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small beetles which cannot be found elsewhere; such as Acidota crenata, &c. A very remarkable beetle, rarely to be seen in the south of England, although common in the north and in Scotland, is that known in the latter country by the name of the “Bee-beetle' (Trichius fasciatus). This beetle has a bee-like appearance, particularly about the thorax and hinder part of the body, which parts are covered with yellow hairs. The two yellow bands which run across the black elytra assist in the mimicry, even when the insect is at rest; but when it is flying about the thistle flowers, as is its habit, it simulates the appearance of a humble bee to a very remarkable degree.

One of the rare finds on Rannoch Moor is Hemerobius inconspicuus, a neuropterous inscct about whose life-history our scientific entomologists would be glad to know more, and which want might be supplied by the observant tourist.

We have now completed our task, which has been briefly to set forth the inorganic and organic history of our mountains, hills, and moors. It will have been seen how remarkably special physical conditions, such as these, are responded to by adaptations of the life which is found among them. It is this constant adaptation, always varying with the animals and plants as the conditions vary, which so deeply impresses us with the idea of an Untiring Wisdom, which “ neither slumbers nor sleeps"!

Geological science shows us how the mountains gradually pass away or are brought low, and the valleys ultimately become exalted—the life of one period reaches its maximum and passes away, to be succeeded by another set of vital forms; but, throughout this ceaseless circulation of organic and inorganic forces, the same Intelligence keeps watch, and directs them all to that End unto which Creation itself, mighty though it be, is only a means !




Fcap. 8vo., Cloth boards, 25. 6d. each.

LANE AND FIELD. By the Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., Author of " Homes without

Hands,” &c., &c.

LAKES AND RIVERS. By C. O. GROOM NAPIER, F.G.S., Author of “The Food, Use,

and the Beauty of British Birds,” &c., &c.

By J. E. TAYLOR, Editor of “ Science-Gossip.”

THE SE A-SHORE. By Professor P. MARTIN DUNCAN, M.B. (London), F.R.S.,

Honorary Fellow of King's College, London.

By J. E. TAYLOR, Editor of “Science-Gossip.”

By M. C. COOKE, M.A., LL.D.



Beauty in Common Things. Illustrated by 12

Drawings from Nature, by Mrs. J. W. Whymper, and
printed in Colours, with descriptions by the Author of
* Life Underground,” &c. 4to.

..Cloth boards 10


Botanical Rambles. By the late Rev. C. A. JOHNS,

B.A., F.L.S. With illustrations and woodcuts. Royal

Cloth boards

2 0

Flowers of the Field. By the late Rev. C. A.

JOHNS, B.A., F.L.S. With numerous woodcuts.
Fcap. 8vo.....

Cloth boards 5 0

Wild Flowers. By ANNE PRATT, Author of “Our

Native Songsters,” &c. With 192 coloured plates, in
two volumes. 16mo.

....Cloth boards 16 0

By the

Forest Trees (The) of Great Britain.

Rev. C. A. JOHNS, B. A., F.L. S. New Edition,
With 150 woodcuts. Post Svo.

Cloth boards 5 o

Natural History of the Bible (The). By the Rev.

CANON TRISTRAM, Author of“ The Land of Israel,” &c.
With numerous illustrations. Crown 8vo. Cloth boards 7 6

Animal Creation (The). A popular Introduction to

488 woodcuts. Post Svo.

Cloth boards 7 6

Lessons from the Animal World. By CHARLES and

SARAH TOMLINSON. With 162 woodcuts, in two
volumes. Fcap. 8vo.

Cloth boards 4

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Birds' Nests and Eggs. With 22 coloured plates of Eggs. Square 16mo.

Cloth boards 3

British Birds in their Haunts. By the late Rev.

C. A. JOHNS, B. A., F.L.S. With 190 engravings by
Wolf and Whymper. Post Svo.

Cloth board's 10

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British Animals. With 12 coloured plates. Ihmo.

Ornamental covers

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Birds of the Sea-shore. With 12 coloured plates. 16mo.

Cloth boards

I 8

Evenings at the Microscope; or, Researches among

the Minuter Organs and Forms of Animal Life. By
PHILIP HENRY GOSSE, F.R.S. A new Edition revised
and annotated. With 112 woodcuts. Post 8vo.

Cloth boards 4

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Familiar History of British Fishes. By FRANK

BUCKLAND, Inspector of Salmon Fisheries for England
and Wales. With a Frontispiece and 134 woodcuts.
Crown 8vo.

Cloth boards 5 0

Natural History (Illustrated Sketches of); consisting

of Descriptions and Engravings of Animals. With
numerous woodcuts, in 2 vols. Fcap. 8vo.
Series I. and II.

Cloth boards, each Vol. 2 6

Our Native Songsters. By ANNE PRATT, Author of “ Wild Flowers.” With 72 coloured plates. 16mo.

Cloth boards 8 0

Selborne (The Natural History of). By the Rev.

GILBERT WHITE. With Frontispiece, Map, and 50
woodcuts. Post Svo.

Cloth boards 2 6


Author of "Evenings at the Microscope.'
illustrations and woodcuts. Post Svo. Cloth boariis 4 6

With 51

Dew-drop and the Mist (The): an Account of the

Phenomena and Properties of Atmospheric Vapour in
various parts of the World. By CHARLES TOMLINSON,
F.C.S. With woodcuts and diagrams. Fcap. 8vo.

Cloth boards 2 6

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