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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1851,


In the Clerk's office for the Northern District of New York.


Aldrich agt. Lapham and others, ......

129 Alger agt. Scoville and others and the Dutchess County Iron Co.,. 131 Andrews and others agt. Durant and others,..

191 Anonymous,....

160 Anibal agt Hunter.

255 Abbey agt. Abbey,

340 Barber agt. Crossett, .

45 Barnum agt. The Seneca County Bank, .....

82 Buffalo and State Line Rail Road Co. agt. Reynolds and wife, ... 96 Blake agt. Locy, ......

108 Brokaw and Halsted agt. Bridgman,.

114 Ball agt. The Syracuse and Utica Rail Road Co.,. ...

198 Baker agt. Hoag,...

201 Benedict agt. Seymour,

298 Brown agt. Brown and others,.

320 Benedict and others agt. Dake,.

352 Brown agt. Orvis,

376 Bank of British North America agt. Suydam and others,.... 379 Buddington agt. Davis and others,.....

401 •Blood agt. Wilder,

446 Crofts agt. Rockefeller and others,...

9 Coit agt. Coit,.....

53 Comstock agt. Olmstead Administrator,. Corning & Winslow agt. Troy Iron and Nail Factory and Burden, 89 Colver Appellant agt. Van Valen Respondent,..

102 Close agt. Van Husen,

157 Cook and others agt. Rawdon,....

233 Corwin agt. Freeland and others,

241 Church agt. Rhodes and others,..

281 Craig agt. Fanning......

336 Chappel agt. Skinner....

338 Chubbuck agt. Morrison and others,

367 Cameron and McKay agt. Young...

372 Chapman agt. Webb and Raymond, .

390 Cole agt. Stevens,

424 Collins agt. Standish Jr.,



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Titles of Causes,


32 116 296 462 471

Dowling agt. Bush,
Dewey agt. Stewart and Blakeney,
Emerson and Crocker agt. Burney,.
Ellice agt. Van Rensselaer,.
Ellis agt. Jones,...
Eno agt. Crooke,......
Erickson agt. Compton,.
Ford agt. Monroe,..
Foster agt. Cleveland and others,
Fullerton agt. Taylor and others,
Flynn agt. The Hudson River Rail Road Co.....
Fellows and others agt. Sheridan and others,.
Graham agt. Stone,....
George survivor, &c. agt. McAvoy,.....
Getty agt. The Hudson River Rail Road Co.,
Gridley agt. Dagget and another,
Gray agt. Nellis,
Gelston agt. Marshall,..
Griffin and wife agt. Griffith and wife,
Gardiner and others agt. Clark, ..


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13 , 277

Hicks agt. Hinde and Beardsley,......
Hornfager and others agt. Hornfagers,
Higgins agt Allen,......
Hutchinson agt. Brand,
Holbrook agt. Homer,..
Haines agt. Davis and Lansing,.
Hopkins agt. Everett,..
Harris and others agt. Whitney and others,.
Heller agt. Heller,..
Holmes agt. Slocum,.
Harris agt. Bennett,
Howell agt. Fraser and others,..
Howe agt. Peckham,......
Hornfager agt. Hornfager,...
Hunt agt. Meacham,....
Harlow agt. Haniilton and wife and Moore,.
Inglehart Adm'r agt. Johnsons,..
In the matter of Dennis Moss for taxation of costs,.
Jordan agt. Garrison,
Jewett and wife agt. Jewett,.
Jones and others agt. Porter and others,.
Jackson agt. McBurney,...


30 .73

86 118 159 175 194 217 220 221 229 279 400 475

80 263

6 185 286 408

Titles of Causes.

King agt. Stafford and another,
Kanouse, agt. Martin, .......
King agt. The Utica Insurance Co.,....
Kellogg agt. Olmsted and others,

127 240 485 487

Lewis agt. Kendall,
Lucas agt. Johnson and others, ......
Lane and Laing agt. Morse and Studley,....

59 121 394

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Morse plaintiff in error agt. Keyes defendant in error,

18 McCarthy agt. Hancocks,...

28 Moule agt. Macedon and Bristol Plank Road Co.....

37 Moore Ex'r, &c. agt. Thayer Public Admi’r, &c....

47 Masters agt. Barnard,.

113 Mitchell agt. Weeds,..

128 Minor agt. Terry, Reader and Geere,

208 Milliken and others agt. Byerly,.....

214 Mann and others agt. Tyler and others,

235 Mitchell agt. Westervelt,...

265 Mersereau agt. Pearsall,.

293 Masten agt. Scovill,..

315 Montgomery agt. Ellis,.

326 Merritt agt. Slocum,.

350 Morewood and others agt. Corporation of New York,

386 Morse agt. Evans,......

445 Malcolm and Gaul agt. Miller and Miller,

456 Mason agt. Brown,....

481 Nestle agt. Jones late Sheriff of Montgomery,......

172 Newbury agt. Newbury,..

182 Nichols agt. Jones,.....

355 Nellis agt. De Forrest,

413 Noxon agt. Bentley,...

418 People ex rel. Shipman agt. Overseers of the Poor of Barton,..... 25 Pike agt. Van Wormer,

99 Perkins and Brown agt. Warren,

341 Purdy agt. Carpenter and Ferris,

361 Perry agt. Livingston and others,...

404 Porter agt. Lee,.....


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Rae agt. The Washington Mutual Insurance Co.,......
Rogers agt. Rathbone,
Rensselaer and Washington Plank Road Co. agt. Wetsel,
Robinson agt. Weeks,.
Robb agt. Jewell.....

21 66 68 161 276

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