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Ş a Translation of nbe Holy Scrip.

tures, according to this Elay would be of great use to most Christians, and Tave them the expence and pains of buying, and consulting Commentators; so the serious and impartial Consideration of the Elay it felf, may contribute to the reading of them with pleasure and profit, as they are already Translated. For, besides that it renders a great many places of Scri. pture more truely and clearly than they have been formerly express’dby any verfion, ic discovers also the Source and Caufes. of the Errours and Mistakes that are to be found in all Versions ; and furnishes us with plain and easie Rules, by which" Persons of A


the meanest capacity, may easily observe the most material Faults of Translations. And its Rules too have this advantage, that (in the general at least) they have the approbation of the most learned and judicious Divines of all parties.

In translating of it, I have often made bold with the Original , adding and taking away several things, altering the order and number of the Chapters, archa in short, making such changes both in the matter and method, as I judg’d necessary, for the profit and pleasure of the English Reader.

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To this end, I have taken particular notice of several Faults of our English Bible, which are common to it with other Translations, and of some which are almost peculiar to it self ; and I have likewise Thewn, that it has a great many Palages

. better render'd than they are to be found in some other Languages. I have, as much as possible, left out the Greek and Hebrew, the frequent School Terms, the nice Criticisms, and multitude of Authors, which are every where cited; because they rendred the file rugged and unpleasant, and also unintelligi


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ble to most Readers. But because the Authority of this Elay does in a great measure depend on them, I thought it necessary to set them down (by way of. Annos tations), at the end of every Chapter where they occur, that those who are able to judge, may see that nothing is asserted in the er. Jay without good grounds and warrant. The Jame I have likewise done with bare Quotations of Scripture, when many of them

; happen together.

I desgr’d at first to have printed all the Elay together, but some things have happen'd since which did oblige me to print only a part of it now, resolving to publish the rest hereafter, if this should meet with that encouragement which some very good judges think it deserves.

The daily complaints of Commentators and Preachers against the present Translations, with several other things I could mention, do mhew, that there is an indis pensable Necessity of revising and corretting them.

And And this Confideration alone is sufficient to Justifie the Ejay Projet, in opposition to the Exceptions of scrupulous, ignorant, and prejudic'd Men, who I believe are the only Perfons that will be heartily againft it.

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