The Audio Dictionary: Third Edition, Revised and Expanded

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University of Washington Press, 1 окт. 2011 г. - Всего страниц: 516

The Audio Dictionary is a comprehensive resource, including historical, obsolete, and obscure as well as contemporary terms relating to diverse aspects of audio such as film and TV sound, recording, Hi-Fi, and acoustics.

The Third Edition includes four hundred new entries, such as AAC (advanced audio coding), lip synch, metadata, MP3, and satellite radio. Every term from previous editions has been reconsidered and often rewritten. Guest entries are by Dennis Bohn, cofounder and head of research and development at Rane Corporation, and film sound expert Larry Blake, whose credits include Erin Brockovich and Ocean's Eleven. The appendixes--tutorials that gather a lifetime's worth of experience in acoustics--include both new and greatly expanded articles.


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Appendix 1 The Art and Science of Good Acoustics
Appendix 2 Some Frequently Used Symbols and Units
Appendix 3 How to Subdue a HiFi Salesperson
Appendix 4 Good Acoustics in Small Roomsand Auditoria
Appendix 5 Some Notes on Audio Measurements
Appendix 6 The Balanced Line
Appendix 7 Some Notes on Digital Audio
Appendix 8 Musical Scales and the Tuning of Musical Instruments
Appendix 9 Some Notes on the History of High Fidelity
Appendix 10 Some Notes on Decimal and Binary Arithmetic as Used in ComputerTerminology
Appendix 11 Some Notes on Impedance and Frequency Response
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Glenn D. White has been a freelance recording engineer for more than thirty years, specializing in instrumentation for acoustic and vibration measurements. His clients include the University of Washington, Vassar College, Rutgers University, and the Boeing Company. Gary J. Louie has been the music recording specialist at the University of Washington School of Music for over twenty-five years. His recordings have been released on labels including Harmonia Mundi, Musical Heritage Society, and Warner Brothers. He is secretary of the Pacific Northwest Section of the Audio Engineering Society.

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