Yeast: a Problem

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John W. Parker, 1851 - Всего страниц: 379

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Стр. 100 - Was raised by intense pensiveness, . . . two eyes, Two starry eyes, hung in the gloom of thought, And seemed with their serene and azure smiles To beckon him.
Стр. 204 - She looked at the tuft of clover, And wept till her heart grew light; And at last, when her passion was over, Went wandering into the night. But the merry brown hares came leaping Over the uplands still, Where the clover and corn lay sleeping On the side of the white chalk hill.
Стр. 225 - ... their party nicknames, given without a shudder at the terrible accusations which they conveyed. And then the indignation, the shame, the reciprocal bitterness which those articles would excite, tearing still wider the bleeding wounds of that Church which they professed to defend ! And then, in this case, too, the thought rushed across him, " What if I should have been wrong and my adversary right? What if I have made the heart of the righteous sad whom God has not made sad...
Стр. 30 - He shows us the woman, when she takes her stand on the false masculine ground of intellect, working out her own moral punishment, by destroying in herself the tender heart of flesh : not even her vast purposes of philanthropy can preserve her...
Стр. 365 - Of course they did not expect it They went on saying, " Where is the promise of his coming ? For all things continue as they were from the beginning.
Стр. 344 - Look around you and see what is the characteristic of your country and of your generation at this moment. What a yearning, what an expectation, amid infinite falsehoods and confusions, of some nobler, more chivalrous, more god-like state ! Your very costermonger trolls out his belief that ' there's a good time coming...
Стр. 96 - So give me the political economist, the sanitary reformer, the engineer; and take your saints and virgins, relics and miracles. The spinning-jenny and the railroad, Cunard's liners and the electric telegraph, are to me, if not to you, signs that we are, on some points at least, in harmony with the universe ; that there is a mighty spirit working among us, who cannot be your anarchic and destroying Devil, and therefore may be the Ordering and Creating God.
Стр. 201 - The merry brown hares came leaping Over the crest of the hill, Where the clover and corn lay sleeping Under the moonlight still. Leaping late and early, Till under their bite and their tread The swedes, and the wheat, and the barley, Lay cankered, and trampled and dead. A poacher's widow sat sighing On the side of the white chalk bank, Where under the gloomy fir- woods One spot in the ley throve rank.

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