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Aar. No more, great emperess, Bassianus comes : Be cross with him ; and I'll go fetch thy sons To back thy quarrels, whatsoe'er they be. [Exit.

Enter BASSIANUS, and LAVINIA. Bas. Whom have we here? Rome's royal emperess, Unfurnishid of her well-beseeming troop? Or is it Dian, habited like her; Who hath abandoned her holy groves, To see the general hunting in this forest ?

Tam. Saucy controller of our private steps ! 230 Had I the power, that, some say, Dian had, Thy temples should be planted presently With horns, as was Acteon's; and the hounds Should drive upon thy new-transformed limbs, Unmannerly intruder as thou art !

Lav. Under your patience, gentle emperess, 'Tis thought you have a goodly gift in horning; And to be doubted, that your Moor and you Are singled forth to try experiments : Jove shield your husband from his hounds to-day! 'Tis pity, they should take him for a stag. 241

Bas. Believe me, queen, your swarth Cimmerian Doth make your honour of his body's hue, Spotted, detested, and abominable. Why are you sequester'd from all your train ? Dismounted from your snow-white goodly steed, And wander'd hither to an obscure plot, Accompanied with a barbarous Moor, If foul desire had not conducted you?


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M"WELLS in the Chamcter of LAVINIA .

Under your patience pouble Imporegi,

Printed for John Bell Hritish Library Strand London Aug: 241785.

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