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Chubs has had some bruise upon his tail,and that looks like a white spot; that very

Club I mean to catch; fit you but down in the shade, and stay but a little while,and I'l warrantyou I'l bring him to you.

viat. I'l sit down and hope well, because


seem to be so confident.

Pisc. Look you Sir, there he is, that very Chub that I shewed

you, with the white spoton his tail; and I'l be as certain to make him a good dish of meat, as I was to catch him. I'l now lead you to an honest Alehouse, where we shall find a cleanly room, Lavender in the windowes, and twenty Ballads stuck about the wall ;



Hostis (which I you,

is both cleanly and conveniently handsome has drest many a one for me, and shall now dress it after my fashion, and I warrant it good meat. viat.Come Sir, with all


may tel

my heart,


for I begin to be hungry, and long to be at it,and indeed to rest my self too; for though I have walked but four miles this morning, yet I begin to be weary; yester dayes hunting hangs stil upon me.

Pisc. Wel Sir,and you shal quickly be at rest, for yonder is the

house I mean to bring you to.

Come Hoftis, how do you ? wil you first give us a cup


your best Ale, and then dress this Chub,

drest my last, when I and my friend were here about eight orten daies ago? but you must do me one courtesie, it must be done instantly.

Hoft. I wil do it, Mr. Pifcator, and with all the speed I can. Pifc. Now Sir, has not


Hoftis made hafte? and does not the fish look lovely?

viat. Both, upon my word Sir, and therefore lets say Grace and fall to eating of it.

Pisc. Wel

as you

Pisc. Well Sir, how do you like it ?

viat. Trust me,'tis as good meat. as ever I tasted: now let me thank you for it, drink to you, and beg a courtesie of you; but it must not be deny'd me. Pisc. What is it, I pray


you are so modest, that me thinks I may promise to grant it before it is asked.

viat. Why Sir, it is that from henceforth you wil allow me to call you Master, and that really I may be your Scholer, for

you are such a companion, and have so quickly caught, and so excellently cook'd this fish, as makes me ambitious to be your scholer.

Pisc. Give me your hand: from this time forward I wil beyour Master, and teach you as much of this Art as I am able; and will, as you desire tel somewhat of the nature of some of the fish which we

E 2




are to Angle for; and I am sure I Thal tel you more then every Angler

yet knows.

how you

And first I will tel

you shall catch such a Chub as this was;& then how to cook him as this was; I could not have begun to teach you to catch any fith more easily then this fish is caught; but then it must be this particularway, and this

you must do:

your hook

Go to the same hole, where in most hot days you will finde floting neer the top of the water, at least a dozen or twenty Chubs; get a Grafbopper or two as you goe, and get secretly behinde the tree, put it then upon your hook, and let your hang a quarter of a yard short of the top of the water,and 'tis very likely that the shadow of your rod, which you must rest on the tree, will cause the Chubs to sink down to the bottom with fear; for they be a very fearfulfish, and the shadow of a bird

up to

flying over them will make them do
so; but they will presently rise
the top again, and there lie foaring
till some shadow affrights them a-
gain : when they lie upon


top of the water, look out the best Chub, which you setting your self in a fit place, may very easily doe, and move your Rod as softly as a Snail moves, to that Chub


intend to catch; let your bait fall gently upon the water three or four inches before him, and he will infallibly take the bait, and you will be as sure to satch him; for hee is one of the leather-mouth'd fishes, of which a hook does scarce ever lose his hold: and therefore give him play enough before you offer to take him out of the water. Go your way presently, take my rod, and doe as I bid you, and I will fit down and mend my tackling till you return back.

viat. Truly, my loving Master, you have offered mee as fair as I

E 3 could


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