A Military History of Ireland

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Thomas Bartlett, Keith Jeffery
Cambridge University Press, 9 окт. 1997 г. - Всего страниц: 592
This is a major, collaborative study of organised military activity and its broad impact on Ireland over the last thousand years or so, from the middle of the first millennium AD to modern times. It integrates the best recent scholarship in military history into its social and political context to provide a comprehensive treatment of the Irish military experience. The eighteen chronologically-organised chapters are written by leading scholars each of whom is an authority on the period in question. Drawing the whole work together is a wide-ranging introductory essay on the ‘Irish military tradition’ which explores the relationship of Irish society and politics with militarism and military affairs. The text is illustrated throughout by over 120 pictures and maps.

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A military history of Ireland

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Bartlett (Univ. Coll., Dublin) and Jeffery (Univ. of Ulster) have collected 18 essays on the history of the Irish soldier and Irish armies, beginning in pre-1100 and concluding with a review of ... Читать весь отзыв


An Irish military tradition?
Irish warfare before 1100
Irish and AngloNorman warfare in twelfthcentury Ireland
The defence of the English lordship 12501450
Gaelic warfare in the Middle Ages
The Tudors and the origins of the modern Irish states a standing army
The captains games army and society in Elizabethan Ireland
The wars of religion 16031660
Irish soldiers abroad 16001800
Nonprofessional soldiery c 16001800
Army organisation and society in the nineteenth century
The army and law and order in the nineteenth century
Militarism in Ireland 19001922
The army in independent Ireland
The British army and Ireland since 1922

The Williamite war 16891691
The Irish military establishment 16601776
The defence of Protestant Ireland 16601760
Defence counterinsurgency and rebellion Ireland 17931803

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Keith Jeffery was educated in Ireland, the USA and Cambridge (St John's College). In 2005 he came to Queen's, where he is Professor of British History, after teaching at the Ulster Polytechnic and the University of Ulster for over twenty years. Jeffery was awarded the Templer Medal from the Society for Army Historical Research in 2007 for the best book of the year (his biography of Sir Henry Wilson) on British Military History. Professor Jeffery has written a biography of the Irishman, Sir Henry Wilson, who was professional head of the British army in 1918-22. He has also been working on a history of the British empire. In 2005 Jeffery was appointed to write the first Official History of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), covering the years 1909-49 (Bloomsbury Publishing September 2010).

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