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364 Tear of our Lord
that sent me, and to
There are yet four Mont
bold, I say unto you, L
Selds; for they are whit
that respeth receiveth
eternal: that both het

may rejoice together.
Obe loweth, and another
that whereon ye beftowed
board, and ye are entre

any of the Samaritans of
faying of the Woman, whi
erer I did. 40. So when
En, they befought him,
and he abode there two days
because of his own Word:
Now we believe, not becau

beard him our felves, and
Chrift, the Saviour of the
days he departed thence, a
Jeles himself teftified, that
En country. 45. Then w
be Galileans received him,
od at Jerufalem at the feaft

Teaft. 45. So Jefus came ag be made the Water Wine.

Joh. 19. 4. I have glorified
thee on Earth I have had the
Work with thou garcit me to do.

** Mist. 3 37. The E oce the
18 is pione, but the Labourets 5
are few. Luk. 10. 2 The For
suf truly issue, but the Labour-
ers are few
Mat. 10. T. The

arty of his Meat

"Beltza. God having proided me better thing for DS that they without as should not be made perfect

Joh. 1.8 - Have a 15

( That is, the Prophets forst Bait prepared the People for Bebetande, and for bude the Apollo



nan [Or, Courtier, or, Ruler], whose son was sick naum. 147. When he heard that Jesus was come ea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besough he would come down ard heal his Son: for he w point of death. 48. Then said Jesus unto him, E ee i signs and wonders, ye will not believe. 49. T lan faith unto him, Sir, come down; ere my chil Jesus faith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. nan believed the Word that Jesus had spoken unto he went his way. 51. And as he was now going ervants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son 1 Then enquired he of them the hour when he began 1: and they said unto him, Yesterdav at the se the fever left him. 53. So the e fame hour, in the which h; and himself believ is again the second ir out of Judea into wazalis

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