Women in Modern Albania: Firsthand Accounts of Culture and Conditions from Over 200 Interviews

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McFarland & Company, 1998 - Всего страниц: 302
Upon her arrival in Tirana, Albania, in April 1994, the author found a city unlike any other she had experienced. Rotting trash was piled in the center of the streets, animals shared the rutted roads with cars, and housing, when it could be found, was crowded and crumbling. But she found a people full of optimism, particularly the women.
Despite the subservient role forced by tradition on nearly all Albanian women, they have increasingly become the foundation upon which the country exists. Not only are they responsible for caring for extended households, these women are now also becoming vital parts of the country's economy. Most importantly, however, they maintain a faith in Albania that belies the country's turbulent past and widely predicted future. Through interviews with over 200 Albanian women, this work is an insightful, often poignant, look at a country that remains a mystery to most in the West.

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Perhaps no area of the world is so mysterious or unknown to Americans than the Balkans. We hear the word and have a vague idea that it might have something to do with Russia and yet Americans mostly ... Читать весь отзыв


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Post lived in Albania when military upheaval forced her to evacuate.

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