Arab Attitudes to Israel

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Transaction Publishers, 1974 - Всего страниц: 551
4. Israel's Anti-Arab Activities -- a) General -- b) Israel As the Enemy of Arab Nationalism -- c) Israel As an Enemy of Social Progress -- d) Zionist Anti-Arab Propaganda -- 5. Favourable and Ambivalent References -- a) Modernity and Efficiency -- b) Unity -- c) Spiritual Values -- d) Ambivalence -- 6. Scurrility, Absurdity and Falsehood in Arab Statements -- a) Scurrility -- b) Measurement -- c) Absurdities -- d) Falsehood and Distortions -- CHAPTER 7. THE ARABS' SELF-IMAGE IN THE CONFLICT -- 1. The Self-Image -- a) Self-Criticism -- 2. History in the Light of the Self-image -- a) General -- b) The National Struggle in Palestine -- c) The Resort to War -- d) The Shock of Defeat -- e) Explanations For the Defeat -- f) Basic Social Factors in the Downfall -- g) Criticism of the Army and the Conduct of Hostilities -- h) Defeat Ascribed to Western Plots -- i) Combined Explanations -- j) Good Out of Evil -- CHAPTER 8. FROM IDEOLOGY TO ATTITUDE -- 1. Errors in Evaluation -- 2. Sincerity of Arab Statements -- a) Are The Declarations Propaganda For Internal -- Consumption? -- b) Is It Extremism For Bargaining Or Defence? -- c) Is It A Ritual Ideology? -- d) Sometimes The Arabs Talk Differently -- e) Leaders and Writers -- f) Conviction and Coherence -- g) Sincerity As A Developing Process -- 3. Distribution Of Ideology and Images -- a) Factors Influencing Identification -- b) Summing Up -- 4. Importance of Ideology and Images -- a) The Catharsis Argument -- b) The Gap Between Talk and Action -- 5. Geopolitical and Psychological Factors -- a) The United Arab Republic -- b) Jordan -- c) Syria -- d) Lebanon -- e) Interaction of Factors -- 6. The Nature of the Arab Attitude -- a) The Formation of the Arab Attitude -- b) Different Strata in the Arab Attitude -- c) Agreement on the Objective, Differences on Methods -- d) The Goal and the Plan -- e) Summing Up

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Yehoshafat Harkabi (1921-1994) was professor and director of the Leonard Davis Institute of International Relations and Middle East Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and chief of intelligence of the Israel Defense Forces from 1955 until 1959.

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