananias and his wife Sapphira are, for their prevarica- | Acts v.
I tion and hypocrisy, suddenly struck dead.



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A.D.1 Peter and John are, for their preaching and working mi-1 Acts v.

r acles, committed to prison, but delivered by an angel.

They are again apprehended, but saved by the prudent 21-42.

advice of Gamaliel.
34 The number of believers increasing at Jerusalem, the Acts. vi.
apostles ordain seven deacons, who should distribute the

alms of the church to the widows and poorer sort of

Stephen, one of these deacons, having, in argument, 9-15.
confounded some Jews who disputed with bim, is by them
falsely accused of blasphemy.

Stephen being brought before the Sanhedrim, justifies Acts vii.
himself, and charges upon them the murder of Jesus the
Messiah, in consequence of which he is cast out of the city,
and stoned to death; but dies praying for his murderers.

A great persecution of the church at Jerusalem follows Acts viii.
the death of the first martyr, Stephen.

Philip, another of the deacons, preaching in Samaria, 5–13.
and working miracles, converteth many. Simon Magus, see.
ing the miracles wrought by Philip, professes alsu tu believe,
and is baptized.

The apostles at Jerusalem hearing that Samaria had re 14–17.
ceived the faith, send thither Peter and John to confirm,
and to enlarge the church.

Simon (above named) seeing that the apostles, by prayer 18-25.
and imposition of hands, conferred the Holy Ghost upon be-
lievers, offers them money, that he might receive the same

puwer; but is sharply reproved by Peter.
35 The apostles return to Jerusalem; but an angel sends 26–40.

Philip to teach and baptize the Ethiopian eunuch, then
upon a journey; after which he is carried by the Spirit to
Azotus, or Ashdod.


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Saul, a violent persecutor of all who call on the name of
Jesus, and who consented to the death of Stephen, goes to
Damascus, with authority from the Sanhedrim to bring all
the disciples in those parts, bound unto Jerusalem. On the
way, however, he is miraculously converted by a heavenly
vision; and is, three days afterwards, baptized by Ananias
at Damascus, where he preaches the gospel with great bold-
ness, to the astonishment of all who knew him.

Pilate is removed from his government, after ten years' conti-
nuance.- Mr. Benson.

The Emperor Tiberius dies, and is succeeded by Caius Caligula.

Saul having preached some time at Damascus, the Jews
lay wait to kill him; but he escaping thence by the aid of
I his friends, comes to Jerusalem, where he meets Peter and

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A.D. | James, the brother of our Lord, and abides with them fifteen
w days. Here he disputes boldly with the Grecians (or those
38 Jews who used the Greek tongue), many of whom consult

how they might kill him. The brethren finding this, for-
ward him to his own country, Tarsus; from whence he
travels into Syria and Silesia.
Peter visits the churches of Judea, Galilee, Samaria, &c.

Acts ix.

At Lydda, he cureth Eneas of the palsy; and, at Joppa,
raises Tabitha to life.
At Cesarea, Cornelius, a Roman centurion, is directed

Acts de
by an angel to Peter, now at Joppa, who had been prepared
for his invitation; and going to his house, preaches to a
great company there assembled, upon whom the Holy Ghost
descending, Peter immediately baptizeth them,

On his return to Jerusalem, Peter is accused by those of Acts xi.
the circumcision, for conversing with the Gentiles; but on 1-18.
declaring to them the vision he had seen, and how God had
been pleased to bless his preaching to Cornelius and his com.
pany, they glorified God for granting repentance and sal.
vation unto the Gentiles.

The believers who, after the martyrdom of Stephen, were 19-30.
dispersed through Phenice and Cyprus, come now to An.
tioch, and preach the gospel to the Greeks there, having
hitherto preached only to the Jews. The church at Jerusa-
lem hearing this, send Barnabas, who calling for Saul at
Tarsus, takes him with him to Antioch, where they continue
a year; multitudes are converted to the Christian faith, the
professors of which are here first called Christians.

Herod Agrippa beheads James, the brother of John, and Acts xii.
imprisons Peter; but the latter is delivered by an angel.
This same Herod, not long after, addressing an oration to
the people of Cesarea, some of them cry out, “It is the
voice of a god, and not of a man;" upon which an angel of
the Lord instantly smites him, and he is eaten of worms,
and dies miserably.

Barnabas and Saul sent forth to preach the gospel in Se- Acts xiii.
leucia, Cyprus, and other places. At Paphos, they preach 1-13.
to Sergius Paulus, the governor; but Elymas the sorcerer
withstanding them, and endeavouring to turn them from
the faith, is suddenly struck blind by a divine judgment.
From this time, Saul is always called by his new name-

Paul preaches at Antioch; the Gentiles believe, but the 14-52.
Jews blaspheme, whereupon he turns unto the Gentiles.

At Iconium, Paul and Barnabas are persecuted, and, to Acts xiv.
avoid stoning, fly to Lystra and Derbe, cities of Lycaonia, 1–18.
where the ignorant heathen, seeing a miracle which Paul
wrought, took him and his companion for Jupiter and Mer-
cury, and were with difficulty restrained from sacrificing
tu them.

Soon after, however, sume wicked Jews frum Antioch and 1 19-28.
Iconium, excite the multitude against them, and Paul is 2Cor.si.25.
I actually stoned by them, and carried out of the eity as

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A.D. dead; his friends, however, gathering round him, he re-

covers, and departs the next day with Barnabas to Derbe,
and thence to Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch, &c.

Certain Judaizing Christians come from Judea to An Acts xv.
tioch, and teach that the Gentiles ought to be circumcised, 1–35.
and observe the law of Moses: these Paul and Barnabas
oppose, and a council being held by the apostles and others
at Jerusalem, to determine this controversy, the decrees of

the Synod are sent to the churches.
53 Paul and Barnabas intending to visit the churches, differ 36-41.

as to the choice of their companion, in consequence of which
they separate; Barnabas and Mark, therefore, go to Cyprus,
and Paul and Silas into Syria and Silicia.

Paul coming to Derbe, there finds Timothy, whom he Acts xvi.
causes to be circumcised, and takes with him. He is, by a I, &c.
vision, admonished to go intu Macedonia; when coming to

Philippi, a chief city of that province, he converts Lydia
and her family ; but casting out of a certain female slave,
in that city, a spirit of divination, her master brings Paul
and Silas before the magistrates, who cause them to be im-
prisoned. At midnight, however, they are released by mi.
racle; the Jailer is converted and baptized, with his whole
family. Next day, the magistrates hearing of these extraor.
dinary events, request Paul and Silas peaceably to depart
the city, to which, accordingly, they agree.

From Philippi, Paul takes his journey to Thessalonica, Acts xvii.
where he preaches three Sabbaths successively in a Jewish
synagogue, with some success, but is persecuted by Jason
and his rabble.

Leaving Thessalonica, he comes to Berea, where his
hearers are commended for searching the Scriptures. Soon
after, he arrives at Athens, and preaches to them that UN 16—34.
KNOWN GOD whom they ignorantly worshipped. After dis-
puting with the philosophers, and converting Dionysius the
Areopagite, he passes on to Corinth.

At Corinth, Paul meets with Aquila and Priscilla, who Acts xviii.
had been banished from Rome by a decree of Claudius; 1-11.
also with one Justus, whose house adjoined the synagogue.
He continues with them about a year and a half.

In the latter part of this year, Nero succeeds to Claudius as Em-1

peror of Rome. Lardner.
55 Paul being accused by the Jews, is brought before Gallio, 12-17.

Pro-consul of Achaia, who refuseth to be judge in a con.
troversy about religion, and drives them from his judgment

seat in apparent rage.
56 Paul departs from Corinth, and passeth to Ephesus; thence | 18-23.

he sets out for Jerusalem, that he may attend the feast.
Landing at Cesarea, goes down to Antioch, and comes into
the regions of Galatia and Phrygia, confirming the disciples
in all those places.
The character and success of the eloquent Apollos. 24-28.

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