Supplemental catalogue of books, by author, title, subject and class, added ... from October 1874 to December 1879-(1893).

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Стр. 12 - Crown 8vo., 6s. ANNUAL REGISTER (THE). A Review of Public Events at Home and Abroad, for the year 1892. 8vo. , 18s. Volumes of the ANNUAL REGISTER for the years 1863-1891 can still be had.
Стр. 225 - RIVER BARS. The Causes of their Formation, and their Treatment by " Induced Tidal Scour " ; with a Description of the Successful Reduction by this Method of the Bar at Dublin. By IJ MANN, Assist. Eng. to the Dublin Port and Docks Board. Royal 8vo, cloth 7;6 " We recommend all interested in harbour works — and.
Стр. 334 - Martin. — THE STATESMAN'S YEAR-BOOK: A statistical and Historical Annual of the States of the Civilized World, for the year 1879.
Стр. 251 - S (Frank) FRGS— MATABELE LAND AND THE VICTORIA FALLS. A Naturalist's Wanderings in the Interior of South Africa.
Стр. 99 - The Land of the Midnight Sun. Summer and Winter Journeys through Sweden, Norway, Lapland, and Northern Finland. With descriptions of the Inner Life of the People, their Manners, Customs, Primitive Antiquities, etc.
Стр. 74 - TRAMWAYS: THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING. Embracing a Comprehensive History of the System ; with an exhaustive Analysis of the various Modes of Traction, including...
Стр. 50 - In his Preface the author says : ' The object of the present book is to give, in one volume, a good general view of the subject to those who can neither spare time to read, nor money to buy a number...
Стр. 104 - DECORATION AND FURNITURE OF TOWN HOUSES : a Series of Cantor Lectures, delivered before the Society of Arts, 1880. Amplified and Enlarged.
Стр. 78 - The Foray of Queen Meave, and other Legends of Ireland's Heroic Age.
Стр. 210 - Lethbridge. — A SHORT MANUAL OF THE HISTORY OF INDIA. With an Account of INDIA AS IT is. The Soil, Climate, and Productions ; the People, their Races, Religions, Public Works, and Industries ; the Civil Services, and System of Administration. By ROPER...

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