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you, that

that weed in that Pond, and that that weed both breeds and fceds them; but whether those Pikes so bred willever breed by generation as the others do, I shall leave to the disquisitions of men of more curiofity and leisure then I profess my self to have; and shall proceed to tell

that you may fish for a Pike,either with a ledger,ora walking-bait; and

you are to note, that I call that a ledger which is fix’d, or made to rest in one certaine place when you shall be absent; and that I call that a walking bait, which you take with you,and have ever in motion. Concerning which two, I shall give you this direction, That your ledger bait is best to be a living bait, whether it be a fish or a Frog; and that you may make them live the longer, you may, or indeed you must take this course:

First, for your live bait of fi h, a Rochor Dace is (I think) bestand most

ten pting,

L 3

tempting, and a Pearch the longest liv'd on a hook; you must take

your knife, (which cannot be too sharp) and betwixt the head and the fin on his back, cut or make an insition,or such a scar as you may put the arming wyer of your hook into it, with as little bruising or hurting the fish as Art and diligence will enable you to do, and so carrying your arming wyer along his back, unto, or neer the tail of your fish, betwixt the skin and the body of it, draw out that wyer or arming of your hook at another scar neer to his tail ; then tye him about it with thred, but noharder then of necessitie you must to prevent hurting the fish; and the better to avoid hurting the fish, fome have a kind of probe to open the way, for the more easie entrance and passage of your wyer or arming: but as for these, time and a little experience will teach you better then I can by words; for of this I will for the


sent say no more, but come next to give you some directions how to bait your hook with a Frog.

Viat. But, good Master, did not you say even now, that some Frogs were venemous, and is it not dangerous to touch them?

Pisc. Yes, but I wil give you some Rules or Cautions concerning them: And first, you are to note, there is two kinds of Frogs; that is to say, (if I may so express my self) a fless and a fish-frog: by flesh frogs,I mean, frogs that breed and live on the land; and of these there be several forts and colours, some being peckled, some greenish, some blackish, or brown: the green Frog, which is a smal one, is by Topsell taken to be venemous; and so is the Parlock, or Frog-Padock, which usually keeps or breeds on the land, and is very large and bony, and big, especially the She frog of that kind; yet these wil sometime come into the water,


I 4

but it is not often; and the land frogs are some of them observed by him, to breed by laying eggs, and others to breed of the slime and dust of the earth, and that in winter they turn to slime again, and that the next Summer that very slime returns to

be a living creature; this is the oIn his 16th pinion of Pliny: and* Cardanus unBook, De dertakes to give reason for the rainSubtil.ex.

ing of Frogs; but if it were in my power, it should rain none but water Frogs, for those I think are not venemous, especially the right water Frog , which about February or March breeds in ditches by slime and blackish eggs in that Nime, about which time of breeding the He and She frog are observed to use divers simber salts, and to croke and make a noise,which the land frog,or Padock frog never does. Now of these water Frogs, you are to chuse the yellowest that

you can get, for that the Pike ever likes best. And thus use your


Frog, that he may continue long a

live :

Put your hook into his mouth, which

you may easily do from about the middle of April till August, and then the Frogs mouth grows up and he continues fo for at least fix months without eating, but is sustained, none, but he whose name is Wonderful, knows how. I say, put yourhook, I mean the arming wire, through his mouth and out at his gills, and then with a fine needle and Silk sow the upper part of his leg with only one stitch to the armed wire of your hook, or tie the frogs leg above the upperjoint to the armed wire, and in so doing use him as though you loved him, that is, harme him as little as you may possibly, that he


live the longer. And now, having given you

this direction for the baiting your ledger hook with a live fish or frog, my next must be to tell you, how your


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