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unto life. 25. Verily verily I say unto you, The hour coming, and now is, when the a dead shall hear the voice the Son of God: and they that hear fhall live. 26.1 as the Father hath life in himself; fo hath he given tog Son to have life in himself; 27. And hath given him. thority to execute Judgment also, d because he is the Sor man. 28. Marvel' not at this: for the hour is comi in the which all that are in the e graves shall hear

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* Ecclesiastic. 48. 1. Then stood bear witness of my felf, and up Elias the Prophet as fire, and his Fulber that sent me bearetha Word 'burnt like a Lamp.

of me. Joh.9.32,33 Since the bt 2 Pet. I 19. We have also a began wasit nor heard that an more fure Word of Prophecy, 5 opened the Eyes of the Blind. whereunto ye do well that ye take Man were not of God, he could heed, as unto a Light that shinethe thing. Joh. 1 2.28.Father,glorin in a dark Place,until the Day dawn, Name. Then came there a Vold and the DayStar arife in your Hearts. Heaven, saying, I have both See on Mat. 13.20.

10 it, and will glorifie it again. do 1 Joh. 5.9. If we receive the &* Deut. 4. 12. fill Witness of Men, the Witness of God 17. to Joh. 4. 12. See on Jody is greater: for this is the Witnel's ht Ira. 8. 20. † Ifa. 34 of God, which he hath teftified of + A&s 17.11. See on Luk. his Son.

Is it Deut. 18. 15. See on et Joh. 10. 25. --The Works that 24. 27. and on Joh. 1.45. I do in my Father's Name, they k Joh. 1. Is. He came unte bear witness of me.

own, and his own received hia f * Mat. 17. 5. See on Mat. 3. 20joh 3. 19. This is the Conden 17. Joh. 8. 18. I am one that of him to the World). But he did not appeal to his Testimony a own Account, or for his own sake, but for theirs, that they bele the Testimony cf such a competent and sufficient Witness, might be for

(1) If we consider thefe Words, asípoken to the Persons then pre they have no difficulty in them; for they might never hear any from Heaven, as some others did, Mat. 3:17. Joh. 12. 28. Andi consider them with reference to the whole Nation of the Jews, thou Voice from Heaven had been heard by some of them, it does not for that it was the true natural Voice of God, who has not any Orga! Speech. But a Voice being framed in the Air, it might be suppolet be the Voice of God, tho' God probably made use of fome Angel in Formation of that found. Some think that the voice the Bapti na and the Voice which Moses and the People heard when the Law was en, was Angelical, the Apostl , Gal. 3. 19 saying, that the Law was dained by Angels in the hand of a Mediator.

(2) At the 441h Versc of the 6th Chapter our Lord fays, NI NA come to me except the Father draw him ; and here he complains that would not come tobim that i bey might bave Life; which Places explana

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