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my honest Scholer, are some observations told to you as they now come suddenly into my memory, of which you may make some use: but for the practical part, it is that that makes an Angler; it is diligence, and observation, and

praEtice that must do it.




Ell, Scholer, I


have held you

too long about these Cadis,and my spirits are almost spent,and so I doubt is your patience; but being we are now within sight of Totenham, where I first met you, and where wee are to part, I will give you a little direction how to colour the hair of which you make your lines, for that is

needful to be known of an Angler; and also how to paint your rod, especially your top, for a right grown top is a choice Commoditie, and should be preserved from the water foking into it, which makes it in wet weather to be heavy, and fish ill favouredly. and also to rot quickly.


Take then

Take a pint of strong Ale, half a pound of foot, and a like quantity of thejuice of Walnut-tree leaves, and an equal quantitie of Allome, put these together into a pot, or pan, or pipkin, and boil them half an hour, and having so done, let it cool, and being cold put your hair into it, and there let it lye;it wil turn your hair to be a kind of water,or glass colour,or greenish, and the longer you let it lye,the deeper coloured it will bee; you might be taught to make many other colours, but it is to little purpose; for doubtlesse the water or glass coloured haire is the most choice and most useful for an Angler.

But if you desire to colour haire green, then doe it thus: Take a quart of smal Ale, halfe a pound of Allome, then put these into a pan or pipkin, and your haire into it with them, then put it upon a fire and let it boile softly for half an hour, and

then take out your hair, and let it dry, and having so done, then take a pottle of water,and put into it two handful of Mary-golds, and cover it with a tile or what you

think fit, and set it again on the fire, where it is to boil softly for half an hour, about which time the scum will turn yellow, then put into ithalf a pound of Copporis beaten smal, and with it the hair that you intend to colour, then let the hair be boiled softly till half the liquor be wasted,& then let it cool three or four hours with

your hair in it; and you are to observe, that the moreCopporis you put into it,thegreenerit will be, but doubtless the pale green is best; butif you defire yellow hair (which is only good when the weeds rot) then put in the more Mary-golds, and abate most of the Copporis or leave itout, and take a little Verdigreece in stead of it.

This for colouring your hair. And as for painting your rod, which must


be in Oyl, you must first make a size with glue and water, boiled together until the glue be dissolved, and the size of a lie colour; then strike your size upon the wood with a bristle brush or pensil, whilst it is hot: that being quite dry, take white lead, and a little red lead, and a little cole black, so much as all together will make an ash colour, grind these all together with Linseed oyle, letit be thick,and lay it thin upon the wood with a brush or pensil, this do for the ground of any colour to lie upon wood.

For a Green. Take Pink and Verdigreece, and grind them together in Linseed oyl, as thick as you can well grind it, then lay it smoothly on with your brush, and drive it thin, once doing for the moit part will serve, if you lay it wel, and be sure your first colour be thoroughly dry, before you lay on a second.

• Well

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