Coworking Space: A Potent Business Model for Plug ‘n Play and Indie Workers

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epubli, 19 февр. 2014 г. - Всего страниц: 100
The economic crises of the past years have shaken the image of multinational corporations. Too big, too rigid, too unpopular – this is what many young employees and entrepreneurs are saying. This avant-garde wave of new en-trepreneurs pursues their business ideas, on their own or in micro companies. As knowledge workers, Plug n’ Play Workers, and entrepreneurs, they de-mand new and flexible forms of collaboration. Coworking Spaces fulfill these requirements and are currently experiencing a tidal wave of success. In this book, you will receive valuable background information about the coworking movement and the creative potential that is unleashed by creative coworkers worldwide. Six portraits of successful Coworking Spaces show how the brand new business model works in practice. Whether you are a young entrepreneur seeking a work environment that meets your needs or you are a manager who wants to follow the lead of Goo-gle, TUI, or the Swiss federal railways: this book is for anybody who wants to find out how to use this fascinating business model for themselves.

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Nurturing Coworking Spaces
The Coworking Space Business Model
Six Portraits of Successful Coworking Spaces
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Mathias Schürmann, previously a coworker and co-founder of a Coworking Space, found his business partners there and started the successful full-service advertisement agency Rocket – Powerful Advertising. As co-owner of Rocket, docent, and think tanker, Mathias Schürmann researches and works in marketing, communication and entrepreneurship

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