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Address to the Dissenters of England on the Subject of Tithes . . . 281

Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary. Edited by Beatson and Ellis .... 69

Alhambra, The, by Geoffry Crayon 1

Annuals for 1833 444.540

Anti-Slavery Society's Reporter, No. 99 187

Record 385

Barton's, Lucy, Bible Letters, for Children 181

Bloomfield's Greek Testament, with English Notes, Critical, Philological, and

Exegetical 165

Burtons Greek Testament, with English Notes it.

-Sequel to Remarks upon Church Reform; with Observations upon the

Flan proposed by Lord Henley 525

Chalmers, Dr., on Political Economy, in Connexion with the Moral State and

Moral Prospects of Society 44

Cobbin's Child's Commentator on the Holy Scriptures 182

Correspondence, " The Forged Clause " in the Twentieth Article . . . 557

Cruden's Concordance. With Life by Youngman 84

Daughter of Jephthah: a Poem 226

David: a Poem ii.

Dove's Life of Andrew Marvell 416

Dwight's Theology, in one Volume 89

Earle's Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand . . . 239

Eyre's Illustration of the Epistles of St. Paul, including an entirely New

Translation 97

Fletcher's Discourse on the Miraculous Gifts of the Primitive Churches and Mo-
dern Pretensions 91

Fourteen Reasons why Dissenters should not submit to have their Marriages cele-

brated at the Altar .'.'... 362

Fry's Brief Inquiry into the Question, Whether the Clergy of the Church of

England can reasonably and conscientiously consent to the Receiving of Tithes 525

Fuller s, Rev.'A, Works; with Memoir of his Life, by A. G. Fuller . . 523

Gahagan's Rhyme Version of the Liturgy Psalms 405

Girdlestone's Letter on Church Reform, addressed to the Regius Professor of

Divinity at Oxford; with one Remark on the Plan of Lord Henley . . 525

Greisley's Life and Pontificate of Gregory VII 369

Harrison's Christmas Tales .' 540

Harry's Humble Attempt to answer the important Question, "What think ye of

Christ?" . '...181

Henley's, Lord, Plan of Church Reform. With a Letter to the King . . 525

Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity and other Works. With Introduction, Life of Cartwright, Notes, &c. by Benjamin Hanbury 281

Irving's Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada 1

James's History of Charlemagne 310

Jay's Evening Exercises for the Closet 86

Jeremie's Four Essays on Colonial Slavery 385

Jesse's Gleanings in Natural History 73

Jonah: a Poem .',.'.'. . . . . . . ..226

Journeys of tlie Children* of Israel; and their Settlement in the Promised Land 181

Landscape Illustrations of Sir W. Scott's Works ft.

Latrobe's Pedestrian: a Summer's Ramble in the Tyrol .... 493

Law's, Bp., Reflections upon Tithes, with a Plan for a General Commutation of

the same . . . . . . .'525

Lee's, Prof., Brief Inquiry into the Question, Whether a Christian can reasonably

and conscientiously object to the Payment of Tithes .... $.

Leifchild's Shaking of the Nations. A Sermon 91

Liberia Herald 335

Liddiard's Three Months' Tour in Switzerland and France .... 493

Lindley's Outline of the First Principles of Horticulture .... g6o


Literary Intelligence . . . . . . 94. 180.280.865.462.559.

London and Birmingham Railway Bill 187

Low's Grammar of the Thai or Siamese Language ..... 197

Maltby's, Bp., Sermons 173

Maries' History of the Domination of the Arabians and Moors in Spain and

Portugal 1

Marsh's Book of Psalms translated into English Verse ..... 405

Martineau's, Harriet, Illustrations of Political Economy . . . 44, 328

M'Culloch's Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Navigation . . 209

Memoir of the Life of the Rev. Matthias Bruen, of New Yort .... S3

Millhouse's Destinies of Man 349

Milton's, Viscount, Address to the Land-Owners of England, on the Corn Laws . 436

Minstrelsy of the Woods, The, by the Author of "The Wild Garland" . . 73

Montgomery's, R., Messiah. A Poem in Six Books 226

Moody's, Mrs, Enthusiasm, and other Poems 275

Morison's Self-existence of Jehovah pledged for the ultimate Revelation of his

Glory to all Nations 91

Murray's Researches in Natural History ....... 73

North American Review. No. LXXVI. Art. American Colonization Society . 385
Observations on the Law of Population. By the Author of Reflections on the

present State of British India 828

Present State of the Established Church, an Apology for Secession. By a Se-

ceding Clergyman 93

Palmer's Protestant Dissenter's Catechism. With Appendix, by William New-

man, D.D 281

Parent's, The, Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction 863

Reformer, The. By the Author of " Massenburg." 148

Report of the Board of Managers of the Pennsylvania Colonization Society . 885

Proceedings of the African Education Society .... id,

Rogers's Parliamentary Reform Act; with Notes, Tables, £c 267

Rutherfoord's Maternal Sketches ........ 262

Sadler's Sufferings of Factory Children 328

Safe and easy Steps towards an efficient Church Reform: more efficient than that

of Lord Henley. By a Clergyman of the Church of England . . . 525

Scripture Illustrations, for the Young . 181

Sims's Model of Non-Secular Episcopacy . ...... 281

Sherwood's, Mrs., Scripture Prints, with Explanations 181

Shuttleworth's Consistency of the whole Scheme of Revelation with Itself and with

Human Reason 247

Slaney's Outline of the smaller British Birds 73

Statham's Indian Recollections . .168

Stovel's Letter to the Rt. Honourable Lord Henley 525

Taylor's Useful Geometry 36

. Natural History of Religion 357

Tod's, Col. J, Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan, Vol. II 120

Tomlin's Journal of a Nine Months'Residence in Siam . . . . 197

Truth of Revelation demonstrated by an Appeal to existing Monuments, Sculp-
tures, Gems, Coins, and Medals. By a Fellow of several learned Societies . 14

Two Letters by Fiat Justitia 281

Valpy's New Testament; with English Notes, Critical, Philological, and Expla-
natory 465

Vaughan's Memorials of the Stuart Dynasty ...... 189

Christian Warfare Illustrated 426

Wood's Angel Visits and other Poems . . 322

Woods's, Dr., Lectures on the Inspiration of the Scriptures .... 156

Works recently published 06.188. 280.368. 464. 560



For JULY, 1832.

Art. I.—1. The Alhambra. By Geoffrey Crayon. In 2 Vols. 8vo. pp. 640. London, 1832.

2. A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada. From the MS. of Fray Antonio Agapida. By Washington Irving. In 2 Vols. 8vo. pp.851. London, 1829.

3. Histoire de la Domination, &c ...... History of the Domination

of the Arabians and the Moors in Spain and Portugal, from their Invasion to their final Expulsion. Edited from the History translated from the Arabic into Spanish by M. Joseph Conde. By M. de Maries. 3 Vols. 8vo. pp. 1430. Paris, 1825.

are no sections of Modern History more interesting than those which relate to the gallant and extensively successful attempts of the Moslem to effect the conquest of Europe. On all the salient points of the European continent, they laid a stern and strenuous grasp; and they hold to this day the ancient empire of Byzantium. They long maintained flourishing colonies in Calabria; and their Spanish dominion threatened at one time to give them power and occasion for the subjugation of France and Italy. Proud was the wreath which encircled the brow of Charles Martel, when he had gained 'the battle of the civilized world'; and the victory of Tours might well have disarmed the mean malice of the monks whose very existence he saved, and who acquitted themselves of their debt, by anathematizing the memory of the man who rescued them from destruction, but who refused to be their vassal.

But there was a remarkable difference between the tribes, or rather the two races, which, under the common law of Islam, thus

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