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The Priests were divided by David into Twenty four Courses, ron. 24. 3, 4. One of these courses attended on the Service of the aple every Week. And there being many in every course, it was de. lined by Lot who should burn Incense before the Lord. Each Courie their turn, according to the Order appointed, came in on the Sabbath » and went out the Sabbath following:

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what manner of falutation this fhould be. 30. And Angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary : for thou haft fou favour with God. 31. And behold, thou shalt b conce in thy womb, and bring forth a fon, and shalt call his way Jesus. 32. ^ He shall be great, and thall be called the of the Highest; and f the Lord God shall give unto him + Throne of his father Davit. 33. And he shall reignol

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