The A to Z of Denmark

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Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe. At different points in its history, Denmark's boundaries have encompassed England, Sweden, West Africa, India, and the West Indies. Despite its changing and relatively small boundaries, Denmark has played a much larger part in the politics of Europe than might be expected. Additionally, through its territories (Faroe Islands and Greenland), Denmark has managed to retain an important presence in the North Atlantic. Today, democratic Denmark, with its thriving capital Copenhagen, is peaceful, prosperous, and progressive. Within NATO, Denmark has contributed to peace-keeping in the Persian Gulf and Bosnia. The "Danish Model" of welfare gives Danes a real sense of social security and presents many naysayers with a provocative example of a successfully managed welfare state. Danes have a reputation for inventiveness and good design, whether in architecture, furniture, or industrial design.

The A to Z of Denmark relates the history of this successful country through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on kings, politicians, officials, explorers, authors, architects, composers, painters, astronomers, educationists, reformers, political parties, social movements, and other aspects of Danish society.

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The Dictionary
The Danish Monarchs
Prime Ministers and Cabinets 18482007
Party Shares of Cabinet Office
Party Shares of Votes 18902007
Referendums in Denmark 19162007
Economic Data 2007
Denmarks Population 1769200
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Alastair H. Thomas taugth political science for thirty years until his retirements as Emeritus Professsor in 2000 at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England. Since then he has been Quaker chaplain and convenor of the Multi-Faith chaplaincy team at the University.

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