Ukraine Since the Orange Revolution: A Business and Investment Review

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Marat Terterov
GMB Publishing Ltd, 2006 - Всего страниц: 61
This in-depth progress report on market reforms and the changes to law and commercial practice being instituted by UkraineOCOs new government, offers an insiderOCOs guide to the current investment climate and the risks and opportunities for foreign investors in Ukraine. It gages the opinions of economic and political analysts, lawyers and the foreign investor community on UkraineOCOs business and investment environment. The new governmentOCOs policy objectives included combating corruption and business cronyism, creating a more attractive environment for foreign investment, and moving Ukraine closer to the EU and the WTO. This report reviews progress so far and prospects for the future."

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The Political and Economic Environment
Recommendations for Improvements in
An Outlook and Ratings for Investing
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Dr. Marat Terterov holds a Ph.D. from St.Antonyâs College, Oxford. He is author of over a dozen books addressing the business environment in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. He recently co-authored a major USAID study evaluating privatization in Egypt and, as a consultant to the UK government, has advised British companies on Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries. He speaks frequently at the Centre for International Briefing and is author of academic articles on the Middle East and the former Soviet Union. He also holds a Chevening Scholarship. He has edited over a dozen books for Global Market Briefings on foreign investment in countries of the former Soviet Union, the Balkans and the Middle East, including Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia, Bahrain, Egypt and Libya.

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