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and dwelt in Charran: and from thence, when his father was dead, he removed him into this land wherein ye na dwell. 5. And he gave him no inheritance in it, non so much as to set his foot on : yet he promised that he wou give it to him for a posseffion, and to his ? Seed after his b when as yet he had no child. 6. And God fpake on the wile, that his feed should fojourn in a strange land, that they should bring them into bondage, and (1) ima theın evil 4 four hundred years. 7. And the nation1 whom they shall be in bondage, will I judge said God: after that shall they come forth, and serve me in (2) place. 8. And he gave him the covenant of circumciła

go into the Land of Canaan; and that is not theirs, shall serve the they came unto Haran, and dwelt and they shall affli& them font ta there.

dred Years. But in the fourth at Gen. 12. 7. The Lord ap- neration they shall come híther peared unto Abram, and said, Un- s gain. to tley Seed will I give this Land. d+ Exod. 12. 40. Now the of Gen. 13:15. All the Land which journing of the Children of I thou feest, to thee will I give it, who dwelt in Egypt, was few and to thy Secd for ever.

dred and thirty Years. + Gal; o Gen. 15. 3, 18. Abram said, 1. The Covenant that was confir Behold, to me thou hast given no before of God in Christ, the Seed. In that same Day, the which was four Hundred and te Lord made a Covenant with A. Tears after cannot difanul. bram, saying, Unto thy Seed have et Gen. 17.9, JO, 11. God I given this Land, from the River , unto Abraham, Thou fliale is of Egypt unto the great River, my Covenant therefore, thou the River Euphrates.

thy Seed after thee in their ct Gen. 15:13, 16. He said unto rations. This is my Casa Abram, Know of a furety, that thy which ye shall keep between Seed shall be a Stranger in a Land 20

(1) This Computacion includes not only the Time when the Pofs of Abraham were in a&tual Bondage in Egypt,but likewise the Time be when they sojourned in the Land of Promise, as in a strange Country, L. 1.9. For they were then in an unsettled and fuffering Condition. Stephen's Computation is the same with that, Gen. 15. 13. and commer from the Birch of isaac ; St. Paul's, Gal. 3.17. is 430 Years, the fame Exod, 12.40, which begins thirty Years before Isaac's Birth, at the 1 when the Promise was made to Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees, Gesa 1. The 430 Years are thus reckoned ; in Haran five Years; in C eleven ; fourteen Years of ihmuel's Age when Ifaac was born ; berwa the Birch of Isaac and Jacob were fixty Years; from Jacob's Birth to Seph's was ninety Years; thence to Jofeph's Death, one Hundred and Years; thence to the Birth of Mofes, fixty Years; when the Children Israel came out of Egypt Mofes was eighty Years old ; in all, 4301 See Bp. Kidder on Gen. 15.13. and Exod. 12. 40. .. .

(2) That is, the Land of Canaan, to which they were to return, where St. Stephen was when he made his Defence..

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house. 11. Now there came a' dearth over all the lania Egypt and Chanaan, and great affliction; and our fatha found no fuftenance. 12. But when Jacob heard that the was ó corn in Egypt, he sent out our fathers first. 13. A at the second time Joseph was made known to his brethe and Josephs kindred was made known unto Pharaoh. Then fent Jofeph, and called his father Jacob to him, all his kindred; (1) d threescore and fifteen Souls. e Jacob went down into Egypt, and died, he and out thers. 16. And 8 were carried over into Sychem, and I

a to Gen. 41. 54. And the seven into Egypt, were threescore and Years of Dearth began to come, † Deut. 10. 22. Thy Fathens according as Joseph had said : and down into Egypt with form the Dearib wus in all Lands; but and ten Persons; and not in all the Land of Egypt there was s Lord thy God hath made the Bread. Pfal. 105. 16 Moreover, the Stars of Heaven for More he called for a Famine upon the Tude. Land; he brake the whole Staffe * Gen. 46. s. Jacob rose of Bread.

from Beersheba: and the Sozi b. Gen. 42. 2. Behold, I have 10 lsrael carried Jacob their Fathers heard that there is Corn in Egypt, their little Qnes, and their Wie get you down thither, and buy us the Waggons which Pharaoa from thence; that we may live sent to carry him. and not die.

. f* Gen. 49. 33. When Jach C* Gen.45. 4, 16. Jofeph faid 15 made an end of Commanding unto his Brethren, Come near to Sons, he gathered up his Feeri me, I pray you; and they came the Bed, and yielded up the G near : and he faid, I am Jofeph your and was gathered unto his Brother, whom ye fold into Egypt. ple. And the Fame thereof was heard 20' 8 + Gen. 23. 16. Abraham te in Pharaohs Houfe, saying, Jofephs ened unto Epbron, and Abrah Brerbren are come.

weighed unto Ephron the Silver dt Gen. 46. 27. - All the Souls' he had named, in the Audien: of the House of Jacob, which came

(1) There is some Difference between the Account of Moses in the ferences, and that of St. Stephen here; but this will be na unfurman able Difficulty, when it is considered, that the Delign of Moses seems be, to number Jacob and those that proceeded out of his Loins; wha as St. Stephen's Design was not to number Jacob's Family, but the Park Jofcpb sent for into Egypt. This takes in their Kindred, that is, de Wives, as well as the Descendants from Jacob. Among the threeld and fifteen, Jacob, the Head of the Family, is not reckoned, nor Jofre, his two Sons, because they were already in Egypt., But the threesome fifteen may be thus computed : Joseph's Brethren and their Wives their Children 52, and their Sister Dinah, which makes up the Num before mentioned. There are other Solutions of this place. See 2 Whitby's Commene. Særenhufius on the Texts cited out of the Old stament in the New, pag. 407. Also Dr. Lightfoot's Works, Vol. I 490, 781.

1) Tepulchre that Abraham bought for a sum of mohe fons of Emmor the Father of Sychem. 17. But when me of the promise drew nigh, which God had fivorn

ham, the people grew and i multiplied in Egypt, I another king arole, which knew not Jofeph. 19. ine dealt subtilly with our kindred, and evil in

our fathers, so that they k cast out their young in to the end they might not live. 20. In which Loles was born, and was * exceeding · fair, [Or,

fair i of Heth, four Hundred Parcel of Ground which Jacob of Silver, current Money bought of the Sons of Hamor the e Merchant. t Gen. 33. Father of Shechem, for an hundred cob] bought a Parcel of a Pieces of Silver; and it became here he had spread his sche Inheritance of the Children of

the Hand of the Children'Joseph. Jr, Shechems Father, for an b Gen. 15. 13. He said unto A

Pieces of Money. Gen. bram, Know of a furety, that thy [(Jacob) will lie with my Seed shall be a Stranger in a Land and thou shalt carry me out, that is not theirs, and shall serve , and bury me in their bury-' them, and they shall affli&t them ce. Gen.49. 29. (Jacob) four hundred Years. them, and said unto them, it Exod. 1,7. The Children of be gathered unto my Peo- Ifrael were fruitful, and increased try me with my Fathers, in 15 abundantly, and multiplied, and waxve that is in the field of ed exceeding Mighty; and the , the Hittite. Gen. 50. 13. Land was filled with them. Exod. cob's] Sons carried him in- 1. 12, 20. The more they alflicted Land of Canaan, and buried them, the more they multiplied and i the Cave of the Field of grew. The People multiplied, ah, which Abraham bought and waxed exceeding Mighty. je Field for a Possession of a T Pfal. 105. 24. He increased his g-place, of Ephron the Hito People greatly, and made them fore Mamre + Exod. 13. Stronger than their Enemies. oses took the Bones of Joseph k | Exod. 1. 22. Pharaoh charge aim: for he had strait-25 ed his Pemple, l'aying, Every son in the Children of Israel, that is born ye Thall cafè into the , God will surely visit you, River, and every Daughter ye shall

shall carry up my Bones a. lave alive. ence with you. † Jolh. 24.30 l * Exod. 2. 2. The Woman con1e Bones of Joseph, which the ceived and bare a Son: and when ren of Israel brought out of the faw him that he was a goodly , buried they in Shechem, in a

Child, I have fet down the Texts relating to this Subject. To speak to Difficulties arising from hence, would carry me too far from my

Design. Those who would satisfie themselves, may consult the ors referred to in the former Note ; also the Ellay for a new Tran. n of the Bible, Part II. pag. 140. Dr. Lighrfoot proves that the s of all the Patriarchs, as well as Joseph's, were brought out of Egypt, juried at Sichem, Vol I. p.781, 782.


fair to God], and nourished up in his fathers house the months : 21. And when he was cast out, Pharaohs daug ter took him up, and nourished him for her own for And Moles was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptia and was mighty in words and in deeds. 23. And when was full forty years old, it came into his heart to visit brethren the children of Israel. 24. And seeing one of

fuifer wrong, he defended him, and avenged him that we oppreffed, and smote the Egyptian. 25. * For [Or, 2007 fuppoled his brethren would have understood, how that Go by luis hand would deliver them ; but they underfood 20. And the next day he shewed himself unto them as the ati ove, and would have fet them at one again, saying, Sim ye are e brethren ; why do ye wrong one to another? But he that did his neighbour wrong, thrust him away, la iug, Who made thee a fruler and a judge over us? 28. W thou kill me as thou didst the Egyptian yesterday? Then fled Moses at this saying, and was a stranger in t land of Madian, where he begat two sons. 30. And why forty years were expired, there appeared to him in the derness of mount Sina, an 5 angel of the Lord in a flame fire in a bush. 31. When Mofes faw it, he wondred at fight: and as he drew near to behold it, the voice of L Lord came unto him, 32. Saying, I am h the God of the

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Child, The hid him three Months. was grown, that he went out * Heb. 11. 23. By Faith Mofes, his Brethren, and looked on d when he was born, was hid three Burdens : and he efpied an Es Months of his Parents, because tian Smiting an Hebrew, one of they saw he was a properChild ; and s Brethren. And, he flew the they were not afraid of the Kings gyprian. Commandment.

e Gen. 13. 8. Abram faid a Exod. 2. 5. And the Daughter Lot, Let there be no ftrife, 1 of Pharaoh came down to wash thee, between me and thee, and her self at the River, and her so tween my Herdmen, and thy Real Maidens walked along by the Ri- men: for we be Brethren. '*EX ver side: and when she saw the 2.13. When he went out the Ark among the Flags, she sent her cond Day, behold, two Mes Maid to fetch it.

the Hebrews strove togethel bi King. 4. 30. And Solomons is and he said to him that did Wisdom excelled all the Wisdom Wrong, Wherefore smitef the of Egypt.

thy Fellow ? cť Luk. 24. 19. -Concerning * See on Mat. 21. 23. Jefus of Nazareth, which was a &* Exod. 3. 2. The Angel of Prophet mighty in Deed and Word 20 Lord appeared unto him in a Fire before God and all the People of Fire out of the Bulk

d* Exod. 2. 11, 12. It came to See on Mat. 12. 32. pass in those Days, when Mofes

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