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shat they both damp'd his mirth and took up so much of his time and thoughts, that he himselfe had not leisure to take the sweet content that I, who pretended no title, took in his fields; for Icould theresit quietly, and looking on the water, see fishes leaping at Flies of several shapes and colours; looking on the Hils, could behold them spotted with Woods and Groves; looking down the Meadows, could see here a Boy gathering Lillies and Ladyfmocks, and there a Girle cropping Culverkeys and cowslips, all to make Garlands futable to this pleasant Month of May; these and many other Field-flowers so perfum’d the air,that I thought this Meadow like the field in Sicily (of which Diodorus speaks) where the perfumes arising from the place, makes all dogs that hunt in it, to fall off and to lose their hottest sent. I say, as I thus sate joying in mine own happy condition, and pittying that rich mans that

ought ought this, and many other pleasant Groves and Meadows about


I did thankfully remember what my Saviour said, that the meek poless the carth; for indeed they are free from those high, those restless thoughts and contentions which corrode the sweets of life. For they, and they only,can say as the Poet has happily

exprest it.

Hail blest estate of poverty !
Happy enjoyment of such minds,

As rich in low contentedness.
Can, like the reeds in roughest winds,

By yeelding make that blow but smal At which proud Oaks and Cedars


Gentlemen, these were a part of the thoughts that then possest me, and I there made a conversion of a piece of an old Ketch, and added more to ii,fitting them to be sung by us Anglers : Come, Master, you can iing well, you must sing a part of it as it .


is in this paper,

P 4

The ANGLERS Song. Før Imo Vigel), Treble and Defe, CANTV S. M, Honry Lanes

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au's life is bue vainz Se'sis iubscono fain, and Carrows

and Mortas bubicz'cis a l:odgo rodge of bufires and noav,and

cheapd cakc,and nooy;and trouble. Betisc'l.sakcnocarcwhen the

weather proves fair, nossvallseves noiv though it rain;we:lbavillo

all Putriw, and sing till tomorrow.and Angle;a A1;loza galima

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An’slife is bur va aspor 'cis lubie&to fa ö and forrow,and

Thort as a buble sa hodge podge of business, and mony and care,

gad sarcsand nery,and troublog But we leki no care when she wca

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Pet. I marry Sir, this is Musick indeed, this has cheered my heart, and made me to remember fix Verses in praise of Musick, which I will speak to you instantly.

Mufick, miraculous Rhetorick, that speak'A sense
Without a tongue,excelling eloquence ;
With what ease might thy errors be excuf d
Wert thou as truly lov'd as th’art abus'd.
But though dull
souls neglect, and

some reprove thee, I cannot hate thee, 'cause the Angels love thec.

Piscat. Well remembred, brother Peter, these Verses came seasonably. Come, we will all joine together, mine Hofte and all, and sing my Scholers Ketch over again, and then each man drink the tother cup and to bed, and thank God we have a dry house over our heads. Pifc. Well now, good night to

every body.

Pet. And so say I.
Viat. And so say I.



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