Mass Extinctions and Their Aftermath

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OUP Oxford, 11 сент. 1997 г. - Всего страниц: 328
Why do mass extinctions occur? The demise of the dinosaurs has been discussed exhaustively, but has never been out into the context of other extinction events. This is the first systematic review of the mass extinctions of all organisms, plant and animal, terrestrial and marine, that have occurred in the history of life. This includes the major crisis 250 million years ago which nearly wiped out all life on Earth. By examining current paleontological, geological, and sedimentological evidence of environmental changes, the cases for explanations based on climate change, marine regressions, asteroid or comet impact, anoxia, and volcanic eruptions are all critically evaluated.

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The study of mass extinctions
Extinctions in the early history of the Metazoa
one disaster after another
the Kellwasser and Hangenberg
Palaeozoic nemesis
Extinctions within and at the close of the Triassic
Minor extinctions of the Jurassic
Minor mass extinctions of the marine Cretaceous
Death at the CretaceousTertiary boundary
Cenozoic extinctions
The causes of mass extinctions
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