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Milesian romances, envelope in shade,
Nor let Bigotry's viper the bosom invade.
Then in fancy we sketch your sequester'd retreat,
(As garlands, and bonfires, your equipage greet,)
Where at mid-day's fierce sun you are tempted to rove,
By the stream's mossy bank, to your shady alcove;
While the blossoms of youth are restor'd to your cheek,

And the “ Soubrette disdains fresh cosmetics to seek.

Too long in seclusion, for each valued friend ;
Months and seasons alike you are destin'd to spend;
For Fashion, to whom, e'en the wisest submit,

Supreme at the toilette, in “ Virtu," and wit;

Forbids and prohibits St. James's gay scene,
'Till the snow-drifted landscape is mantled in green,

'Till each gale is perfum'd by the verdure of Spring, And the woodlands again with wild melody ring. How unlike our fair Belles ! you perchance may have heard,

In the once brilliant Court of great Brunswick the

Third ;

As both “ Townlys and Grandisons,"


in review,

With the good “ Lady Bountifuls” poetry drew ;
When Ranelagh’s dull promenade could inspire,
And a Barry, or Cibber, each theatre fire;

November's dark aspect then bid them prepare,

To quit the damp “ Chateau’s disconsolate air ;
No guests to enliven the ancient saloon ;

From the state of the weather, the roads, or the moon;

No poachers to try, and no tenants to scold,
E’en the Sessions appear'd both deserted and cold ;
While John Moody and Scrub," with each newly deckt clown,
View'd with joy, the departure, for“ Lunnun's” gay town;
Long since they have vanish’d, and all pass’d away,
And we hail the soft breezes and zephyrs of May,
Which ensure to our exiles a tardy recall,

From domestic pursuits, at the ancestral hall;
As barouches unnumber'd, then rapidly pour,
And lace-cover'd lacqueys encumber each door ;
While the fair“ Prima Donnas,adorn'd with each wile,

Descend the proud Alps, at our folly to smile;
Then return your connections to cheer and delight,
Like a comet, dispelling the darkness of night;
Restore the gay phantoms of hope to our view,

And Life's thorny passage with roses long strew.


" Nessun maggior dolore,
“ Che ricordarsi del tempo felice,

" Nella miseria.”

Vain each attempt the anguish to explain,
When sunk and fetter'd, by thine iron chain;
Yet vile Podagra ! torment of our frame,
Let me one moment, thy forbearance claim;
To festive banquets forc'd to bid adieu,
Nor London's gay and brilliant circles view;

Condemn'd no more to mount the gen’rous steed,

And health recover from the flow'ry mead;

Or idly saunt'ring near the briny wave,
Mark the poor sea-bird, his white pinion lave.
Yet, gracious Heav'n! for what (thro thee) remains,
Deign to accept these few, tho' grateful strains ;
Friendship’s warm welcome I can still enjoy,
While dear connections, through the struggle buoy;
Surround my couch, and soothe the aching head,
When Death's dark border we appear to tread;
Too weak and old, the op’ning hound to cheer,
Or at St. Stephen's join the well-known “ Hear;"
Unfit to labour in the classic mine,

Or feel the warmth of Homer's flowing line;
No more with Tully's patriot fire to glow,
(When Rome's great master laid each rival low ;)
Still lighter subjects can the mind engage,
The Poem-Novel-" or the well-trod stage;"

From the fair belles, and tavern rakes of old,

Stamp'd in a Fielding—or a Farquhar's mould ;

To Swift's keen satire, and sarcastic muse,

With all a Cowper's pensive lines diffuse.
Yet when reflecting at pale midnight's gloom,
On friends—long summon’d to the silent tomb,



Or those, who rack'd by dire complaints survive, And against Hope, with manly courage strive; Let me most grateful, breathe an humble pray'r, (As with their suff'rings, mine—are light as air ;") “ May my poor bark through Life's dark current glide, 66 And stem the billows of each adverse tide;

“ Her steady course, thro' ev'ry storm pursue,
“And ne'er the shipwreck of affection rue ;
“ But oh! kind Heav'n! protect me from this foe,

“Drive, drive, the demon to the shades below,


“And calm a victim's agonizing woe.

VOL. 11.


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