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Vedanga, one of the Adityas ; a name of self, and having witnessed the metamor. Surya.

phosis, set the ass's skin on fire to prevent

his son-in-law from reassuming that form. Venamaly, a name of Narayana.

Although rejoiced at his liberation, GunVicramadittya or Vikramaditya, a learned drufsein foresaw the vengeance of Indra, monarch and an astronomer, whose capital, and warned his wife to flee ; telling her Oujein, was about his time overwhelmed that his earthly tenement being consumed, by a violent convulsion of nature. Hindu he must return to heaven, and that the legends thus whimsically account for that city would be overwhelmed with destruccircumstance, together with his origin and tion. The princess fled to a village at birth; as described in the 6th vol. of the some distance, where she brought forth a Asiatic Researches.

son, named Vicramadittya ; and a shower “ A certain deity, named Gundrufsein, of earth falling from heaven, buried the was condemned for an offence committed city and its inhabitants." against Indra, to appear on earth in the

Vina, the Hindu lyre, formed of a flat piece

V, shape of an ass; but on his entreaty he

of wood with strings, having a gourd at one was allowed, as a mitigation of his punish

end, and sometimes one at both ends, seen ment, to lay aside that body in the night,

in the plates in the hands of Nareda, and take that of a man. His incarnation

Suraswati, and the celestial choristers. took place at Ougein, during the reign of

(See fig. 11. pl. 32.) a rajah named Sundersein, and the ass, when arrived at maturity, accosting the

Vindhya Vasini, a form of Durga or Parrajah in a human voice, proclaimed his

vati, to whom is ascribed the destruction own divine origin, and demanded his

of many giants. She is represented sitting daughter in marriage. Having, by certain

on a lion, with four or eight arms. prodigies, overcome the scruples of the Vira Badra, or Ehr Badr, p. 74. rajah, he obtained the object of his wishes. Viraj, p. 100. All day, in the form of an ass, he lived in

Virupacsha, a name of Siva. the stable; but when night came on, laying aside the ass's skin, and assuming the form

Vishnu, p. 11. of a handsome and accomplished young Vismamitra, one of the Rishis, and the Guru prince, he went into the palace, and en

of Rama Chandra. He was seduced by joyed, till morning, the conversation of Rembha while engaged in austerities, at his beauteous bride. In process of time the instigation of Indra. the daughter of the rajah became pregnant, Viswakarma, p. 6. and as her husband, the ass, was deemed Vitruha or Vitrahan, a name of Indra. He incapable of producing such an event in

who slew the giant Vitruha or Vitra. one of the human species, her chastity was

Viweswat, a name of Surya. suspected. Her father questioned her on the subject, when she explained the mys. Viweswati, the son of Surya, called the tery. At night the rajah concealed him- child of the sun, and the founder of the

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the race of Hindu rajahs, termed the

Surya bans, or children of the sun. Vogra Tapasu, one of the most severe of the

Hindu austerities. (See p. 251.). Voiragees, religious mendicants of the sect

of Vishnu. Vrid gnani Kaumali, a form assumed by

Lakshmi as the consort of Vishnu in the form of Buddha, to delude Divodasa. Like her lord, she taught to the females of Kashi the doctrines of self-existent nature, and the abolition of castes. By these and other artifices, she seduced the women to counsel the men of that kingdom to abandon the worship of the Vedas for the atheistical religion preached by Vishnu,

under the delusive form of Buddha. Vrihaspati, or Brishput, p. 133. Vrisha, the holy, a name of Indra. Vyagra Yahi, a name of Devi when mounted

on a tiger.

the riches of the avaricious worshippers of

the god of wealth. Yajar, or Yajush Veda, one of the four

Vedas, p. 138. Yama, p. 112. Yamuna (The), or Jumna, one of the sacred

rivers of the Hindus. It joins the Ganges at Allahabad ; also the sister of Yama, Yasuda, the wife of Nanda, or Ananda, and

the foster mother of Krishna. Yoginis (called the fatal sisters): they are

sixty-four in number, and follow the Sactis in the field of battle, each holding in her hands a patera of a skull to receive

the blood of the slain, on which they feast, Yogun. (See Jogun.) Yoni (The), p. 174. Yoogadya, a form of Durga, much wor

shipped in some places; she is represented with her arms, sitting on a lion. Sanguinary sacrifices are offered to her; and, according to Mr. Ward, 100,000 people assemble at a place in Burdwan on the occasion of the annual festival in honour of her. Yudishtra, one of the five Pandus brethren.

(See Pandus.)

W. Waghacha-Kunivır, worshipped by the

Bheels, against the ravages of wild beasts. Wittoba, p. 53.

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OBSERVATIONS on the LAW and CON. STITUTION of INDIA, on the Nature of Landed Te. nures, and on the System of Revenue and Finance, as established by the Moohummudan Law and Moghul Government, By Lieut. Col. GALLOWAY, of the Hon. East-India Company's Service. Second Edition with Additions, in 1 vol. 8vo. price 12s. bds.

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each. SUPPLEMENT to the above, in 1 vol. 4to. -in the press.

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Her Majesty the Queen, their Royal Highnesses the Landgravine of Hesse Hombourg, and the Duchess of Gloucester, have honoured the Authoress by patronising her Work. In 2 vols. 8vo. Price £1. Is. bds.

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Works relating to India, published by PARBURY, ALLEN, and Co.

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INDIA DIRECTORY; or, Directions for Sailing to and from the East-Indies, China, New Holland, Cape of Good Hope, Brazil, and the interjacent Ports. By' JAMES HORSBURGH, F.R.S., Hydrographer to the Honourable East-India Company. In 2 parts. 4to. Price £4. 6s. bds.

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On Four Sheets of Atlas, price £1. 11s, 6d., or on cloth,

in a case, £2. 5s. HISTORY of MUHAMMEDANISM, com

1. MAP of the WESTERN PROVINCES prising the Life and Character of the Arabian Prophet,

of HINDOOSTAN, constructed froin the most recent and succinct Accounts of the Empires founded by the

Surveys; and inscribed to Major General Sir John MalMuhammedan Arms. By the late C. MILLS, Esq. Se.

COLM, G.C.B., K.L.S., &c. &c. cond Edition, in 8vo. Price 12s. boards.

** The compilers of this Map have availed themselves, in their progress, of all the valuable information contained

in the surveys of Colonel Tod and Captain Hall in the VIEW of the HISTORY, LITERATURE,

Country of the Rajpoots, and those of Capt. Colvin and and RELIGION of the HINDOOS, including a mi. Lieut. White in the Countries west of the Jumna and the nute Description of their Manners and Customs, and Dooab. The mountainous districts have been copied from Translations from their principal Works. By the late Rev.

the surveys of Colonel Hodgson, and Captains Herbert WILLIAM WARD. New Edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. and Webb; the latest explorations of Mr. Moorcroft are Price £1. 16s. bds.

also inserted.-Bundlecund is from Capt. Franklin; Bho. pal from Lieut. Johnson.-Malwa is taken from the Map

executed by order of Sir John Malcolm. -Guzerat, GULISTAN, or ROSE GARDEN, of

Cutch, Sinde, &c. are from Col. Williams and General of Musle-Huddeen Shaik Sâdy of Sheeraz; Translated Reynolds. The Punjaub is from Lieut. McCartney.-from the Original Persian. By FRANCIS GLADWIN,

These, besides many other valuable documents, have been

These. besides many oth Esq. A new Edition, in 1 vol. 8vo. Price 10s. 60. bds.

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2. NEWLY - CONSTRUCTED and EXwork, in the Original Persian. Price 16s. bds.)

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£t. 4s. Council of St. Helena. Second Edition, in 8vo. Price

3. MAP of INDIA, comprehending the Coun12s. bds.

tries situated between the Indus and Canton, East and

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ATLAS of INDIA, on a Scale of Four Miles to an sewed.

Inch, from Trigonometrical Surveys made for the purpose,

being intended to form a complete Map of the whole of ELEMENTS of HINDU LAW, principally

India, on an uniform Scale. Each Sheet, 8s. with reference to such portions of it as concerns the Admi. 6. GENERAL CHART from ENGLAND nistration of Justice in the King's Courts in India. By

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phical Positions of all Places in the above Maps. In one royal 8vo. Price £1, lls.6d,

vol. 12mo., price 10s. boards.

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