The Scientific Monthly, Том 6

Передняя обложка
James McKeen Cattell
American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1918

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Стр. 525 - In the manuscripts of God." And he wandered away and away With Nature, the dear old nurse, Who sang to him night and day The rhymes of the universe. And whenever the way seemed long, Or his heart began to fail, She would sing a more wonderful song, Or tell a more marvellous tale.
Стр. 31 - The best part of all human knowledge has come by exact and studied observation made through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The most important part of education has always been the training of the senses through which that best part of knowledge comes.
Стр. 184 - ... next day; the sky thick-clouded, dark, and rainy, so that neither moon nor stars could be seen. The storm did a great deal of damage all along the coast, for we had accounts of it in the newspapers from Boston, Newport, New York, Maryland, and Virginia; but what surprised me was, to find in the Boston newspapers an account of an observation of that eclipse made there; for I thought, as the storm came from the northeast, it must have begun sooner at Boston than with us, and consequently have prevented...
Стр. 219 - Possibly it might be better to continue the same schedule for another decade. (b) Provision should be made for certain excepted classes. Government officials, travelers and students would, of course, be admitted outside of the fixed schedule figures. Aliens who have already resided in America and taken out their first papers, or who have passed all the required examinations, should also doubtless be admitted freely, regardless of the schedule. Women and children under fourteen years of age should...
Стр. 220 - In order to meet special cases and exigencies, such as religious or political persecutions, war, famine or flood, provision might well be made to give special power to the Commissioner of Immigration in consultation with the Commissioner of Labor and one or two other specified high officials to order exceptional treatment. (g) The proposed policy, if enacted into law, would put into the hands of Congress a flexible instrument for the continuous and exact regulation of immigration, adapting it from...
Стр. 184 - We have frequently, along this North American coast, storms from the northeast, which blow violently sometimes three or four days. Of these I have had a very singular opinion some years, viz. that, though the course of the wind is from northeast to southwest, yet the course of the storm is from southwest to northeast; that is, the air is in violent motion in Virginia before it moves in Connecticut, and in Connecticut before it moves at Cape Sable, &,c.
Стр. 480 - Yale University, Professor Graham Lusk, of the Cornell Medical School and Mr. John L. Simpson, of the United States Food Administration, have been representing the United States at the inter-allied food conference in Paris. THE...
Стр. 220 - Registration, with payment of the fee, might well be required only of male aliens twenty-one years of age and over. Since, however, it is highly desirable that immigrant women also should learn the English language, provision might be made that all alien women should register without payment of the fee and be given the privileges of education and of taking the examinations free of cost. This privilege might extend over a period of five years. After passing the examinations there should be no further...
Стр. 96 - XLIV, July, 1917.) FRANKLIN PAINE MALL. Franklin Paine Mall, professor of anatomy in the Johns Hopkins Medical School and director of the department of -embryology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, was born in Belle Plaine, Iowa, September 28, 1862, and died in Baltimore November 17, 1917, from complications following an operation for gallstones. He was the son of Francis and Louise (Miller) Mall, both of German descent. In 1895 he married Mabel Stanley Glover, of Washington, DC He...
Стр. 7 - Museum is divided into three periods: First, that from the foundation of the Smithsonian Institution to 1857, during which time specimens were collected purely and solely to serve as materials for research, no special effort having been made to publicly exhibit them or to utilize them except as a foundation for scientific description and theory.

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